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  1. Thanks for the question! The CT Lite shafts will have a little higher trajectory but still produce a very controlled spin and feel similar to the C-Taper Shaft. If you would have used the C-Taper R flex, you should probably play the S flex. for a more similar performance. Or use the CT Lite R flex for the higher trajectory performance. Thanks again, Conrad
  2. SuperTuna, Thanks for the question and sorry for the delay. Yes, it is a similar change in performance. Lighter, a little higher ball flight, but less spin than the Tour 90s. Thanks
  3. SuperTuna, Thanks, it was a great show! We do not have any plans to bring the custom labels into full iron sets, + flexes or any other shaft model. Bests, CM
  4. Sorry but the custom label colors are only available in the KBS Wedge. This is a limited launch and we are only launching this for a limited time. Check the Custom Lab app and have some fun building your setup! http://kbsgolfshafts.com/custom-lab Thanks for the question, CM
  5. hckymeyer, Thanks for the question! You are OK to buy right now if you are wanting the C-Taper shafts. Enjoy the new setup! The blue labels are awesome. CM
  6. Hey MGS members! Excited for the PGA Show? We have some new product features that will be announced. Photos have already appeared on this website, and we sent out a newsletter this morning with some more details. Sign up here is you are interested: http://kbsgolfshafts.com/company/support Please stop by the booth to say hi if you get a chance! -CM
  7. We really like to hear success stories such as yours, HighFade. Thanks for sharing!!
  8. Hi BK, Thanks for the question and sorry for this delayed response! Soft stepping or hard stepping once changes the flex by 1/3. This is approximate, and used to be the only way to fit a player into a proper flex if they were in between the full flexes. We off the + flexes now, so if you are ordering the shafts, the exact fit is possible. Hard or soft stepping will slightly change the trajectory and spin rate (HS lower and less spin, SS higher and more spin). The differences are small. On TOUR, we have professionals with HS and SS sets. This is because they perfer a certain weight, and will adjust flex from there. However, our most popular flexes in the Tour shaft is X, and the C-Taper is S+. You can SS or HS up to 2x. For ex: If you need a S+ shaft, first consider if you want a lighter (120g S flex) or heavier (130g X flex). From there HS or SS once. If you know that you would like to be on the softer side, then it is a no brainer to HS a Stiff flex once. Thanks again, hope this helps. -CM
  9. Thanks for the question! We are selling full sets only. If you need to buy individual shafts, we recommend seeing a local KBS dealer or another online store. -CM
  10. Hey MGS members! We have had a lot of news this week and wanted to run this by you all. We just unveiled the official KBS Web Store. Check it out here! KBSGolfShafts.com/shop Order direct from KBS, and check out the exclusive new accessories we are offering! Happy shopping! CM
  11. Thanks for the Q, You may have asked this on twitter also? KBS is stiffer and more accurate than FST. FST is terrific for club makers needing an inexpensive, consistent shaft. KBS has heaver weight, tighter accuracy, and piercing trajectories. If you like the FST Pro115, then I suggest sticking with that. The Hybrid in R flex will work well as that is designed to get the ball higher and more spin. You can also use the FST Pro 115 in the hybrid, just trim to a 2i length approx. Thanks, CM
  12. Great question, thank you. Really the best reasons are: the pros like taper tip shafts, taper tip shafts have been around longer, and taper tip can be constant weight while parallel are descending weight. Thanks again! CM
  13. Hey everyone, we are live on Twitter right NOW answering any questions you have! @KBSShafts https://twitter.com/KBSShafts -CM
  14. Hi Everyone, Great feedback here! We have a thread dedicated to KBS for everyone wanting to ask us questions. I found this as I was browsing around and wanted to give some input. KBS and FST are made in the same factory under the same company. Both are high quality, but KBS is the premiere line of shafts. KBS is a much different design in step pattern, wall thickness, taper rates, and overall much stiffer. FST is lighter, more flexible overall, and only available in .370 tip. FST is great for club makers as it is a cost effective shaft with very consistent performance. Because they are all .370 tip, customized performance is popular with club makers. KBS should be your choice if you are looking for the best combination of performance in a steel shaft. This is taking into account feel, piercing trajectory, optimal spin rate, and stiffer performance. Thanks again! Please message us or comment in the "Official KBS Thread" for KBS questions! -CM
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