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  1. Surely it is just a bit of fun right? wish they could come up with something as cool as dollarshaveclub.com video ceck it out herehttp://www.dollarshaveclub.com
  2. Loyalty to TM but also from trying out different clubs when I play with others. I always ask to try out different brands just to see what they feel like. Came across a nice service where I ordered a R11s to try out for a bit. GolfRedefined.com. going to try the Callaway Razr Fit and Png Anser too...just to see what works for MY game... Love the flexibility to be able to TRY out the clubs first...
  3. I've just received my R11s from Golf Redefined. A great service that allows you to play with and swap out the drivers of your choice. Great service that puts a little "twist" on the rental idea...not so much renting golf drivers but actually leasing them...Think I am going to try a Ping Anser next followed by the Callway Razr Fit...
  4. So what experience do people have with the various golf rental sites? Thinking about trying a rental instead of hauling my own clubs with me when I travel in the fall. Not sure how good or bad these sites are and how good or bad the clubs you get are? Any advice, horror stories or comments would be very welcome. I mean most seem to do ok business (but how do you tell?) and be in existence for a while but is it really an alternative? What is it like playing with rental clubs vs. your own? Would love to get your feedback. Thanks
  5. Can't Wait - and yes I am guessing the fee will be something ridiculous!
  6. Ahh I think you are being a bit too harsh on this. Let the creative types run wild and have their fun. And every now and then we get an ad that actually makes us sit up and notice. To be honest it really is just branding for them. Some great ones on www.youtube.com
  7. Any update on when this is going to be announced officially (with pics
  8. Thanks for this info. Will have to check them out the next time I make it to MB...
  9. Appreciate the info. and agree with most of what you say. I do get some suggestions though that swapping out shafts can potentially damage the heads etc. and that ideally the manufacturers (of course) don't recommend doing this. Any thoughts?
  10. Thanks for this info! Just as well I did some physics in school...But seriously appreciate this. What is becoming clear is that it is all about taking time to really try out the various options and also to get them fitted...trouble of course is that it is not that easy to do that. Hence the initial post - so difficult to really be able to demo clubs for any length of time. Thanks
  11. Good advice and this is kind of what I do now. As a recent transplant from Ireland to the US my experience back home was that the local golf shop would do a lot of this for you but the range of clubs to demo was never that good. But ehre the shops are so much bigger with bigger range etc. BUT the service isn't quite as personal and yes there is an element of being rushed!
  12. Hi All, Joined the forum to get some more info from you about the best way to go about selecting a new driver. My problem is that all the latest models from the top manufacturers are pretty much all 5 stars in the various reviews. Most reviews also have a very generic commentary so it is nearly impossible (for me anyway) to determine which one would suit me best. So I have read all about demo days and even attended one here in NY a few weekends ago. BUT to me it was kind of unsatisfactory...never really getting a chance to test the club in a "live" environment, not getting enough time with the various clubs, not being able to "tweak" the clubs to my style (or lack thereof), hitting clubs that still have tape on them etc. So just reaching out to see what your thoughts are and how you go about selecting the driver best suited to your game. Thanks
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