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  1. Congrats testers! I enjoyed putting these balls through the first round of testing and loved the Tour X!
  2. As good as the wedges are, they aren't for everyone. We have had a few people send them back after a few rounds but the huge majority doesn't once they get them in hand. If you have any questions I'll do my best to answer or get you in touch with someone who can!
  3. Yeah, I actually ran out on the field with Gavin in the first game of the year. Joker messed up bad when he did that, he's suspended indefinitely and this video led to my buddy getting fired from head coach. Been a rough week... That's me in the brown shorts and black shoes with my 7 year old nephew. You can see Gavin (#57) there with us.
  4. Welcome to the forum! I'm up in Ellijay and I have a buddy down in Cartersville.
  5. Henry and Thielen still available for another RB and WR combo. Looking to downgrade Henry a bit and upgrade Thielen by the same amount. They come off the table Saturday evening and I'll just stick with them for the year. Also if you're looking to upgrade a weak WR, I will trade Shenault, Brown, or Callaway with Swift to get a RB that is even or slightly better than Swift. I hate the Georgia Bulldogs and don't want them on my team, haha. Shout out to Detroit Dawgs for taking Sony Michel off the team.
  6. I assumed they changed their mind and undid it, haha. You turned two backups into the league's top QB. What do you promise these people?! Haha.
  7. Just a heads up to the people new to Fantrax or those that forgot with golf, Fantrax seems to struggle with handling claims with multiple copies of players so don't be surprised if you outbid someone for a player and still don't get them. It happened a few times in golf but the issue we saw the most was that it completely ignored your order of priority. The only way to avoid this is to only submit one claim. Waivers is gonna be nuts tomorrow!
  8. I've never been so confused on what to do for Defense in fantasy football, haha. I have zero strategy for it, the New England DST is projected 9.48 points this week but only 13.4 for the season! I've been told there is an issue with scoring because points should be higher than usual and then I've been told the points are correct. Does anybody have any type of strategy for DST? I don't want to spend a lot of Claim Budget on one because there are some solid defenses that are projected negative points each week. I feel like we're better off not rostering a DST, haha.
  9. I'm interested in a top 15 pick in the second round, willing to move any of my picks from round 3 and later plus some free agent budget.
  10. Finally got to play 9 holes today! Started out with the Tour and it didn't take long to realize the ball isn't for me. It's a very solid ball but the lower greenside spin and the softness isn't a great combo for me. After three holes, I decided to play both the Tour and the Tour X together. The Tour is surprisingly long for a softer ball, it was right there with the Tour X off the tee. The Tour has more rollout on both full irons/wedges and partial shots around the green. There are times where the Tour will have adequate spin and times where it doesnt. In the picture above I landed both fairly close to each other on a full PW from 142 out. The difference was the Tour X came back a bit and the Tour rolled forward to that point (the ball closer to me is the X). I'm accustomed to playing a ball with more spin and the Tour X checks that box. On the last two holes, I switched out the Tour for a Snell MTB-X and decided to compare the two. I had a short par 3 and an average par 4 to finish the round. Honestly, there isn't a whole lot to say. I made the comment earlier in the test that if the balls were blank I would have a hard time telling the Tour X and the MTB-X apart (aside from the really tacky cover on the Maxfli), and that proved to be true today. The Snell was maybe three to four yards longer but the ball flight, feel, and spin were identical. I would imagine the Snell just produces a little more ball speed but I would have absolutely no problem playing the Tour X and I'm a huge Snell fan.
  11. I'm loving the P.H. McIntyre pickups. He has been listed as playing in practically every event this year on FanTrax but the 1,876th player in the World plays on the Sunshine Tour. He does have two professional wins according to Wikipedia so he could provide a motivational spark for those guys that are playing, haha.
  12. Well the monsoon stopped for one day and it was beautiful outside, but the course was closed due to it being partially flooded on some holes. I was on my way to the course today to try again when the torrential downpour started yet again. In the meantime, I have been doing some putting and chipping at my house in the back yard where I have a decent little area set up on the 6th green that I can practice on. Like @edingc, I have found the Tour very inconsistent when it comes to spin. The Tour X on the other hand reacts exactly like I'm used to seeing out of the MTB-X. It's not an overly spinny ball for me, but it provides ample bite on shots that need it. I can tell that X is firmer when putting and chipping but I prefer a ball that is a little firmer due to my swing speed. I'll do my best to get some good on course photos and video if I can ever get this weather to cooperate. I can't remember the last time we had this much rain. I'm itching to get out and play again after playing the best I ever have the other day. More thunderstorms tomorrow and then potentially a couple dry days but today said it was partly sunny and then we got hit hard. The good news is I'm leaving town again next weekend so hopefully I'll be leaving the rain behind and can get some more testing in.
  13. Haha, 1) he isn't a proven winner and 2) I'd have to drop someone actually playing this week. If Mackenzie Hughes doesn't crack the top 30 I'll probably add Tiger.
  14. You may think I got my fantasy leagues mixed up, but in honor of football starting I decided to add a couple proven winners to my golf team to guide my guys to victory. Tom Brady and Peyton Manning, welcome to the squad!
  15. Surely we can get that reversed, just an honest mistake.
  16. Great question. So I don't use an alignment line at all honestly. Part of it is that I feel I putt just fine without it, and the other part is that I'm a big dude (335 lbs) and getting down there long enough to line up a putt isn't easy to do, haha. I consider my putting to be one of the best parts of my game, especially once I picked up the L.A.B. putter in the middle of last year. I had 28 putts last Friday with no three putts and I only had one putt on eight different greens. Four of those were for birdie, three for par, and one was for bogey. My lone other birdie was a two putt because my eagle attempt missed by a couple inches. I used to wonder if using the alignment line would help me more because sometimes I seemed to miss my line but with this new putter it's impossible to start the ball on the wrong line. I do plan on using the line some during this test but it's definitely something I never do. Now, if anyone knows how to do the opposite of a rain dance, please teach me! Our sand traps are mini swimming pools right now and the ground is just mush. Dying to get out there and try the regular Tour out!
  17. I'm without my second best golfer, my third best played terrible, and I'm still sitting in 2nd after round one. I'll take it, just hope they play even better tomorrow.
  18. For what it's worth, I play a ton of fantasy leagues and some with pretty big money on the line. I've won a lot of money on DFS sites like DraftKings and FanDuel. But I've never had more fun in fantasy than what I had in this league. Sure, a little more strategy with starting and sitting could be nice but there was still a lot of strategy involved with this league. I've had an absolute blast, so much so that the weeks without a golf tournament were torture haha.
  19. I asked on Twitter a couple months back and this is what he had to say. @TheProfessor02
  20. Finally had time to get settled in and write something up! The Tour X will always hold a special place in my heart after Friday's round. Five birdies and a tournament win are a great way to start off a ball test, haha. To give good comparisons I need to play the balls against each other and against my Snell MTB-X but initial impressions are solid. I had plenty of distance off the tee and on iron shots. The ball had a good trajectory to it for me, I seemed to be hitting a nice mid flight shot with the driver and my irons were what I would call mid-high. The ball did seem to be slightly higher but not by much at all. There was a breeze that came into play on a few holes and the ball flew true with no issues at all. The feel was very similar to my Snell and I'm not surprised to see today's MGS Golf Ball Test show that the compression is within 2 points for the Maxfli and Snell. I've been playing the Snell for a while now and if I had been playing a logo-less ball Friday, I probably would have guessed it was an MTB-X. Excited to get them out side by side for a real comparison and can't wait to get the Tour in action. Now I just need all this rain we're getting to stop. We're under flood watches for a few days now.
  21. So Friday morning I played in a best ball tournament for my University Athletic Foundation. I decided to put the Tour X in play and planned on using it exclusively the entire round. I want to give a more detailed post tomorrow, but I shot a personal best and had 5 birdies with my first under par round. What a start for the Maxfli Tour X! I did feel that it was maybe half a club shorter than my MTB-X but I was also over 1,000 feet lower in elevation than my home course so that probably played a big role in that. There was plenty of spin, a couple times the spin surprised me when balls stopped quicker than I expected out of rough. So far I'm impressed and I'll go into more detail soon!
  22. I'm upset Louis O. withdrew for this week but on the other hand I'm glad because that was about to be a brutal stretch of golf. Now he can rest up and hopefully dominate in the Playoffs!
  23. Finally made it home to check the deliveries and had these waiting on me! Huge thunderstorm rolled through and took out our internet and what little cell coverage we have so I've been disconnected from everything since yesterday. We have rain scheduled all through the weekend but I'm heading out of town to play so we'll get to see them in action soon!
  24. Finally on my way home after being gone for a few days and will be there just long enough to snap some pictures and then I'm out of town through the weekend again. Can't wait to open these up later and give them a go this weekend!
  25. If I had any Claim Budget remaining I definitely wouldn't be spending much if any during this first round of waivers tonight. According to others there should be some solid players that will start to get dropped in the coming days to build up last minute pushes. I was so happy with how I was building my team that I wasn't worried about running out of money but it wouldn't hurt to have some, haha.
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