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  1. Usually I will play a ball 1 to 3 rounds. If it gets scuffed up, but still playable, it will turn into a water ball.
  2. I depends on several things but I try to keep irons for around 400 to 500 rounds before I replace them. My last set had 468 rounds on them. Wedges about every other year.
  3. I like the B stroke. For me, I have more control with a short stroke than with a long one.
  4. I use brown or natural wood tees and buy them in bulk on the internet. Don't like white tees as they leave marks on the clubs. I keep the broken ones to use on the par threes.
  5. We have had great weather (in Nebraska) this fall until the past few day where the high is in the 30's and lows in the teens. Course closed down for the season. Good while it lasted.
  6. Interesting video. I am not sure but think I keep the ball in the middle of my stance most of the time. This gives me something to think about.
  7. I am playing the 718 AP1's. Would like an update on how the T300's are working for you. Thanks.
  8. My bag is 8 years old and I am looking for a new one. I ride most of the time but try to walk 1 to 2 times a week with a push cart. Cant make up my mind which bag to buy.
  9. I know that this topic is an old topic but I am in the market for a new bag and will be looking at the "chiller". Just wondering how the bags are holding up after a couple of years?
  10. I plan on adding a 7 wood this spring like I use to have at one time. I have Ping G410 woods and would like to match them but have not been able to find a new G410. I should have ordered a 7 wood a couple of years ago. May start trying out diff manufactures.
  11. As of now, I am planning on putting in a 7 wood to replace my hybrid. I use to have one be sold it with my other woods. Big mistake. This is a definite maybe.
  12. I have a Bettinardi BB45 that I purchased the first of the season and have about 100 rounds on it. I was fit for this putter and it is the best putter that I have ever had but ... the paint is wearing off around the edges. I have a cover on the putter all the time except when I putt. I contacted the company but they want $200 to repaint. I will never purchase a black putter again.
  13. Based on the arguments here, Kirkland is also a Direct To Consumer ball. They only sell through their stores or internet. You can not buy them at a Pro Shop. Maybe that's the diff. DTC balls are not sold in Pro Shops???
  14. I use my 3 wood on short par 4's and for chipping out from under trees.
  15. It does not matter to me. Put down what you have and go from there.
  16. I played mid-priced balls up until a couple of years ago when I tried and liked Snell balls. This spring, for the first time, I went with the Pro V1 because of their buy 4 dozen for the price of 3 program only because I had some left-over pro shop credit. After the credit, the 4 dozen only cost me about $50. I like playing the Pro V1 but when I run out, I will be ordering Snell again and save about $20 per dozen.
  17. I play with a guy that does not understand the system and I see where is he coming from. He is a 11.2 and plays the same Gold tee box every round. When you look up his course handicap on GHIN, his course handicap on Gold is a 7. The next tee box is White and he is a 9. The next tee box is Black he is 11 and he never plays the Black or White tee boxes. He believes that if he is playing the Gold box all of the time than his “course” HCP should be equal to HCP.
  18. I like to look at data so I filtered out balls that I would never use and ended up with 10 possible balls. I filtered the chart to my slow swing speed specs and entered the data into a spreadsheet. The results are not overwhelming which tells me that just about any of the 10 balls would do the job. I was hoping for dispersion or shot area for each ball which might have help to bring the winner to the top of the pile. Still looking over the numbers....
  19. I am disappointed in the test because I believe dispersion / shot area is very important and it was not included in the test results.
  20. I have carried 5 in the past but I would have to take something out of the bag on the other end. I carry a PW & GW which match my irons and act as a 10 and 11 iron. I then have a 52 & 56 SM8. I use to have a 60 but don't have enough room in the bag for one anymore.
  21. I use both but I find I use the GPS most of the time on courses that I know. If I am playing a course that I do not know well, I use both.
  22. Driver .............. Ping G400 Max 9* Woods ............ Ping G410 3 & 5 Hybrids .......... Ping G410 4H & Titleist 818H1 5H Irons ................ Titleist 718 AP1 6-W Wedges .......... Titleist SM8 52.08F & 56.10S Putter .............. Odyssey Dual Force Rossie 2 GPS ................... Bushnell NEO Ghost Rangefinder . Precision Pro NX7 Pro Ball ................... Titleist ProV1 - Yellow / Snell MTB Black - Yellow Bag ................... Datrek Lite Rider II
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