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  1. What a great group of testers! Happy for all of you, especially @CFreddie since I know you've been eyeing these for a while! My blue one just got here Monday so I'm putting mine into play soon, y'all have fun with this one. Especially those of you new to L.A.B. technology!
  2. @Javs I just learned of the delay in getting your custom components in, super sorry that happened but I'm glad Bill got you taken care of. Can't wait to hear what you think!
  3. Is it showing the actual scorecard yardages for the holes instead of measured yardages? I know in my last round a par 3 measured at 138 yards but the scorecard showed 151.
  4. I had an absolute blast following along with this. Always one of the best events on the forum!
  5. I don't like to post it often because I don't want to be that guy, but most know that I'm a WedgeFit Specialist at Edison Golf. I absolutely love it! I get to talk with a ton of golfers, improve their short game, and hear a lot of cool stories.
  6. Gearing up for golf season, I've been on a buying spree lately. Can't remember what I may have posted but as it comes in I'm going to snap some pictures and update here! First up, I paid for this a while back but it finally made it to me recently! Thursday tickets to The Masters! My third trip to the hallowed grounds with the first two being for Wednesday practice rounds and the Par 3 Tournament. A tournament round will be a first and I'm taking my nephew who turns 10 the day before. Every time I've gone I've thought it was my last time ever and I'm going to treat this one the same way. Can't wait!
  7. Just got the email that my DF3 is in production! Shouldn't be much longer!
  8. Just saw your message! I was coaching baseball, about to get back to you now!
  9. Congrats testers! I've only ever worn two types of sunglasses on the course, and Sundog is one of them. Enjoy the testing process!
  10. Congrats testers! Happy to see PING back on MGS!
  11. Appreciate the suggestion! I don't usually get along with TM, absolutely hated the last three I've tried. My favorite all time is the V Steel though. Just got this Callaway for under $135 with rewards bucks I had saved up.
  12. In my never-ending search for a fairway wood, I have now purchased a Callaway Paradym 3HL. I've always loved a 16.5° fairway and there aren't as many out there anymore. The Stealth 2 3HL was no good for me. I got the 17° Apex UW and loved it as much as my 19° but it wasn't going the distance I needed so we're back to the drawing board. Callaway Pre-Owned for the win!
  13. Well, the Link is finally going to be put up for sale today so I can fund the purchase of my DF3. I love the Link but there's just something I miss about the bigger putter that I was so excited to get away from when I got the Link. The DF3 is the perfect size, smaller than my DF2.1 without losing any of the benefit. Right now I'm leaning towards a blue head with a white Accra shaft. The stock steel felt pretty good when testing the DF3 but I love the Accra I have now.
  14. Congrats! I haven't played a TaylorMade ball since the Penta but I always hear great feedback on them, should be a fun test!
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