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  1. Where can I find the review that was run on the MP-3 irons by MyGolfSpy that is mentioned on Mizunos web site? thanks, Dan http://www.mizunogolf.com/golf/blog/article/mp-53-named-1-forged-cavity-back-mygolfspycom
  2. Is this what you want ? http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=taylormade+r11+head+only&_armrs=1&_from=&_ipg=
  3. This can be had at the following link. I don't know if it's a great deal. Update: The previously mentioned link was for the above mentioned putter new for $119.00. They are now sold out.
  4. After changing my avatar in IE and posting, I checked Firefox and it shows my old avatar. No big deal.
  5. It's rough going undercover! I needed to use Internet Explorer to change my avatar. I normally use Firefox.
  6. ** Already over 18,000 Posts and over 750 members in less then a month. Roughly over 500 members have zero posts while close to 80% of the posts are made by 12 members. For this to truly be a success these need to be addressed.
  7. It's quite interesting. I understand the theory behind a deeper face (more control) but, based on that article it's only .2" deeper than the Tri. I read in another article that it was 2.74" deep, if so, then it would almost be .5" deeper. I'm sure TM will claim significant differences in performance to justify its existence.
  8. Until your eyes catch that hosel....
  9. "The ® on the back. Seems unnecessary and obtrusive" If that's busy, this is a traffic jam.
  10. Golfsmith has the original xls for $399.99. I have been told that there are no differences between the xl, xli and the hb3, It's basically denotes the model year. None the less, I (if I play smart golf) play bogey golf on occasion using these. Great for any beginner (hacker).
  11. Don't worry, 611 members and only 21 have over 50 posts.
  12. Thanks for the coupons.. I'll give it a try. Upon printing the coupons I found the 2 you posted are identical.
  13. Nice post. I've been contemplating the Upro Go gps. Like you I spend most of my time on the same courses and I never thought I had a need for a rangefinder, until reading your post. It has a feature that the gps doesn't, like finding the distance to just about any spot on the course. My question to you is, what's your opinion on ease of use? I've never been impressed with the older models.
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