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  1. Interested in this topic as well. I read about issues with the 2020 version that Ping has supposedly fixed but would love to hear some first hand reports.
  2. 100% in on this. Washington DC Walk 90% of my rounds with a Caddy Tek
  3. Name and Location: Alex - Washington DC Current Putter: Odyssey Double Wide Stroke Lab Index: 9.9
  4. First name - Alex Home state - Washington DC Current handicap - 11.2 Current long iron/hybrid, plus shaft and flex - This is a constantly rotating area of my bag. I have a number of clubs. The current gamer is a G30 7 Wood with the stock stiff shaft. That recently replaced an Adams A12 20 hybrid with a Matrix stiff shaft. I also have a 913 5 wood that gets some play. Long story short, I love experimenting with this area of the back and look forward to seeing the feedback on the Crossover.
  5. Really looking forward to this event - the course looks incredible to me and I'm excited to see how it plays. What I hate is that the lack of control of the distance the ball travels (isn't that the USGA's job?) has lead them to having par 4's well over 500 yards.....lovely. Wouldn't it have just been easier to keep the distances in check via ball and club limits and keep the par 4's at 450? Sorry - off my soapbox. Extremely excited for prime time golf for those of us on the east coast of the US. Will be great fun to stay up watching!
  6. Thanks for the reply, this is my first time playing an 80G shaft in a fairway wood and it has really helped to bring my ball flight down which I just love.
  7. Are you playing a 70G of 80G Kai'li in the RBZ Tour 3 wood? I'm currently gaming the RBZ Tour 14.5 w/Kai'li 80G Stiff shaft and love it off of the tee. I need to spend more time with it from the fairway as I haven't had a chance to put in a real range session on grass with it yet. The flight is just perfect for a 3 wood.
  8. I didn't get a chance to complete a speed trial, but loved the VR_S Drive when I hit it at a demo day. I also had the shaft switched out to an Oban Devotion which just felt better than the stock shaft (which felt soft to me). The VR_S Driver was the surprise of the demo day for me as I've always been preferential to Ping drivers.
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