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  1. A buddy and I purchased new 425's. He the Max and an LST for me. We both tried them out for the first time yesterday. Interesting that they sound "awful", so different from the 400 or 410 or most other drivers on the market today. It was a distinctive hollow "thunk" versus the more common clink we expected. Reminded me of my son's OLD Nike Sasquatch..! If the new 425's hadn't sounded so similar, we would have thought something was "up". Gave us pause - and some doubt for a moment. Fake clubs? Technology application takes funding and we've come a long way in the last decade. Is $500 for a driver and all the applied research and development too much? Maybe not... Can you believe you can still buy a Sasquatch? Agreed - you get what you pay for - AND you might keep an eye on whatever else he might do to "cheat the system" (aka - the footwedge).
  2. Jon, 62 Of course our swings tend to vary, however slightly, day-to-day; that's golf! My greatest challenge is the tendency of a "hit" thought versus "swing" through the ball. Backswing pace plays a very large role in my shoulder turn and setting the club into an eventual significant "workspace" at or near the impact zone. Too fast leads to poor shots, weak left.
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