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  1. Mike, Grand Rapids, MI area IPhone XS Combination. Winter conditions mean a mix, range when open, heated stalls to outdoor range, sometimes limited to indoors Not primarily Thank you for the opportunity, very intriguing.
  2. Mike Grand Rapids, MI area Titleist 915D3 (915D2 backup) 9 handicap Swing Speed: Glacial. Have never had it measured, but based on distance should be low 90s. Tough choice, will say the TSi2.
  3. I bought a sleeve this weekend and managed to get in a whopping seven holes before getting rained (lightning'd) out. Thought it performed quite well, although I made some swing changes that may have influenced things. I plan to give it more of a workout, maybe side-by-side with my usual ball the E6, at some point.
  4. Glad to see these are in, I plan to give them a try after reading a couple positive reviews. I don't spin the ball much anyway and am tired of losing distance so it might be time to switch!
  5. +1. It's only been a few weeks since I got the email but I'm antsy to give it a go. Thinking about some new irons for the first time in forever and want to see how the RBZ stacks up.
  6. I love the look of the Stealths (great, great pics ITT) but went with the Tours for my initial tryout of Trues and barefoot technology. Now that I've had them for a couple months, I don't think I'm ever going back. Great shoes, super comfortable, no more foot and ankle pain! And, um, yeah I'd love to have another pair... Thanks for the detailed review.
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