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  1. new design up now, California Hollywood, soon to be otr with a honey dip finish
  2. headcover looks to be a black version of the brown leather cover on the original button back.
  3. Check out the videos, I think he tries to explain the new options The Junkyard dog (JYD) explanation is also in there
  4. LaMont you are doing a great thing, I read about this on TCC and the owner originally thought the headcover just fell off, not knowing the head was still inside. I believe the bumpers are stamped with a name. Also the owner of this invested a lot into it and the CS turned down his request to repair the neck even though they had done all previous work to it. I know you will do a great job after looking at your own beautiful putters LaMont, Michael
  5. I saw one of those last year in a pro shop, they had also insalled an adjustable shaft to set up for different lengths.
  6. Thankfully, Wonder how much the value of the method is going to fall now Credibility looks shot when Tiger jumped ship after just 3 rounds, all that publicity on him changing
  7. Looks like he decided the Scotty was better Looks like The earthquake hit Scotty headquarters but it was the Nike headquarters that collapsed due to aftershocks
  8. If anything its more publicity for Scotty, people are going to be asking what putter had he used to win all his majors?
  9. It comes on deluxe putter models and was introduced in January, very few putters have one and some were installed on graphite shafts. An example of one putter I know has the graphite shaft with this band is a Chromatic blue 009 with a Chromatic bronze welded twisty longneck with Scoty Dale and Carlsbad stamping.
  10. beautiful putter, Whats the headweight on it?
  11. try the new taylormade XFT wedges, they are beautiful
  12. Thats going to add a bit of weight to the bag. Whats going to happen when the inevitable occurs and it breaks and you can't put your clubs in or take them out
  13. You might be the best iron sticker in the world and are a 10 handicapper because you cant putt. Your handicap doesn't decide whether you shpould play blade or not your swing does
  14. Ebay? Did you sky a new driver? If you want to try it I would suggest maybe adding a lot of gloss black painnt to the crown. use a sheet of paper to level it out and keep it thin. Masking tape on the face would help aswell
  15. what headstyle I feel like trying just picked up a really cool newport for the coolness of the stamping
  16. Scotty Cameron Damascus D009 Scotty Cameron Notchback Select Scotty Cameron Circa 6 in GSS replica of Camillo Villages gamer
  17. Now available at www.whattheprosplay.com for $1900
  18. hahaha, they must be a big fan of Titleist don't know how you could justify eating that work of art
  19. Looks nice, I'm becomming tempted to pick up an adams club to try but they're hard to find in Ireland
  20. Those look real nice, and I think its time I upgraded
  21. buy testor enamel paints, or tamiya acrylic and use a toothpick as your brush, really easy and cheap and fun
  22. It would look great with a welded centreshaft flow neck
  23. that's cool looking, would like it if the bumpers were more rounded
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