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  1. I started using iron head covers and told my wife I needed the big numbers on the covers so I don't grab the wrong club. The real reason is they hide the new irons that I bought.
  2. Nothing against him but I was never overly excited about him. I thought he was rather "dry" if that make sense.
  3. Looking forward to what everyone has to say on this topic. I play a G400 Max with a regular shaft. Will be looking for a new/better driver for next year. Thinking about the G430 Max. What ever I end up with, I will be fit for it.
  4. I am interested in knowing more about how to change grips with a compressor. Any "specs" on required equipment would be greatly appreciated.
  5. Congrats to everyone. Looking forward to reading how it turns out for you.
  6. I walked into Arby's and orderd a sandwich and drink. The young person told me the price "with a senior discount". I said what? "Oh yea, you saved 35 cents." But I was only 40 years old. I am now 70 and will never forget that one!
  7. I have been playing Titleist and Vokey for a number of years/generations. In the past, I have also owned PGA T Line, Callaway, and Ping irons. My past wedges have included Cleveland, Ping and Mizuno. I have been fitted for my current irons and wedges and have received the best results with what I am now playing.
  8. I am a short hitting and really like fairway woods. I never use my 3 wood in the fairway. Instead, the 3 wood is used off the tee for tight holes and also chipping out from trees which can go as much as 150 yards. My 5 wood is the main fairway wood off the fairway and sometimes the rough. The 7 wood is used in the rough, fairway and tee box when shorter distance is the main factor. I wish I had ordered a 7 wood to match my 3 & 5 when I bought them. Next time I will.
  9. I have a PW and GW from my iron set with are basicly 10 & 11 irons. My true wedges are 52 & 56.
  10. I did not take up the game until after I was married. My very strict and over bearing father-in-law was trying to teach me how to play golf one summer but his method was to interrupt my swing with “do this” and “do that” etc. Usually just when I was starting my setup. My score was at 113 on the 15th hole when I lost control and cursed at him. (First and last time!) I was so bad that I could not hit a golf ball more than a foot off the ground. We never spoke until the end of the round. I stormed off the course and stopped at a driving range. After a couple of minutes, a very well-dressed man came over and gave me some simple advice. For the first time ever, I started hitting balls, in the air. It dawned on me that he was a golf pro and was giving me my first lesson but he would not take any money from me. He just wanted me to promise that I would not give up the game. That night I read an article in Golf Digest that Lee Trevino wrote about playing your own game and do not worry about others. Just relax and enjoy. The next morning, I played with my father-in-law and for the first time broke 100 by shooting a 94. (Still have the score card). At the end of the round, he said “see what happens when you do what I tell you” I never told him about the driving range golf pro and the article.
  11. I use both Range Finder and GPS. The Precision Pro unit works really well and you get free batteries. The Bushnell Phantom 2 has very large numbers so it is very easy to read.
  12. I never have thought about insurance on these item. Got me thinking.
  13. Wondering what his special medical condition was.
  14. I am thinking about replacing my 5 hybrid and considering the Sub 70. Hoping for some more input/reviews before I make the decision. I have always played big name company products so I am a little tentative.
  15. I need replace my Titleist hybrid and this testing information came at the correct time. I need to start testing the top five or so to see how bad I hook them.
  16. I like the T300 and also agree with your review. Thanks for taking the time to write it.
  17. I have been playing Vokey's for many years now and was fitted about a year ago. My wedges are 4 deg apart and that gives me 10 yards apart on a full swing. I have tried different Cleveland and Ping wedges over the years but stuck with Vokey.
  18. I use to play long irons gave up and tried hybrids for awhile. Since I tend to hook hybrids, I went with a 7 wood that I hit long and straight. I tried to purchase a 7 wood to match my 3 & 5 woods but was not able to find a new one so I purchased the only 7 wood they had in the store. Next time I will go 3-5-7 all the same brand. I use my 3 wood for punch out shots and if the conditions are correct along with my aim, I can punch it up to 150 yards. Good luck on your golf journey.
  19. Congrats on the win. Looking forward to hearing how it works for you.
  20. Golf is not an addiction or a habit, it is Life or Death! Sorry. Now back to my basement for some putting practice ...
  21. I started with the driver which was a great improvement on my game. I started hitting fairways which make everything else easer. Next was the fairway woods then irons. Once I got my game going well I went to a wedge fitting. The last thing was a putter fitting. I know what I need in a putter but I was not happy with the putter that I was fit into so I am still looking. Come to think of it, I went from the top down; Driver - Woods - Irons - Wedges - Putter. Worked for me.
  22. I prefer to not have music while I am playing. I enjoy the piece and quite of the course along with the sound of a well hit golf ball, the sound of a ball going in the hole and the screeming of the player that miss hits a shot. Each to his own.
  23. I arrive and check in 30 min before my tee time. Who knows, we might get off early.
  24. I did a wedge fitting with the Titleist rep. He had me hit a couple of wedge shots using my set pitching wedge to start the process. After that, he had me hit wedges without me looking at what they were so I did not know what the loft, grind or bounce was. Durning the session we discussed where I play and how I use wedges. When we were all done, he showed me what I had been hitting the best and that is what I ordered. I have been told and read in the article to replace wedges after 75 rounds. My main wedge around the green is my trusty 56 degree. Since I have been playing about 125 to 150 rounds the plast few years, that would mean I would need to purchase two 56 degree wedges every year. That's a lot of $$. After about 100 rounds on my current 56 degree wedge, the height and distance is still good but balls do not stop on a dime. I have adjusted to the extra roll out and think that I will wait until next year to buy new ones.
  25. I want to thank you for the newsletter. It gets my attention and brings me back to the website.
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