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  1. Thanks You!!! Much Appreciated...
  2. Hi MyGolfSpy... Am interested in getting some stuff from the Store but you don't do International Shipping... Any kind soul here willing to help me get some stuff from the Store and have it shipped to Singapore? Or can i pay for the stuff first and we meet up at the PGA Show or have it sent to the Hotel? I will be attending the PGA Show in January 2011...
  3. Just out of curiousity... How much did it cost you for the Ansers from TSG?
  4. I am gaming the Octane Black Driver right now and i must say its a very nice driver!!! The feel of the ball coming off the face is springy to say the least... The sound is nothing to shout about... In fact the Diablo Edge has better acoustics. You can get the Octane Black off eBay or even some other Golf Forums (which i shun go further) In fact, the Razr Cavity Backs are already available for purchase here in Asia The Octane Black is also available but is very limited in numbers
  5. Zen Putters (www.zenoracle.com) The Website is a little dated... New Products have been launched and the putter is actually quite a hot commodity on the European / Asian Tour
  6. wow... That was fast!!! The pictures are on the homepage already...
  7. To be honest, i have no idea... Callaway probably thought it would be nice to "rename" the X Prototypes
  8. This was in Thongchai Jaidee Bag over the weekend!!! He had the Razr Cavity Backs in for the Pro Am & switched to the blades for the tournament rounds
  9. I will be there... First time!!!
  10. They feel horrible to hit... Doesn't feel soft like the AP2's... The sound just sounds like someone being "slapped"
  11. Had a chance to demo the VG3 irons on a recent trip to Japan... All i can say is... CRAP!!!
  12. 1. Titleist 910 D2 Driver My link 2. Callaway Octane *Black* My link
  13. Ur forgetting, interchangeable address plates so you can match your outfits to the club!!! Maybe interchangeable face plates? Conforming and Non Conforming??? Will be interesting if they followed Adam's and came out with a system similar to the Distance Fitting System aka DFS?
  14. The Stack & Tilt is a very similar swing to that of the Right Sided Swing... I wonder who took ideas from whom???
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