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  1. Allen Gatewood, MO 6.8 handicap Ping I210s with Steelfibers 168 7 iron These will have to be good to kick the 210s out of the bag.
  2. First let me say WOW, what a great opportunity for 5 lucky people. Thank you MGS and Cobra 1. Your first name and home state or province Allen from Missouri 2. Your current set makeup Epic Sub Zero 9 with Oban Black Stiff Epic 3 wood with Fuji 72 Wishon 949 with Oban Devotion XR16 22 hybrid Titleist 915 25 hybrid Taylormade P790 6-AW Modus 120 Stiff Taylormade Milled Grind 52 and 58 wedges O-Works #7 putter 3. Your current handicap 8.6 4. Your goals for the 2018 golf season I need to hit more greens in regulation and get better (or not leave) 30-60 yard chips, I str
  3. 85 rounds a year 9.4 handicap Seemore FGP Thank you for the opportunity. I hope they run a special like MLA currently.
  4. Allen Woods Missouri 9.1 Hcp Thank you for the opportunity to be in this contest What I think my bag would look like would be: Z 565 driver with the Rogue stiff flex shaft Zf65 3 and 5 wood with Rogue stiff flex shaft Z H65 hybrid 22 with Oban Kiyoshi black Z565 5-AW in AMT or DG Tour Issue stiff, if I can hit the 765s consitently in the short irons, I would certianly do a combo set. Cleveland RTX 3 2 dot 54 and 58 stiff Huntington Beach 6 putter Z star balls in both colors
  5. I would love to try the pro mental coach. I am a high school coach and would love to see how this can help me and my golfers and even basketball players I coach. If golf logix is available for android I would love to try it also.
  6. Please do not make me send this off to the bay!!!
  7. Got this as a birthday gift and it is a GREAT club, but not any better than the driver I am hitting right now. I have hit 40-50 balls at most with it. Asking $210 shipped. Would consider a trade of a Titleist 910 d2 with Kalia stiff shaft.
  8. how do i post on the classified? Got a Cleveland Classic 290 I want to sell to buy some more stuff!!!

  9. how do i post on the classified? Got a Cleveland Classic 290 I want to sell to buy some more stuff!!!

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