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  1. Fair enough. He may be in contention, but what really matters is, is he going to break Nicklaus record. My guess is no. And can anyone tell me what he meant by the comment this weekend at the Honda Classic, directed at Rory, "He's good, but he still has alot to learn" (not verbatim). Got the tail end of it, out of context. Cheers.
  2. His day is done, maybe a tournament or two, possibly a major (have get lucky with his putting), but the talent pool is too deep. If a guy can win in his rookie year (Keegan), than that says a lot about the odds that are against him. Maybe he should hire Austin Powers as a consultant, to see how HE got his mojo back.
  3. I'll second that..would make for interesting conversation, players constructing their own clubs. Kinda inspiring!
  4. Excellent, thanks. My clubs have about one more season in them, and then I want to step up, possibly forged cb's. GolfTEC supposed to set me up with what I should be gaming, decent price hopefully. Not quite ready for Miura's yet..
  5. Hey Matt, Chris here. Mind if I pick your brain a bit about GolfTEC? I live in Calgary, AB Canada and understand you guys are opening up shop here. Any idea when? Know you might not know anything about it, but thought I'd try. Thanks.
  6. Anyone recommend a driver shaft? Swing speed Is 102mph plus, stiff shaft territitory, mid-high trajectory. Want value for money , not break the bank. handicap is roughly 20. Cleveland dst 10.5 diamana blue Cleveland 3/5 wood/hybrid diamana red Callaway x-24's hot 4-gap wedge Titleist vokey 54/58 Pinfire blade prototype
  7. Think I saw it being stalked on the National Geographic channel..
  8. Bright and dim, lol, best one so far.
  9. Yeah, the Grom is what I have right now. Just looking for my second set, hehe. How about Bennington stand bags?
  10. Greetings to all fellow golf nuts!

  11. What do you all think about ogio bags? Thinking of the recoil for next bag, but maybe a bit heavy (8lbs), and reconsidering the 14 way dividers.
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