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  1. I played 9 holes in my league last night and tried out a few of the items in Boz's care package. For starters, let's talk about the glove. It is a departure for me in terms of material. I'm very picky about my gloves, and I find that most of the gloves that use a lot of "Spandex"-type material just feel somehow "wrong" to me. For that reason, I always buy gloves that are all or mostly real or synthetic leather - the Footjoy WeatherSof is a favorite. I also have trouble finding a glove that fits me correctly. Footjoys fit, as do Bridgestone and, oddly, Kirkland (CostCo). If I had seen the Vision glove in a store I would have passed on it for this reason. And I'd have missed out. I found the Vision glove to be nice looking and well-fitting. The tacky surface works well when your hands or grips get wet; it was very humid last night and I had no trouble gripping the club. The tacky surface reminds me a big of goalie gloves - the inspiration, maybe? You can feel the club very well, though it it a bit...lighter, I guess, than I'm used to. It's probably the effect of the different material on the palm-side than what I usually wear. After four holes or so I didn't notice it at all, which is a good thing; if you notice your glove, there's something wrong with it. Ball-wise, I tried the Gel for 3 holes, the yellow X3 for 3 holes, and the Pinky for one hole. I started the nine with my usual balls, since it takes me a few to warm up and I didn't want to lose these things before I had a chance to find out what they can do. Good thing, too, because my driver deserted me yesterday. My first swing with the Gel was a nine-iron into a par 3. It felt very smooth at contact, had a high flight (as I tend to), and landed some 25 feet left of the pin, owing to the fact that I yanked it on my follow-through. Contrary to Boz's advice, I did not spend any time putting with them before heading out. I found out that it didn't matter in the least. I holed that 25-footer for birdie. Next hole I hit a 160 yard 7 iron and just missed a 20-footer for birdie. Next hole I just missed a 40 footer for birdie (if I could ever land near the hole I'd be really dangerous). BTW, when you chip or pitch with the large-number balls it looks very strange at first. Those big numbers really help you see the spin on the ball, which would normally be invisible at any kind of distance. When I first saw the yellow balls at home I have to admit I was a bit underwhelmed. "Not really that bright," I thought. Then I looked at them outside. They have to be the brightest golf balls I've ever seen! Performance was similar to the Gel, in my estimation. The cover felt firmer to me when putting, though I'd have to take some time to roll them side-by-side to really know for sure. Also, I can attest to the brightness making them easier to find. My first drive hooked into some thick rough, the kind where you practically have to step on the ball to find it. I saw it from 10 feet away. Brilliant! The last hole at Lincoln Park Golf Course is a 298-yard par 4, which yesterday played about 310 into a stiff breeze. I hit the yellow X3 pretty well, but yanked left again (persistent problem all day). Once again the bright yellow allowed me to follow the ball all the way down, which is a feat as the 9th also faces due west. It still went about 260 even though I didn't hit it great. Just for the fun of it, and since the group behind us was still on the 8th tee, I teed up the Pinky. The ribbing of my playing partners lasted only as long as it took me to hit my second drive. It rolled to a stop 280 yards later on the right side of the fairway, my first good driver swing of the day. Given the wind conditions and tee placement yesterday, I think I can say that the Pinky is at least as long as anything else I've hit, and easily visible in the sky. I also found the Pinky to be hot off the putter, but a few practice putts will dial that in. Overall, I was impressed with the Vision products. My partners agreed that Vision's products are certainly different, and I can say my initial impressions of their performance are very favorable. I can't wait to try the others out! Boz, many thanks for the opportunity to demo your products, especially having to ship them to the other side of the world. I hope my feedback is helpful. pfingst
  2. Boz, My package arrived today, and everything looks great! The glove fits perfectly, the ball markers will come in quite handy, and my wife has already claimed the hat and visor for herself. The yellow balls are very cool, but from a looks perspective I really like the arctic white. I have my weekly league tomorrow and I can't wait to try them out! I never expected such a variety of stuff, not to mention how fast it would get here! I can't send a letter from Milwaukee to LA that fast. First impressions: The gel balls look very high quality. Gel balls are not new over here, but the others I've seen always looked cheap to me. The Visions have style! The yellow balls are very distinctive and eye-catching - you won't mistake them for any others. Equally distinctive are the big numbers, which are very easy to read and stylish without looking gimmicky. As I said before, the arctic balls are very sharp looking. Tomorrow we see how they play. I told my playing partners that my Aussie golf balls arrived today, and they are itching to see them. Cool stuff, Boz. Thanks!
  3. Boz, I'd also love to participate. From the pictures I've seen, I like the look of your products. It would be cool to try them out; I'm always looking for a new ball!
  4. I actually just switched back to my 21 year old 845s. After hitting a bunch of different irons this spring, and then my old Silver Scots, I came to the realization that what I really want is a new, slightly more "modern" set of Silver Scots. Something that retains the basic characteristics and playability with modern shafts and maybe a touch more forgiveness - a Scot hit thin isn't too bad, but don't hit one fat. Just... don't. My gear-buying budget is exhausted for the year, so I'm not in the market now anyway, but a true successor to the TA 845 is an intriguing prospect. So naturally, they're made of unobtanium and limited to 45 sets (why not 845 sets?). I could just reshaft my 845s, I guess, but those heads won't last forever. Actually, I know they made a forged iron at one point (845c, maybe?). Maybe find a set of those? Speaking of TA Golf, it's a real shame what's happened to the Tommy Armour brand. They made one of the best iron sets ever, which sold something like 600,000 worldwide, and then just kind of faded into obscurity. They still exist, but their new products are junk.
  5. Well, my Silver Scots are pushing 22 years old, so there's no need to replace a set of clubs you like just because they are a few years old. Having said that, your next move depends on a few things. If you have the money now to get what you really want, you are probably best served to just do that instead of buying a cheap set that you may not like much and that may not fit you. You have two separate but related problems. One is you need an eight iron by Monday. The other is that you want new sticks that fit you. My suggestion is to try to arrange to borrow (or maybe demo?) an eight iron to get you through your tournament. You might also look into whether or not it is possible to get a replacement of your own eight by Monday. This guarantees that you will have a full set for your event and will give you a chance to get familiar with a borrowed club, if you go that route. Then you can get fitted for new clubs at your leisure. You may have to order new clubs, depending on what the fitting says, and they may take awhile to come in. It will also give you a chance to take your time and make a good decision, instead of rushing to try to get a new set by tournament time. Good luck.
  6. There's not a heck of a lot of difference between drivers from one year to the next, so unless you're completely in love with the R9 (and it is a nice club) then try out some of last year's sticks and see if you find something that suits you. Personally, I liked last year's Cleveland Launcher better than this year's and was close to replacing my original Launcher 460 with one. You can probably find one of those for $150 or so right now. If you don't mind going a few years farther back, the Callaway X is also quite nice, which surprised me because I don't usually care for Callaway drivers. Give some of the older clubs a look. You'll get a club you like and save a few bucks while you're at it, which you can use on a wedge you really like.
  7. If we're talking drivers, I'll take distance over accuracy any day. I figure distance is the club's problem, while accuracy is my problem. If I put a good swing on the ball (on the rare occasions that happens) it should go where I pointed it. That said, what I think we're talking about when we say accuracy is really consistency - given a series of good swings, we can reasonably predict what will happen. If a club is long but vulnerable to very slight variations in your swing, it won't be very consistent. That's what we don't want to see, and that's what we really care about.
  8. Very tempting, but I have so many balls that if I bought any more it would probably be grounds for divorce. This spring Wal-mart had 24 packs of TiTechs for something like $10. If they're decent at all it's worth it. I've played TiTech balls before, and they are usually not bad. You can tell from the appearance that these new ones are even cheaper than usual, but they played OK. When I brought them home my wife asked the obvious question: don't you have, like, a zillion or so golf balls already? Best not to push my luck again so early in the season. Thanks for the offer, though.
  9. As a serious follow up, I wonder if the average player (like, oh I don't know, me) would notice much difference, or if we just don't have the consistency for it to matter.
  10. The real question is: how is it out of the trees? I need to know these things!
  11. I actually liked the I15 better after hitting it back-to-back with the G15. The I15 felt more controllable to me, and I thought it looked better at address. The G15 wasn't bad - it was actually very good - but I thought the I15 was better yet. The loft choice is interesting, with offerings of 8.0, 9.5, and 11.0, seeing as 8.0 is too low for most people and 11.0 is an awful lot, but I suppose they know what they're doing. Anyway, congrats on the new stick, and good luck.
  12. Honestly, I play whatever I find on the course. My bag is full of random stuff. I and my usual playing partner are connoisseurs of cheap golf balls, so my buying preference runs in somewhat lower circles than the balls already mentioned. My favorites, which they no longer make, are the Dunlop LoCo and Super LoCo. Yeah, I know, it's only a two piece ball, but man, does it fly! Putting with it isn't the greatest experience ever, but once you get used to it it's fine, if a bit on the stiff side. My short game is crummy anyway, so feel around the greens means nothing to me - I can chunk a chip shot with a Pro V1 just as easily as with a Loco, but if one of my occasionally errant drives lands in the woods I'm not out $4. I never could spin the ball with a wedge, so that's not a consideration. I did buy a box of Srixon Trispeeds awhile back, and they are very nice. I've hit Pro V1s that I've found on the course (I refuse to pay those rates for a golf ball) and I honestly don't see what the big deal is. They feel good, yes, but not THAT good. Of course, I still miss balata balls, so maybe I'm the wrong guy to take golf ball advice from. The old Slazenger balatas were sweet!
  13. If you have no price limit, the Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board may be a good choice. It is available in weights of 63 and 69 g (the 69g model is called the Blue Board 73 for some reason), has a mid-to-high kick point for a more penetrating flight, and a stiff tip. The bad news is it will run you $275, for which you can almost get a new driver. You can get it through Amazon (via Golfsmith), as well as a few other places, though it seems fairly hard to come by. The price is the same everywhere I've seen it. I've hit a couple of drivers with this shaft and it is truly fantastic. As Ferris Bueller once said, "If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up."
  14. Or perhaps product that didn't quite meet the quality specs. The manufacturer can either eat it or sell it; some will choose to sell it.
  15. If it wasn't for the $500 price tag (on the driver) I'd buy one today. I hit a bunch of balls with it at two different demo events, and it is the best driver I've ever hit. I found it online for $450, which is better but still steep. The irons were also very nice, but I'd need a bit more seat time with them to really formulate a judgment.
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