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  1. Mega- Even if they don't play golf, the visors are definitely versatile enough for other sports like tennis or even going for a run.
  2. Here's a sneak preview of what looks like a great new collection of Chase54's Ladies' Polos! Review Coming Soon!!
  3. Has anyone else watched the trailer for this?? Seeing how good the swings are on these 7 year olds will make you wish you had taken up the game that young!!
  4. SMHGOLF's WITB There have been a few requests for a look into my personal set of gamers, so here's a look at the most current lineup this past week at the Symetra Tour's season opening event at Longbow CC this past weekend. The Putter Most clubs in my bag I am willing to change and test out the latest and greatest, but my putter has never been one of them. I've had a Scotty Cameron Newport 2 putter for over 10 years now. Like all golfers, I've had my share of bad weeks with the flat stick and would go through a few weeks of experimenting with other putters, but consistent as gravity, i'd always come full circle back to my Newport 2. I've also putted left-hand low since I was 7 years old, and have never even thought to change my grip. My current gamer is a 33" Studio Select Newport 2. When KJ Choi won the AT&T in 2007 with a SuperStroke Grip I thought it was the most ridiculous looking grip anyone could put on their putter. Fast forward five years to one of my worst putting seasons, and I decided to take drastic measures and put one of those fatty pieces of foam on my putter. Almost a year later, that grip is still on my putter and don't foresee it being replaced any time soon. The Wedges I've played with Scratch Golf wedges since 2010. Once the groove rule changed that year, I went through a phase of constant trial and error trying to find a set of wedges that I could actually get to spin and react the way I wanted to around the greens. I was introduced to Scratch through my fiance who knew about Scratch through a friend of his that helped start-up the company. I ordered a custom set of 60 and 54 degree wedges from them and the first day I hit them, I couldn't believe how well they reacted around the greens. My current set is a 60 and 54 (marked 53) degree wedge with lightweight Nippon shafts. The "Speedy" that is stamped on them is because it was my nickname in college. I wasn't a slow player by any means, but I had a pretty consistent walking pace while playing golf. Since I was a shorter hitter compared to the other girls on my team, I was usually the first one that had to hit in the fairways. When I was still walking to my ball while they were already up at theirs, sometimes they would yell back "Hurry Up Speedy" so i'd walk a little quicker to my ball. I've picked up my walking speed quite a bit since then, but the nickname has lived on! The Irons I can count on more than one hand how many sets of irons i've gone through since I finished college in 2010. I was living out in Arizona last Winter and since I lived 10 minutes away from Ping headquarters, decided it might be worth it to go get fit for some of their 2012 equipment. I fell in love with the Ping I20s and have kept them in the bag for almost a full year. I currently have a gap wedge-5 iron set in play, all with Nippon shafts. The Woods I have a RBZ Tour 3 & 4 Hybrid with Accra Dymatch 2.0 shafts. My Daphne's monkey and hedgehog headcovers keep them protected. I play the Ping G20 three wood, which I also put in the bag when I was fit for the I20 irons. The shaft is a Matrix Rul 60, which I hit at least 10 yards further than any other three wood i've tried, including the RBZ!! The Big Dog My driver is the 9 degree RBZ Tour with the Accra M3 55+ in neon pink. You can't miss it! I am in love with this Accra/RBZ combo in both my hybrids and my driver, which I was fit for at Cool Clubs last March. What's IN the bag? My essentials for this week included sunscreen, three Loudmouth gloves (one for each round), a blue sharpie & line-em-up to line up my putts, my bushnell rangefinder with slope to dial down my yardages during practice rounds and record them in the yardage book, hand warmers, golf4her promo cards, a fresh sleeve of titleist pro-v1's, and my frogger brush to keep my grooves spotless.
  5. Albany is July 10-12th Syracuse is July 26-28th The full tour schedule for this year is at http://www.symetratour.com/events/golf-tournaments.aspx My WITB coming soon!! Might even get a few surprise players posted up there too! ;-)
  6. Geez, way to put the pressure on even more!! haha!! RevKev- You'll have plenty of opportunities! The tour will be in Florida five times this year...here's the dates: Winter Haven, FL March 22-24 Sarasota, FL April 26-28 Palm Harbor, FL August 9-11 Kissimmee, FL September 20-22 and Daytona Beach, FL September 26-29th
  7. Live scoring will be up on www.symetratour.com starting on Friday during the first round. The full field, tee times, and other tournament info is listen on the website as well.
  8. Alright folks, next weekend kicks of the start of the Symetra Tour Season with the Visitmesa.com Gateway Classic at Longbow Golf Club. Lots of familiar faces from the Big Break will be in the field, as well as yours truly. My game might still have a little rust on it from spending the last 3 months in the frozen tundra of Kentucky, but hopefully i'll spare myself from embarassment and make a few birdies this week. If you haven't been to a Symetra event yet and you live in the greater Phoenix area, I HIGHLY recommend you come out and watch. We may not hit it 300 yards, but you will see some great short games, swings, and maybe even a few ATTRACTIVE female players out there. All tournament info can be found at the link below. Hope to see you out there!! http://www.symetratour.com/golf/tournaments/symetra/visitmesacom-gateway-classic.aspx
  9. Lydia is the newest young phenom to enter the Women's Golf stage. She's had 12 professional starts, won three times, and just placed third in this weeks Australian Women's Open.....oh yeah....shes only 15!!!! Lydia already misses school days to compete in these professional events, but many skeptics still say if she turns pro now she'll miss out on her childhood. That being said, with as many events as she's played so far, it's obvious her game is good enough to compete at the highest level, so why should she continue to play Amateur when she can be monetarily rewarded for her talent by turning pro? She is currently playing off of sponsors exemptions and is not a member of any professional tour as of yet. If she wishes to become a member of the LPGA, she will still have to battle getting a petition approved from Mike Whan. Lexi Thompson not only won an LPGA event, but also had to go through stage 1 and stage 2 of q school in 2011 before getting her petition approved for LPGA membership. Lydia Ko is a name to definitely keep an eye on. Do you think she should turn professional, or continue to compete as an amateur?
  10. Since the company is based in Atlanta, their products are all named after towns or areas in and surrounding the city
  11. The Brand Based in Atlanta, Chase54 is the newest lifestyle-focused brand that came on the scene strong at this years PGA Show. Created by golfers, for golfers, these guys have clearly thought through what elements are necessary in apparel for every golfer. Chase54 is also backed by a manufacturer with 30+ years of garment manufacturing experience, and over 400 million garments produced. The biggest sell for Chase54 is not only that they offer great styling and superior fabrics in their products, but they are able to sell it to the consumer at an affordable price. They have a creative selling approach to their apparel, where starting in their Spring 2013 line, they have a full line of new apparel available for all retailers to stock, but have also introduced a "Functional" collection that is strictly to be stocked in pro shops and other green grass facilities. The Products The Custer Tee The Custer Tee is made of a lightweight, but durable blend of 57% Polyester and 43% Cotton, which greatly minimizes any shrinkage when they are washed. Four tee shirt designs are shown below, including their "Save The Tatas" shirt which is currently available on their website. 100% of all proceeds from the sale of the shirt will go directly to the Save The Tatas Foundation. I really like the versatility of these shirts. I was able to throw on whether it was to go run a few errands, or even to go workout at the gym. The fabric is also durable and won't lose its shape when you wear it or when its washed. Score: 9/10 The Lincoln Pant I can't say enough good things about this pant. These are perfect to throw on to go practice in whether its 65 degrees or 40 degrees. The material is a moisture wicking 100% poly twill which provides a structured fit, but still provides enough stretch so your legs won't feel sucked in. This material is wrinkle resistant, which means I can throw them in a suitcase and take them out when I reach my destination without the need for an iron!! (A Pro Golfer's Dream!) These also avoid shrinkage when washed. The waist sits mid-high hip for most women, and the leg is cut straight with more of a boot cut at the bottom. Those red stitched notches you see on the front left pocket (right in the photo) are actually designed as tee holders, making them easily accessible at all times during your round. I stand at 5 foot 4 inches (okay i'm really like 5' 3 1/2" but who's counting?) and the length was almost just right for me (approx 1/2 inch long). What's great about the detailing on the pockets,both front and back, is the way the red really creates a slimming effect. Because they lay flat in the front and back, they don't show the appearance of being a pocket. Score: 10/10 The Boone Skort The White and Red Plaid skorts shown above are made of a full Polyester body, while the shorts lining is made of 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex. I have found that most women have two big struggles with skorts. One is length, and the other is finding a pair that won't have you tugging down your shorts liner constantly during your round. I have a more petite frame, so almost every name-brand Ladies' apparel lines make skorts that i'd have to hem. Most skorts are made at a length to where my knees are covered; this does nothing to help a petite frame look any taller! It's also a nightmare if a skort is a short enough length to where I bend over to mark my ball and show the gallery my ASSets (although, this might help grow a larger fan base on the LPGA & Symetra Tours). I have to give Chase54 a huge chest bump on making their skorts at a length where I can save the $$ to get them hemmed!! They list the inseam as 6", which sits a few inches above my knees. I still had to do the occasional adjustment to the shorts liner, but i can't say i've ever worn a skort where this wasn't a necessary task. The front left pocket features the same tee holder design as the Lincoln pant. One suggestion i'd make is to add a pocket or two in the back for holding a golf glove. Score: 8/10 The Aluvia Skort The Aluvia skort is designed with a slightly different construction than the Boone Skort. The Body feels closer to a denim structure than the microfiber feel of the Boone Skort and Lincoln Pant. The body is constructed of 97% Cotton and 3% Spandex, while the Lining provides the same level of softness as the Boone Skort with a blend of 80% Nylon and 20% Spandex. Although the fabric is slightly heavier in this skort than the Boone, I was still impressed with its comfortability. The length on the Aluvia is the same as the Boone Skort (double chest bump!) There are also no pockets on the back of this skort, however, the front pockets are designed like a pair of jeans, matching the denim-inspired structure of it's material. You can see the detailing on the front right pocket, which has a smaller jean's pocket with the Chase54 logo engraved (shown below). Score: 8/10 The Antietam Short The Antietam Short will give you a great look at some of the innovative features Chase54 has brought to their apparel. The piping accents really give this short a great standout look. The body is made of the same 100% Polyester Twill as the Lincoln Pant. As you can see the front left pocket again has the tee holder here. I am a huge fan of the color scheme in this short, as well as the piping accents. For my own personal taste, this about the least flattering length on a short I'd be able to wear. For about 80% of the women out there who have curves through the hips, this would not be the right cut for them. One of the greatest features Chase54's has developed and incorporated into most of their bottoms, is a waterproof zipper pocket. This is the first design element I've come across where a Golf Apparel company actually thought to keep both the golfer AND the caddie in mind. The reasoning behind this feature was for golfers to keep their scorecards & pin sheets from getting destroyed in the rain, while caddies can utilize this pocket to hold a wet towel on the job without getting the rest of their bottoms damp. This feature actually appears THREE times in the Antietam Short. The first one shown is below the piping on the front. The second one is actually on the back of the short, and is hidden running perpendicular to the pocket underneath the right pocket. The final zipper is on the back, just below the belt line. I really think the length on this short will be a hard sell to most women, because most do have some shape through the hips. In the future, I hope Chase54 looks into making another shorts model designed to be friendlier on the hips for women. Score: 7/10 Note: Ladies' Polos (Not Shown) are also available, and will be in for review early into the Spring season. Value Full retail price on all these items is listed below. While they may look high to most consumers, keep in mind this is the absolute highest you will see these prices. Custer Tee: $29.90 Lincoln Pant: $89.90 Boone Skort: $79.90-$89.90 Aluvia Skort: $59.90 Antietam Short: $79.90 What really appealed to me about Chase54 was their out-of-the-box thinking as far as appealing not just golf retailers, but also developing their "Functional" collection exclusively for green grass facilities. With big-box stores and online golf retail cutting into green-grass facility sales in recent years, Chase54 has set their Functional Collection at a price point that both consumers and retailers will have a hard time saying no to buying or stocking their apparel. Ladies' apparel will not be offered in their Functional Collection for 2013, but that could quickly change in 2014 depending on the response they get with it this year. Score: 21/25 Peanut Gallery Most people that you'll talk to have only viewed Chase54 from what is currently on their website. For those that were able to attend their booth the PGA Show, you were able to see them in a very different picture. I'd expect that very shortly you'll begin to see a much larger stock of apparel on their website, as well as improved photo quality of their products. For those I spoke with at the show who were able to visit the booth, the main feature of their products they were most impressed with was the quality of their fabric. As more of their Spring and Fall polos come in for review, I'll be able to show you a better demonstration of what this is all about. Score: 22/25 Conclusion The Chase54 website has barely scratched the surface with what is to come for them in 2013. The ladies' products reviewed offer a great introductory look at what quality and innovative features will be expanded on in the Chase54 Spring and Fall collections of 2013. Two improvements i'd like to see them make with their ladies' collection would be adding back pockets to their skorts, and also offer an additional shorts length/style option than the Antietam. I have a lot of optimism for Chase54 this year. Once consumers are able to see and look at the product in person, their fan base will quickly spread. Total: 85/100 To check out the items reviewed in this article, as well as their men's collection, you can head to Chase54's Website
  12. When's the last time you heard of a golf clothing company that offered innovative never-before-seen features in golf apparel? Now think how many of those were also backed by a high-quality manufacturer with over 30 years experience, AND is affordable for all golf retailers & facilities to stock? Welcome Chase54 is finally bringing this all together into the golf fashion industry! Stay tuned for this review of one of 2013's most talked about new apparel brands from the PGA Show!
  13. While Antigua serves the need of numerous sports & retail markets, their Golf Apparel is where they continually rise to the top. Year to year, they gather a strong team of Tour Ambassadors, especially on the LPGA. This year their team will include last years Player of the Year Stacy Lewis, as well as Brittany Lang, Stacy Prammanasudh Upton, Gerina Piller, Wendy Ward and Alison Walshe. On the PGA Tour, Justin Bolli, Kevin Streelman, Doug Labelle, Brian Stuard, Chris Couch, Gary Christian and Billy Mayfair will all compete in Antigua apparel on Tour. Fabric & Features Antigua's Spring 2013 collection does not fall short in providing high-performance and quality products. The Spring collection features a series of brighter “pop” colors to their garments, in hopes to appeal to a wider demographic of both male & female golfers. The Leader Pullover, as show above, is a part of their new Performance-72 (PRF-72) product line, and showcases their "Sapphire" hue from the collection. The PRF-72 collection includes moisture management technology to offer better performance and functionality to the fabric. The Leader is made of an 84% Polyester 16% Spandex combination. These fabrics were developed with finer yarn for extra soft & lighter weight design in their polo's. This allows for more breathability, faster moisture wicking, and less restriction in movement. Performance I was highly impressed with the quality feel of the Leader Pullover, and for a lighter weight blend of fabric, it provides a great deal of thermal protection. This blend of fit and fabric is perfect for layering on a cool morning round of golf, or to cover up when you're out to dinner in a chilly room and need to pop on a layer to cover up your goosebumps. This Jacket also features a "Bungee Toggle" underneath the bottom hem. This allows for additional cinching at the bottom to prevent cold air from coming in through there. The Antigua lettering and logo is placed on the left arm sleeve, along with the logo etched in the zipper pull, and additionally on the back neck collar. Antigua's sizing tends to run slightly larger than most ladies' brands so a Small could fit a looser Medium as well. The cut runs straight through the waist, and is great to conceal any bulge through the waist you may need. Value The Leader Pullover shown retails at $59, making it a reasonable price for the quality of fabric and function you can get out of it. If you're looking for functionality more so than a tailored or fitted design, this is definitely a product that will become a new staple in your wardrobe. You can find the full collection of Spring 2013 products for sale at Antigua's Website
  14. Introduction Don't feel ashamed if this is your first time discovering that Asics does indeed have a place in the golf market. Their golf shoes were first released not that long ago in early 2010, but with little promotion or marketing exposure since then in the golf industry to back it up. If it's their hope that word of mouth primarily spreads the gospel of their golf shoes, then they shouldn't have a difficult time gaining approval. Asics has long been known as a solid competitor in the running shoe market. Many athletes that aren't tied into contracts with some of the big boys like Nike or Adidas, typically turn to Asics when faced with purchasing their own running shoe. With the introduction of the Matchplay 33 design, can they bring the successful design and comfort of their running shoe into a golf shoe as well? Features Why the number 33 you may ask? This actually represents the 33 joints in the foot. Asics primary objective is to provide consumers with a shoe designed for natural movement of your feet, while still providing the level of gripping and comfort you desire in a shoe. This model is comprised of a foam insole along with a solid rubber outsole. The bottom of the shoe has a fixed spike design of closely placed little numbs, and two large, round gripping spikes. No need for spike tools with these babies! The lightweight design of this golf shoe is the same construction that is used in the Asics 33 running shoe collection. To top it off, the Matchplay 33 is also waterproof. Score: 9/10 Comfort/Performance To the blind eye this looks to be a running shoe, but does it also provide the comfort of one? The answer is YES! The level of support in these is as close as you can get to a running shoe without actually being labeled as one. Since it is a golf shoe after all, the insert is much firmer than that of a running shoe, but a certain level of firmness has to be in place on the sole in order for the shoe to maintain its grip on grassy areas. I played two 18 hole rounds on dry, 70 degree Florida days wearing the Matchplay 33. The fixed spikes were able to prevent any sliding or slipping on the grass. The only way you can really even feel the spikes on the bottom of them is if you walk on a concrete or hard surface. Another great note is that I had no severe cases of “sock slide”--that dreaded moment when you have to go through that acrobatic routine to take your entire shoe off in order to pull your sock back up in place-- during either round. Anyone who frequently walks when they play knows what I'm taking about! Score: 35/40 Style If you're a fan of Asics in general, then you will definitely like the styling of these golf shoes. As a female who takes precautions not to break any fashion rules, I personally don't like to wear black shoes with shorts. The Matchplay 33 is also available in a Charcoal Grey/ Neon Purple combination, but I'd like to see them make another model with a combination of white or ivory with another bright accent color so that I could comfortably wear these golf shoes with shorts and not worry about the fashion police. Other than the fixed spike bottom and a firmer foot insert, this style is virtually identical to a running shoe. If you showed these shoes to a number of people without the spikes visible, I guarantee most would be shocked when you told them it was actually a golf shoe. Score: 19/20 Value The Asics Matchplay 33 is a great shoe to be worn from the golf course, out to dinner, and back into your living room at home that will cost you a respectable $80. The main thing i'd warn buyers on is the insole. If your feet don't handle firm support well, definitely check out the shoe in person before you decide to buy it, or look into ordering a customized insole for you to wear with these shoes. Score: 18/20 Peanut Gallery There were many positive opinions on this shoe, mostly based on the style. For those who aren't a fan of the regular look of a golf shoe, this is a great style to look in to. Many females agreed that you should wear these shoes only if you are wearing mostly black, otherwise the shoes stand out in a bad way. The majority said that $80 was very reasonable for a pair of golf shoes. Considering that most models from Nike, Adidas, and Footjoy will put you back $90+, you're definitely getting a quality pair of golf shoes by Asics that wont break the budget. Score: 9/10 Overall: 90/100
  15. Introduction The Golf Roller was created by Larry Sheman as a more durable, portable, more functional solution to the traditional foam roller for golfers. You can use the Golf Roller for your own stretching routine, or they also provide additional videos for stretching a specific area on their website The entire sequence takes between 10-20 minutes depending on your pace. By taking a few minutes out of each day to practice the stretches provided, or any additional stretch's that you use in your regular routine, the GolfRoller is intended to increase back & core strength, and improve your flexibility. Product Benefits The essential component for any golfer to perform and score their best when playing is maximizing the flexibility & strength in their body. Like any other sport or exercise routine, stretching is essential to repair and rejuvenate the muscles in your body from the stress put on it. Playing on the Symetra Tour requires spending 10+ weeks out of the year driving in my car to golf tournaments, making frequent visits to the Chiropractor and Masseuses a necessity for me if I don't want to have the body of a 50 year old by the time I'm 30. Even with consistent trips to both, I still have chronic tightness in my back & neck. You'd think I was a 70 year old arthritic woman with a walking cane if you heard the way my body cracks. There are many weeks where getting a massage or visiting a chiropractor aren't an option, and this is where relying on a foam roller can be a useful alternative. The GolfRoller allows you to use your body weight to give yourself a massage, or “myofascial release”, a form of soft tissue therapy used to relieve pain and restriction of motion. The game of golf puts a tremendous amount of pressure on our bodies, and by investing a few minutes with the GolfRoller, you can reduce lower back pain and increase your range of motion. Benefits of the GolfRoller vs. the Conventional Foam Roller View of the hollow interior core #1 Portability. It's compact enough to fit in a small space of your car, or if you're flying, it can fit easily into the side of a golf Travel Case. #2 Lighter Weight than conventional Foam Rollers #3 Durability. Unlike the styrofoam rollers you typically see that lose its shape over time, the Golf Roller is a two-piece construction that doesn't bend. The outer layer is a neoprene cover that can be removed and washed, while the inside is a hollow core of plastic. Material Layers of the Golf Roller Results I performed the video sequence three times (Monday, Wednesday, and Friday) over a week period to gather results. Obviously the longer you take to perform each stretch, the better results you'll get. Since my upper back and hips are my weakest areas, I spent a longer amount of time stretching those areas. When I began to perform the stretches, I noticed that the Golf Roller felt a lot more comfortable and provided a lot more cushion than traditional foam rollers. Immediately after going through the videos Monday, my body felt less tight, even in my weaker areas, and when taking shadow golf swings my body felt much looser. Throughout the next day I noticed less tightness than usual in my upper back & neck. On Wednesday I was getting tightness in my back & neck once again, but after going through the video sequence, I was loosened up afterwards. Throughout the day Thursday I could noticeably tell that the tightness in my upper back was becoming much better. By the time I reached my last test day on Friday, it felt much more like a routine to get through the videos, and my weak areas were requiring less time to stretch effectively. After taking Saturday and Sunday off from doing the program, my feelings of tightness began to return. As with any fitness routine, in order to see & feel results you have to keep up with it regularly. If you commit to doing the video sequence at least twice I week, I firmly believe you will feel relief from tightness in your weak areas. Value Label of Authenticity attached on the inside of the core The GolfRoller can be purchased on their website for $29.95, which also gives you a 1 year money back guarantee. For an additional $20 upfront, you can also purchase a 3 year cover replacement warranty. This lets you replace the cover up to two times. If you purchase a new cover at any time, the cost is $25. Conclusion Overall I was very impressed with the durability and comfortable feel of the GolfRoller. The portability is another great factor to consider with this product, especially if you are looking for an alternative to a foam roller when traveling. For $29.95, this is definitely a great product for any golfer, especially those who frequently travel, but can't fit a foam roller into their luggage to bring along with them. One thing I'd like to see from the GolfRoller in the future would be a model that would act as more of a “trigger point” massager, similar to The Grid that would help loosen smaller areas & give a deeper stretch.
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