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  1. Hello to all, I have been reading stuff from this site for almost a year now. Finally decided to get involved. My only hope is that I can contribute something that will in some strange way help someone or at least be interesting reading. I love the game of golf almost as much as my first born child. I take my game seriously and am improving daily. Last year (2011) was my first season playing seriously, and the first time picking up a club since I was 12 when my grandfather used to take me out every Saturday morning. Back then I hated it. But I went mostly because it made grandpa happy. This past March he passed away, and we traveled to NC to the funeral. His nephew gave me his clubs and told me that grandpa wanted for me to have these and kept reminding him to give them to me. So I thought I would take the clubs and go give them one last round in the hands of family. And then I gave them to the club pro shop and told them to give them to someone who they thought might enjoy them. I really had fun playing and remembering good old grandpa. And on the trip home I wished I had not given the clubs away. I decided to give golf another shot upon my return home, I bought a cheap set and started learning, a lot of my friends golf so it was not hard to find a game. My first round was a 58 for 9 holes. One of my friends turns out to be a scratch golfer, he took me under his wing and shows me a few tips I understood, and lot more I did not. But through the help of the internet and the golf channel all those tips that I did not understand are all clear as a bell now. My last round of the year was an 80 for 18 holes, and was I ever proud. My drives are around 260 or 270 and those par 5's are not so long anymore. The one thing that really gets under my skin about the entire deal is, I keep wondering what my scores would be if I had just kept playing with grandpa all those years. My goal this year is to get my handicap under a 5. And I would also like to organize a annual memorial tournament in my grandfathers name. Sound korny? Well I love to play tournaments and there just is not enough of them. So I am taking a page out of my dad's book and creating my own thunder. The snow is almost gone here in South Dakota and although playing the simulator saves a ton on loosing balls, I am very ready to see my first divot of the year go flying into the air, and see the ball fall into the cup on the first hole. My club of choice are Adams. And I just got my first Scotty and man does that thing feel like money. I feel like I just bought a Ferarri. Do you guys all get together and have a tournament some place? Like an annual deal? That sounds like fun, I love to play with new faces, and love new places. I think I have introduced myself long enough. Catch you all in a thread someplace, great to be here, seems like home already...Golf well my friends Tom
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