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  1. Anyone else heard the rumours? It can only be one guy right....
  2. Wow. Whats wrong with just sticking it into the ground and saving £116.50? Assuming you're practicing on grass of course. And if we're getting real fussy and accurate, if you want it to be the same each day you have to use a spirit level to set it up surely so the angle is measured relative to a flat lie? I'll stick to my sticks
  3. Hoping to have an R15 in hand again tomorrow... We have a launch day for the RSi here in Malaysia for media and retailers.
  4. Just a rumour at the moment but watch this space... Volvik about to get serious on the PGA Tour too?
  5. Hi Bones. Yeah, I've been more of a reader than a poster for a while now. Still come back for my regular equipment fix every now and again Life on tour is great. Had a poor season on the Asian Development Tour but saw things turning around a little towards the back end. One more event left to try to scrape a ranking that will avoid going back to first stage of qualifying school again in January. The RSI TP irons look fantastic! I was lucky enough to get my hands on Sergios bag so had a good poke around inside. The face slots really aren't that noticable but obviously they are there to do a job and by all accounts they do help a lot! We had a soft launch for the irons taking advantage of the fact Sergio was sticking around in town after the CIMB Classic. The RSI 1 & 2 went down well with the media and VIPs that were in attendance. I gotta say, Sergio was an absolute gent throughout.
  6. I had the driver in hand 10 days ago at an event here in Kuala Lumpur but I was sworn to secrecy and it looks great! I for one am really glad to see white 'back' (I know it never really went away) The high MOI thing by splitting the weights definitely gets my attention too...
  7. These are the 4 colours available in Malaysia shortly. A few more to come later in the season.
  8. ...and woods and hat. Adams hybrid too so I guess that kind of counts.
  9. Saw them in the flesh this week. They are sooooooo light! Available in lots of other colours not just yellow (which is,THE colour for TaylorMade at the minute with RocketBallz stage II having just been announced) As seems to be the case with all TMaG products at the moment, don't knock em until you've tried em
  10. I'm afraid I let it slide mid way through last season. Mainly due to finding it a distraction whilst out on the course I was walking up the fairway thinking what I'd write about instead of thinking about how to play my next shot!! I'm thinking about starting it up again for 2013..... I'm off to Q School again in a couple of weeks. It'll be www.pughdog.com if it resurfaces.
  11. As Matt is talking about above, golf swings are cause & effect. Unfortunately, as you have described above, a lot of golfers treat the effects rather than the causes. "I'm hooking / slicing it so ill weaken / strengthen my grip". Quick fixes are usually a sure fire way to just paper over the cracks. I'm guessing if most forum users cars started running badly they wouldn't start flipping wires around under the hood or pulling bits off. Or how about your plumbing, throw some different pipes at the problem or actually hire an expert in their field to come fix the problem? Like in life, some of us wait until we're 6 feet deep in water from a leaky pipe before we admit defeat and ask for help. We play a strange sport where self diagnosis and trying things that made other (completely different) people (with totally different causes & effects) better is the norm. Do yourself a favour. Book a lesson. Blind coaching, as Matt says is impossible. Good luck
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