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  1. John Schlesselman Austin, TX 3 hcp mac daddy forged 50, 56, 60 (1 up)
  2. Thanks you guys.... I will definitely find a local chrome plater to remove the chrome and get it back to it's raw state. I most definitely do not want to mess with the hazardous chemicals. I also am not trying to make money by refinishing putters, I just want something to do, I like working with my hands and producing a final product that is respectable. I think I will pursue the cold blue finish or maybe some kind of torch finish. If you guys know any tips feel free to share them.... Thanks for all the help, I am learning a lot already!!!
  3. Thank RoverRick! I'll need to go get some gear... How about the new finish once i complete to removal process? I am looking for a darker color... Black Gun Metal, Brown (like the picture), or a Dark Blue. I am assuming i get a torch and heat the putter head until it is really hot then dip it in something (oil) for color? or i could not dip it at all? Also not sure how to do the snow stamp either.... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  4. So, I have been struggling with my putting since I got back from the winter break. Broke out "the" original AP, started putting better for whatever reasons. Now I would like to start a DIY project and make my old putter appear new and different. Only problem is I have never refinished a club in my life but I would like to start and possibly kick start a little side hobby in the process. Can anyone steer me in the right direction? I will attached photos on what the club looks like now and one I found on the bay that I am intrigued by.
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