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  1. Well, finally made my way back on the course after 84 long days. Have gone to the driving range a few times while rehabbing my ankle injury and the results were terrible... shanking shots, no control over ball flight with random hooks and slices, just flat out bad. Through three range trips and about 75 shots each time, I hit maybe 10-15 shots that looked normal. I was pretty defeated and lost my drive to play. Up until the injury, I had been playing the best golf of my life and felt like I was well on my way to being ready to compete but now I looked like I'd never played before. My dad talked me into playing 9 holes today and it started out as bad as possible. Keep in mind my last two rounds prior to injury were 71, 75. Here I sat on the par 5 6th tee box (the hole I live on and have made birdie or eagle on for 8 straight rounds) and I am +9 with 6 putts. Something clicked, I birdied the hole after a 309 yard drive and lipped out eagle putt, and shot -2 on the last 4 holes. It was like someone literally flipped a switch, my shots went back to being crisp, having a beautiful baby draw, and I couldn't miss. Hoping it wasn't a fluke and my game is back!
  2. Very interesting data, love these tests and seeing all the numbers.
  3. Last night had me sweating and pacing, but we came out on top to move to 2-0. We outplayed Nebraska across the board and if not for two turnovers and a time runoff to end the first half with us on the 1-yard line, we would've won by a lot more. Tighten up the defense, win the turnover battle, and UAB is next!
  4. Hey Jamie, I have to work during that time. Is there a way to listen in later or could someone let me know if my question is answered?
  5. Love our school! Had a slow start but ended with a 59-7 victory on Saturday. Feel so lucky to be friends with many of the players and get to hang with them after the game. Got a picture of the captains coming on the field and didn't take anything else until after the game, haha. Nebraska, you're next!
  6. Anyone going to their team's opening game today? Post some pictures if so!
  7. In your experience testing, do you think Cobra's lack of Baffler rails on this year's 3-woods helps or hurts the overall performance? I know it still won Most Wanted, just curious on your thoughts. In the past, testers seemed to enjoy the rails like I do. From 2019 Most Wanted testing, this was said about the runner-up Cobra F9: "One unique, but classic design characteristic of the F9 Speedback is the Baffler rail system. Placed along the sole of the club, the rails help the club move effortlessly through the turf. Tester feedback was positive and many felt the rails really helped keep the clubface square through impact."
  8. Congrats guys! I was surprised to make the final few and I think they made the right choice in bringing you two guys on. First test, I'm gonna go break some rules and see how fast you clean it up haha. Just kidding, welcome aboard!
  9. I'll be sitting in Paulson Stadium in what looks to be the pouring rain, watching my Eagles begin a new era. If we don't dominate Morgan State it's gonna be rough.
  10. Man, those look slick! I've been checking those guys out for a while. After seeing Willy Wicox on the bag for my buddy Ben Carr during his runner-up finish in the US Am, I've noticed that he uses @GolfSub70 and I'm even more interested in them than I was before. I don't usually care what a pro is using but I'm on a mission to try these out soon. Congrats on the new irons, can't wait for more pictures and feedback!
  11. Doesn't seem like too many people were interested in this but here is a follow up video from Club Champion with Ian from TXG testing these and giving his initial reaction to them. They say in the video that the shaft is designed to drastically improve front to back dispersion, the same thing my Edison wedges promised and delivered on. Now I really want to pop these into my wedges to see the results!
  12. Oh. I was genuinely interested in how he fit in with the family, haha. Baby brain is a real thing!
  13. This is pretty cool! Being that I'm so close to a few golf companies I've always wanted to do a tour so I'm envious of your experience. I may have missed it, but how does David fit in with Daniel and the rest of the family pictured? So cool that the whole thing is family run!
  14. I've personally never used either brand, but for some reason I'm pretty interested in these wedge shafts. Would love to be able to demo them and get data next to what I have now.
  15. Saw this last night, looks like BGT is adding to their shaft lineup with a new wedge shaft! Can't find anything on their website yet but it'd be real cool if we could get these in for forum testing or even an official MGS review with data.
  16. Thanks a ton, @RickyBobby_PR! I'm gonna get this figured out and start losing again!
  17. I feel like I'm about to be schooled which is a good thing. Honestly I've just been eating better and trying to be more active. I'm 32, 6'2", have gone from 372 to 355. I have a heart condition that limits what I can do in a gym so my activity level is usually low. Golf (in a cart), coaching youth sports for two hours a day, and doing daily exercise at home. I'm a broad shouldered, big guy. A healthy weight for me is probably 250-275, but when we discovered the congenital heart valve defect, I had to stop going to the gym and it didn't take long for the weight to show up. I played sports in school and stayed in shape until that happened in college. Arguably it's more important to be be in good shape knowing I have the defect but it's much harder when I can't burn the calories I used to, haha.
  18. I've stalled out bad. Trying hard to drop but can't seem to get over the hump. Down 17 pounds but have been stuck there for a couple months!
  19. Watched my boys play a scrimmage Saturday and we looked good. A lot different than in the past, but really good. Got to hang with them for a bit afterwards and looking forward to starting the Clay Helton era in 19 days! Hail Southern!
  20. Well, I found this thread a few days ago for the first time and realized after I posted that my problem was insignificant compared to hardships some of you guys were facing. I felt bad for complaining about a club order when others were dealing with actual life issues. I guess now it's my turn. This weekend I was in my college town of Statesboro to defend my title at a golf tournament that I shot 71 in last year. It was a 4 man best ball tournament but my three teammates all shot in the 90's so we basically turned in my scorecard, haha. Our Athletic Foundation hosts a tournament for donors every year and I won the inaugural event last year. About an hour and half before my tee time yesterday I stepped off a sidewalk where there happened to be a drainage area so the drop-ff was about 12 inches instead of the normal amount. I rolled my ankle about as bad as a person can and hit the deck. Somehow nobody ever came out of the hotel and saw me but I was down for 10-15 minutes before finally just pulling myself into my car. It was the most pain I'd ever been in but I drove on to the course hoping it would ease. Am I tough? Gritty? An idiot? I don't know, but I decided to play so I didn't let my teammates down. As you can imagine it didn't go well but I did have two birdies and almost holed out from 142 on one of them. The bad part of all this is that I furthered the damage. I went to the ER today after waking up in terrible pain. I've torn multiple ligaments and have what the ER doc called the nastiest sprain he's ever seen. I can't walk at all but somehow played 18 holes yesterday after it happened. I'm now sidelined for 6 weeks and I'm devastated. I guess on the bright side my new Srixon irons made it in time and they were phenomenal.
  21. Well, I figured after buying new irons I needed to check my gaps between them and my hybrids. I've noticed every time I hit them lately that they just aren't going as far as I thought they were. I'll be honest, they are the only clubs in the bag I didn't get fit for or even try, I just ordered them. Hopped on a GC Quad and got some numbers. Mizuno CLK 22 degree was averaging about 215 yards which falls between my 5 and 6 iron. Not good! I've been loving Cobra woods lately so figured I'd start there. Hit the LTDx 21 degree and the first ball was 243 yards. I figured it was a misread so I hit again. 242. Then again and it was 245. My miss with a hybrid is usually a little on the toe so I hit a couple out there just to test forgiveness and the ball still went 238 with very little draw to it. Needless to say I have one on the way, haha.
  22. Josh Ross

    Josh Ross

  23. Man, I wish I could have made this. Loved following along in this thread, hope to make any future meetups!
  24. I am! Looking forward to it!
  25. Didn't know anything about it. Just checked on Google Maps and it's 1 hour 23 minutes so about the same as the others. Definitely heading there next time to give it a go, thanks for the suggestion!
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