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  1. Never did hear if there were prize awarded for last year - anyone know this?? Looking forward to the upcoming year...tom
  2. Yippee - I won....was a fun fantasy year....tom (plexico)
  3. Hi Chris. Been trying to contact you via facebook, here and your website. I missed the link here and was hoping it is not too late to resend it. Thanks and hoping that Big Ben and coy have a good golf season Plexico
  4. Big steelers fan here. I still like Plex and have my first dog named after him (changed spelling from Plaxico to Plexico). I think Ben was excited to have him back but Ben hasn't been Ben since coming back from his injury (also have a dog named Big Ben) . Hopefully Steelers have a season left after tomorrow. Thanks for the welcome and Merry Christmas to you and your family as well. Been a lurker for a long time...Tom (Plexico)
  5. Thank You Chris for picking us. It is going to be great to have a plan to improve my distance. Too bad you had to see the Steelers lose that game - they will win today though....Tom (Plexico)
  6. Hi Chris. I would love to be one of your guinea pigs. I am 44 and live in the DR so I am able to golf all year. I am a 5 handicap and what is holding me from being lower is distance. I average about 220 off the tee but am very accurate with all my clubs. I am just getting back to golf after two recent surgeries on my left leg (melanoma) and have promised myself that I am going to start working out in order to give myself some more distance off the tee. Please consider me for your trial. I can send you any other needed information upon request. Thanks for your time. Tom Whitehead "Plexico"
  7. Would love to win this product. I am a 4 handicap averaging about 32 putts per round - the only way for me to improve my cap is to improve my putting. Product looks very appealing to me as it is small and simple. Thanks for the review and contest.
  8. Had the chance to try this out a few years back since a friend of mine had one. Really a great training aid. Hiding the putter head took my head out of the stroke and let my stroke become natural. Would love to win this to be able to use it again. tom
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