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  1. Im also not aware of my handicap, once my school year ends that will be the first thing I do. At the moment I don't have much time to actually play because of school sports but I practice golf after my practice ends. My normal round at the end of last year was low 90's with my lowest round being an 86 on a par 72. And I love my S2 but like a few of you have said, I just want a change of scenery. I'm young and always want the best, especially growing up in a generation where technology is a game changer in every sport. And growing up playing baseball, we always replaced bats because of loss of 'pop'. I have to believe a driver is the same way. It's a composite and metal object that you hit another hard object with, that's another reason I want a new driver, just because I'm afraid of losing yards because I've hit so many balls with my current.
  2. __________ I'm not saying mid round I want to change my loft, I can do that before the round starts. And to respond to some other questions I started playing last summer. I fell absolutely in love with the game and I'm 17 with a coach lined up for summer. My average swing speed is between 108 and 110, but if I really want to crank it out there I've reached 117 with the ball going were I want it. And thanks for the help guys, I got myself into golf so at the moment I don't have someone to talk to about questions but hopefully this summer that will change with my swing coach.
  3. I personally like the feel of the AMP. To me it feels like a lot more "springy" face and the forgiveness is awesome. I don't like the hard feel of the ZL but gosh does the white ZL look good!
  4. I want adjustability because im a developing player. I know my swing is going to change as i develop and i don't want to get fit then my swing change and it be fitted the wrong way. I also like the concept of being able to change the loft, if its windy then i can lower it a bit. Im not good enough yet to be able to hit stingers consistently when i want to all the time.
  5. Do you know what the difference is between the Super Hybrid and the Super Hybrid XTD?
  6. So I'm looking at getting a new driver over the summer and i want to combine the stuff most everyone else looks for. and no matter what website I go to I cant get the answer that I'm looking for. I want adjustability, forgiveness and of course distance but i don't have the money to buy a $400 driver. At first i was thinking RBZ because its adjustable with pop nut i heard it's not the most forgiving. So I was thinking the R11 but I don't want to leave distance out there when I know the R11s is longer. I also had the Cobra AMP in mind. So heres where i come to all of you, who's hit all of these and what would be the best option? Much appreciated!!
  7. Do you guys know where to get a FootJoy Belt Buckle? i cant find one for sale anywhere
  8. That golf spy one is sick! they all are!
  9. does anybody actually have friends on this?

  10. Coolest looking belt buckle with swagger. GO!
  11. Yes! That's it, thanks much!
  12. So Rickie won yesterday, thatta kid. But I have a question bothering me. It has been since I think the Cadillac Match Play. On all the sites it says he uses a scotty cameron, but since the Cadillac Match Play its looked like he's been using something else. WHAT IS IT!?!?!?!
  13. Thanks for the help! And quick too which is nice. Too add on to the subject, I have different "feelings" when i swing my hybrids/irons compared to my driver. Should my 3 wood swing feel more like my driver or more like my hybrid?
  14. I started golfing lat year and am looking at getting some new clubs, I've never had a swing lesson before but i have a coach lined up for the summer. Should i get fit before or after, or does it matter?
  15. So I started playing golf last summer and have made ridiculous strides of improvement with all clubs...except in one department, the 3 wood. I sport a 3 and 4 hyrbid with one fairway wood. It's outdated and I'm looking to get a new one. I was originally thinking a Burner 2.0 but I have a problem of control with my 3 wood and I know the Burner is longer than most 3 woods. I tend to hit it inconsistent and with a deep fade, not quite a slice but a big fade, and it doesn't travel as far as it should. So to help with my consistency while getting some distance I was thinking a Rocketballz because its a little bit shorter. I'm a low to mid teens handicap, I hit my 3 hybrid 200-225, and my driver 265+, with the capability of cranking it out further. Any club suggestions or any suggestions of what I should do when it comes to deciding? Thanks!
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