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  1. bullwinkle


  2. Bullwinkle Marietta, GA Hndcp 9.7 No current Tracking system, but would love to try one
  3. Bill= Marietta, GA - 12.2 SRIXON Clubs DRIVER: Z 565 10.5 FAIRWAY Z F65 15 HYBRID Z H65 19 & 22 IRONS Z 565 4-PW GRAPHITE +1" CLEVELAND WEDGES RTX-3 TOUR RAW 58 & 64 PUTTER TF1 2135 ELEVADO CB 38" Incredible opportunity, but to be fair I'm a senior Golfer and I suspect they would prefer to deal with younger golfers. On the other hand I already have most of the Senior Golfers playing Cleveland Wedges. Thanks for the consideration.
  4. Bullwinkle Moose from Marietta, GA Handicap: 9.8 Ball: Bridgestone RXS Rounds 8-12 playing with multiple Senior Groups on Semi-Private Courses
  5. Rev. Bill Swann Marietta, GA handicap index 8.7 Nike Covert 2.0 forged Graphite R Shafts +1" 2*flat Custom Fit Yes
  6. Love the looks of this site and its members. I am a lifelong golfer who is now enjoying playing from the Senior Tee's, it does make a difference. I belong to two of the larger senior golfing groups in NW Atlanta and West GA, combined the two groups have around 450 members. I am a long time Golf equipment trader, I try many new products and like them or not sell them to other folks. I don't always end up with the best but it has usually passed through my hands. I am also a Southern Baptist Minister, who does a lot of couples counciling. I look forward to exchanging knowledge and opinions with everryone.
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