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  1. Marty Cerritos, CA I can't walk and carry anymore. My knee hurts too much. This opportunity would be perfect for me!
  2. Marty Cerritos, CA Mizuno T-20 55-09 Raw 56 degree mid bounce
  3. This would be an awesome opportunity! I've been stuck at the same level for a long time and I wonder if Martin could help me get un-stuck! Main problem is driver consistency and of course, putting. Thanks MGS! Marty Knowles - 55 Cerritos, CA
  4. Hi guys, I live in California. My handicap is +1 My current putter is a Cleveland TFI 2135 Mezzo. Thanks!
  5. I'm Marty Knowles from Cerritos, CA and I use and Odyssey Works Versa 1W. Thanks for the opportunity!
  6. Ben Hogan Standard Shafts (starting at $149) KBS Tour V Stiff KBS Tour V X-Stiff KBS Tour 90 Regular KBS Tour 90 Stiff UST Mamiya Recoil 660 F2 A-Flex (+$15 per club) UST Mamiya Recoil 660 F3 Regular (+$15 per club) UST Mamiya Recoil 680 F4 Stiff (+$15 per club) Optional Custom Shafts KBS Tour C-Taper Stiff (+$15 per club) KBS Tour C-Taper Stiff Plus (+$15 per club) KBS Tour C-Taper Lite Stiff (+$15 per club) Nippon 850 GH Regular (+$10 per club) Nippon 950 GH Regular (+$10 per club) Nippon 950 GH Stiff (+$10 per club) Nippon Modus To
  7. Agree with Tyk. With all those logos they better be paying me to wear the shirt. Kids will probably like it though.
  8. This sounds fun, I'll give this a shot... I'm currently playing Miura Small Blade irons with KBS 6.2 C-Taper shafts. My handicap is a +0.5. I am 50 years old and I'm right handed. My loft and length are standard and the lie angle is 1 deg. upright. The two companies making the best irons right now are Miura and Mizuno. The two companies making the worst irons are Cleveland and Cobra. Cleveland for their unimaginative design and their horrific customer service. Cobra used to be a favorite. They made solid irons and the price point was very good. Now, everything that they release is ora
  9. I already own a pair of the original True linkswear Tours. This new sole looks "grippier". I'd love to see for myself how much better they've gotten.
  10. I can't believe he admitted it! The Burner irons basically take your current 7 iron and slap a number 8 on the sole and all of a sudden you can hit your 8 iron ten yards farther. That's technology for you.
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