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  1. Hi, Matt from Texas. Current handicap is at a 10, and my current irons is a mix between Adams CB1 w/C-Taper Lites and Cobra S3 Pros with DGS300. I would go for the JPX 900 Tours, having played a couple of MP lines in the past I think they would be a great fit for me.
  2. The mod90 does look very sweet. This is also the first time I have seen Nike use "athletes" in their write ups instead of golfers. Seems like an interesting choice of words.
  3. I agree that Keegan's aren't great, but def look like Jordans. The black and red pair look sweet though.
  4. Price is the main factor for me as well but I am always interested in new technology for clothing. Some outdoor/running apparel I have has traits that would carry over to golf well like UPF and odor resistant fabrics, however most don't have collars. I'd be interested to see these trends carry over to golf without the manufacturers putting a huge premium on the price just because it's being sold to golfers who are supposed to have more money.
  5. Nice review catman, I especially like the TxState headcover! I will agree that the shafts look much better with the dark finish, if you get those pro combos done it will look awesome. Glad to hear you liked the shafts as much as I did.
  6. I guess being around the Austin area and in a college town I never really see marijuana as a controversial topic. I wasn't trying to upset anyone, but I personally think the play on words is pretty harmless. Not exactly a taboo subject for adults in this day.
  7. No, no tip weights installed. Didn't even think of that but I will definitely need to consider doing it down the road. I thought my iron spin seemed low, not sure why that is. I probably need to go to a fitter to get a proper launch monitor session and maybe some lessons.
  8. FYI posted my full review last night, available on first page.
  9. I have the Adams CB1 and I think they are great. Pretty forgiving for how small the clubhead is and fantastic feel to them. Also the black finish looks sweet. All that being said if you can get the JPX 800 for only 350, I would go with that. I think those feel just as good and are def more forgiving. Plus they are a few years newer and Mizuno's, so you will get better resale value if they don't work out.
  10. I agree with this, because while some would hit a flop shot, I can open the face on my 58 only slightly and hit a normal pitch that would probably equate to a 60-64 wedge. We all play differently and there is no right answer.
  11. This is part of why I don't understand carrying so many wedges. They are the most easily manipulated club, and can effectively cover probably 10* by opening and closing the face. I can't ever imagine carrying a 52, 56, 60 setup, somewhat redundant for me. I also agree with furu about concentrating on the degrees of the club, not the number on the bottom. If you need a certain distance, hit the club that will get it there. Why does it matter if it was a 5 iron in the 80's and a 7 iron today?
  12. Played 18 last night with some reasonably heavy wind (15-20 mph?). Seemed most of the holes were into the wind head-on so it was a good test for the low spin qualities of the shaft, along with the high/low workability. I have a pretty good feel for the shafts now and with maybe a couple more rounds will be able to give a final assessment. I will say that while I thought they looked good when I first got them, the looks have only gotten better with time, very photogenic
  13. Not sure a joystick is necessary, I drive from the wrong side of the cart all the time.
  14. Well done. I would say my test is going very positive as well. I'll save details, but I have not been disappointed so far.
  15. I agree, always thought Phil was mediocre putter at best, leaning towards poor. I think Snedeker is a pretty good putter though, and I like his routine. Gets to the point quicker than most.
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