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  1. Got out for 9 today in between rounds of rain. Shot +2 and tried out the new Shot Scope v3 today. It's my first experience really with anything like this because I disliked having my phone on me with Arccos. Yardages seem to be somewhat alright, we'll see how it goes moving forward. On a level par 3 I was 144 (rangefinder distance) and hit a 9 iron pin high. That's definitely an accurate yardage for me. Shot Scope showed 140 so not bad. But here in the mountains we have severe elevation changes sometimes. I was on another par 3 that was 112, playing 130. I hit a smooth PW and was on the front of the green. Only PW I hit on the day and it thinks I hit it 100 yards because it doesn't consider slope. Probably won't be a big deal once I start logging more shots but I wish it knew slope. Either way the data is sweet and I was pretty happy with my round.
  2. I've been researching more and more about Honma and I'm liking what I see about their drivers. Then just today, a Honma equipment van pulled onto the highway in front of me and I took it as a sign. Josh - Ellijay, GA I think the 460 would be an interesting test against my Mizuno! Swing speed is 105-110 As always, I appreciate the opportunity!
  3. Thanks! I'm actually just a caddie for my best friend this time around but I'll be ready by next year. Taking two years off really messed with my game.
  4. Played an awesome course called Brickyard Golf Club in Macon, GA yesterday as a practice round for the Georgia Am Qualifier. Almost had a hole in one, ball mark was 6 inches from the hole and spun 2 feet back. Then my buddy holed out for eagle from 102 to shoot 75! Super fun day. Fun fact, the stone you see in this picture is actually part of Stone Mountain which is over 75 miles away from this golf course. It runs underground that long which is pretty incredible. This is a picture I took from the 9th tee.
  5. Congrats testers! If there's a hybrid out there that could beat mine it's this one. I'm definitely tuning in to see the results on this testing. The CLK was the most anti-left hybrid I tested personally, looking forward to your feedback!
  6. I had a much needed day off from full swings today after having hit 500 balls and played twice since last Friday. Short game practice tomorrow, 18 on Sunday, and a practice session on Monday.
  7. Can anyone show a picture of how far past the grip these stick out? I had the first gen Arccos and couldn't stand how big they were on the end of the grip. Also didn't like that I had to have my phone on me at all times. This solves that problem for sure, just curious about the size. I've seen the tags from the previous version but want to be sure before I make the purchase.
  8. I think both Dahmen and Kisner have a chance. Kisner is from SC and Dahmen is playing very well. Kuchar is another that plays this course well and could easily be in contention. I'm going with one of these four to win it though: Bryson DeChambeau, Sungjae Im, Branden Grace, and Jason Kokrak.
  9. Looking forward to the results. I've never tried Nippon shafts before but they were third on my fitting recommendation behind Project X LZ and something else.
  10. I recorded that interview, I need to go back and listen to it again tonight. Yeah the spin number is what looks the craziest. I plan to take a few of my different tour style wedges from my testing days and get some data on the launch monitor for bad shots and see what I get. I'm no Iron Byron but I'm certainly gonna try to hit them bad.
  11. 2020 is the year I shoot under par. Before my two year break I shot 72 once and had a couple 74's. Now I'm trying to piece everything back together and so far, so good! Another solid 9 holes today. Shot +1 on a tough course where every green is elevated, tiny, and sloped. Highlight of the day was when a couple waved me through on a 280 yard par 4. I hit 3 wood to the front of the green to leave myself an eagle putt. Barely missed the 12 footer but I'll take the birdie! Always feels good to hit a good one when you're playing through.
  12. @Bucky CC excellent job on the write-up! Can't argue with more fairways!
  13. Well I hope you're wrong, haha. I have a decently high swing speed with driver at 105-110. I'm used to a smaller profile so we'll see how I feel about the thicker top line. One of the things we discussed was the results of the independent testing. What some don't realize is that the data is not talking about well struck shots, but rather off-center hits. A lot of feedback I've seen out there immediately bashes the data because they think he's claiming a tour wedge only spins at 4886 rpms. But that's the spin on bad shots, and before I improved my wedge game I could definitely agree that off-center hits had little to no stopping power. My miss on wedges now is almost always the high on the face shot that comes up short so I'm hoping this alleviates that. We also discussed my time as a tester with SCOR and talked about some of the awesome people I got to know with SCOR while I was writing for another forum. That transitioned into the comparison of SCOR to Edison and the V Sole. I mentioned the V Sole on my Cleveland wedges doesn't seem to be as versatile. He told me the V Sole is supposed to create two different bounce angles, but that the Cleveland V Sole has a negative bounce on one which is no bounce at all. I know two things for sure. TK is very intelligent and I could talk golf with him all day. And he and Bill have me fired up about Edison!
  14. If these wedges are as good as advertised you'll probably end up with a set like me, haha. I'm excited that we can be some of the early users to put the claims to the test. All it's gonna take is some real world data to start rolling in before these take off. I'll definitely be posting all of my feedback here!
  15. Nice! I got to speak with Bill and Terry both as well! Both are absolutely awesome people. I've got the 49, 53, and 57 on the way. I'm regretting ordering custom shafts, I need these wedges in my life!
  16. Yeah you definitely can. I have a putter that I taped up to get the feel I wanted.
  17. Had my worst 9 in a while today. Waiting nearly 10 minutes on every tee starting on the hole 6 was the death of me. Was +1 up until that point, dialing in the new driver shaft and putter. Then shot +4 on the final four holes. I can't stand sitting and waiting!
  18. Even though I've been a lurker for a while, it wasn't until I recently became involved that I found out about the podcast and I'm loving it. I've known about the vanity lofts but I didn't know why they existed. In regards to the Ball Lab that's going on, are the balls that manufacturers deem as "Practice" balls with the stamp being tested? I wonder if they would have a higher rate of inconsistencies.
  19. Literally my favorite comment I've seen, you've made my day. Hail Southern! You'll appreciate this custom alignment stick cover I had made.
  20. Best of luck to everyone! I'm so in love with my hybrid right now that I don't want to mess with it. Before my current 3 wood and hybrid I played Tour Edge and loved them, you guys will too!
  21. I heard the exact same soundbite a few times in a row, but it could have been them reusing the real crowd noise multiple times. The noise didn't really fit the situation either. Rahm hit one way over the green and there was cheering followed by Rory chants.
  22. I despise people yelling stupid stuff and I do miss the cheers. The fake crowd noise was odd, they'd be better off not using it in my opinion. Enjoying watching the guys play again!
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