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  1. Maybe it is just me, but I feel like Cleveland Golf was on the edge of something really great and just missed that opportunity completely. I came to Cleveland around the time of the Hibore. There was nothing out there that looked like it and it preformed really really well. The Hibore XL is still (I think) one of the best drivers ever made and it remains iconic and unique in its design. The FWs were also tremendous and the release of the Hibore irons created whole new category of clubs. Hate it or love it, you knew it was a Cleveland. It must have brought lots of people in to look at the r
  2. This is the only golf forum in which I am still an active member. My seat belt is buckled and I am ready for the ride.
  3. Except that in a progressive tax system everyone IS taxed equally. The money is taxed not the person. First 50K is taxed the same. Earn 100K and the second 50 will be taxed the same, earn a million and you will pay the same tax on that extra 800K as everyone else who has the extra 800. Whatever you earn (amount x), that amount is taxed at exactly the same rate as the first amount x that Phil earns. But that was not the point. A lifetime of work- sure. But he didn't work a lifetime and then win these two tournaments. He has been earning something like 30 million a year for a long tim
  4. Poor poor Mickelson. It's just so hard to stay interested in playing golf. "In an interview with CNBC's Maria Bartiromo from The Barclay's golf tournament that aired on Friday, Mickelson was asked how it felt to pay over 60% of his British and Scottish Open winnings in taxes. "It's not making me want to go out and work harder," Mickelson said." Seriously? This is the second time he has moaned about how he is suffering because of taxes to media outlet. I like the way he plays. I think he is was a great golf ambassador for Callaway- but these comments make him look like Thurston Ho
  5. Woods work better than hybrids for me. I need to just accept this and stop buying 21*+ hybrids.

  6. The best wedges I ever used were the CG14's. The ones with the little plastic insert in them. I could get those way way up in the air on flop shots and look like a pro- and get great outs from the sand. I am going back to them this season I think.
  7. Am I wrong in seeming to remember that the average distance gains for regular golfers has really not changed much? Maybe 5 yards more on average? Comparing what I played 10-15 years ago to now, my iron length is about the same, woods about the same and driver maybe 20-25 yards more (though everything is waaaaay more forgiving now). Yet the courses have gotten much much longer because the distance gains for the pros have been much more substantial. Most of the courses here are 7500 and up. It's ridiculous. So if Joe golfer is shooting about the same length on average but the average course
  8. So eight rounds over the last three weeks in Chester, Nova Scotia, Canada. First week was pretty wet and foggy so I didn't see any change in the roll from my old driver. But the last few weeks it has been drying up a bit and very hot. The result? I am hitting drives into brand new territory with the Classic XL. I am still pulling quite a few shots and grouping everything left, (a swing issue) but over the last 5 rounds I was hitting over 70% of the fairways and rolling up to within 100 yards for so on a few 350+ yard holes. As long as the ground was not sopping wet, the rollout was excell
  9. Tough call on the shafts. I had the CG Black in stiff, which is a very soft stiff shaft (perfect for my sub-100 mph ball speed). I then got the 290 Classic 10.5 in stiff and found (for me) that the combination of that head and stiff shaft was just way too low. The shaft is much stiffer than the stiff on the CG Black. But that could be a result of my comparing it with the CG Black. (If you found it whippy stay away from the CG Black in anything but an X-Stiff!) On the Classic XL I went with the Reg shaft and found it to feel smoother to swing than the shaft on the 290 and about as sto
  10. Just another quick update. I did another session with the Classic XL today. Along with much lower backspin I am also getting MUCH lower sidespin. 100-150 +/- on average. So this is a spin killer in every direction. My backspin today was getting down around 2000 which is almost too low for me- a slightly spinner ball should get that back up to 2500 or so. Nice to be able to look for balls with some spin. Bagging the XL will not only improve my drives, but by using spinner balls, my short game should improve as well. I would think someone with a 100+ ss using this driver at 10.5 stiff w
  11. CG 10.5 stiff has been my driver for the last year. Superb for around 90mph ss. But I find the XL even better. It is the B.Asha on the XL, and I find it feels smoother than the Classic or the CG Black.
  12. So I am a bit of a Cleveland fan. I struggled with drivers for a long time and even gave up using them for a while, choosing to tee off with a 3 wood instead. When the Cleveland Hibore XL came out it was like a revelation to me and I have committed to at least try new Cleveland drivers as they appear. The XLS was good but not as good as the Hibore XL. The 2009 Launcher as great- but not as good as the Hibore XL. The DST I didn't like. The whole series of ultra-lights that followed were in my opinion terrible. But then came the CG Black. Oh man. Super long, super easy. Loved it and bag
  13. Ah, I see. The place that had the club. Yes I suppose I could try to go back and find a wrench. But its hard to judge from a few swings in a bay without any monitors. I guess the thing I am looking at is that currently I hit my 24* hybrid about 15-20 yards further than my 27*. So a 3* difference = about 20 yards. But some of that is due to the shaft on the 24* being longer. If they were the same length shaft then what would the distance difference be? 3*=10 yards maybe? Less? The Nike 4 goes from 21-25, a spread of 4 degrees and the shaft is 1/2 a inch more than my current 24*. So se
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