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  1. Up for auction are 2012 pair(2) Masters Tickets for either Saturday or Sunday(winner bidder gets choice) These are the hardest to get tickets in sports! CLICK HERE
  2. Here are tonight's auctions. Good luck! http://golfbids.net/view_all_live_auctions.php
  3. ok have them email info@golfbids.net and give you credit thanks
  4. Fill out the form and have them email me verifying the referral. I'll give you the credit.
  5. Very true! However many bidders are falling out early and the pices so far are amazing!
  6. Titleist 910 D2 Driver Ping i20 Driver Titleist ProV1x balls Nike Method putter Bushnel V2 rangefinder
  7. WD its just the head cover the driver is separate...................................gotcha!
  8. I agree we had 9 people bidding and everyone thought they'd let someone bid next and WD got very lucky. Gotta us the BidCaddy because it will never lose unless you are out of bids.
  9. Not true at anytime you can buy the product and get your bid money on that auction back.
  10. "John, the way it works is, you purchase bids for $.50/each. Each time you bid on a product, it goes up by $.01. The other night, a Ping I20 sold for $2.13, which equals 213 bids, which in turn equals a net of $106.50.....not a great deal for the seller. If you were the person that put in the bid to get it to $2.13, and it was your only bid, then you just bought yourself a Ping I20 for a whopping total of $2.43 plus $20 shipping, thats a great deal. "
  11. true but any bidder can buy the item at the end and get their bid $$ back. So no downside from buying retail and a lot of fun and opportunity for great savings
  12. Last night we sold an: R11s Driver for $12.02 Dozen Pro V1xs for $.09 RBZ fairway wood for $4.87 Vokey SM4 wedge for $2.23 What are you waiting for get in the Game! I f you want to suggest an item for auction email it to customerservice@golfbids.net also follow us on Twitter @golfbids1 PS I'm a terrible typist as you can see I can't even get out name right:)
  13. There's a R11s out there right now under $3.00! Here's you chance.
  14. That's a formula we need to fix it uses the price to determine bids. For example right now we have 4 auctions at 2.02 but there have only been 2 bids because we started at $2.00 Probably need to fix that or take it down.
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