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  1. I use a GPS to get the distance then I look whats in front of me, and then I become a feel golfer. It could be 150 out, which is a normal 8iron for me, then pull out a 6 or 7 just because my eyes dont like the shot. Before I got a GPS I was a 100% feel golfer, and I think that has helped me play better.
  2. I like ProV1x's, dont know why, i just feel confident with them. But i also will playing anything i find in the bushes, becuase im not picky and honestly i cant tell the difference between a B330, penta, or prov1. I can only tell the difference between crappy balls and premium balls.
  3. I play because of the challenge. Golf is not something someone can pickup in a day like most sports. It takes time, patience, and effort which keep the game attractive... But as for relieving stress, nothing does the trick like a good old fashion contact sport.
  4. I dont get why people give TMag such a hard time for its marketing campaigns. Marketing campaigns are made for the people who dont have a higher knowledge for clubs and club performancs, unlike most of the MGS member who generally have this higher knowledge of clubs. Never once did I believe that RBZ would give me 17 more yards... until I tested and it was a great club. But there are alot of golfers who just buy clubs for the hell of it, like my dad, and they see something on TV whether it be an "extremely long" driver or the most controllable golf ball. TMag is a genius in the business world because they get people to go out and try their clubs or if not create an advertisement that says "you will hit it 17 yards further", so then people just buy it on the spot. As for Cleveland doing/trying the same types of ad campaigns, I give them 2 thumbs up becuase it works very well for TMag, why not try it for themselves?
  5. Unfortunately i did not get a chance to play Verdict Ridge this weekend, because of a tournament, and i was kinda mad. I have heard the "pool table" reference before and I know for a fact the whole reason they changed the greens is becuase of the low cost maintenence, becuase there greens were in great condition before. I will definately let you guys know how it plays whenever i play it.
  6. msp1404

    McIlroy to Nike

    can anybody please provide even a hint of evidence or sources about a move to Nike? or was this just a conversation starter rumor? in my opinion it is total bullshit, so until i hear the slightest bit of evidence, it is bullshit. I can start rumors too.... Hey did you guys hear that Luke Donald is leaving Mizuno for Callaway? ohh yea and Tiger isnt going anywhere and Nike will always be a top performer in the golf industry.
  7. msp1404

    McIlroy to Nike

    after reading through most of these comments ive come to this conclusion. What if he goes to Nike? Will it effect the way you purchase clubs? if so you should stop listening to marketing people, and start worrying about performacne and how the clubs can make you better, no matter what brand they are. Will it effect the game of golf? No, it just means that someone will be using different clubs and wearing different clothes. Will it effect Mcilroy? possibly, but he knows what he is doing and he wouldnt do it if it wasnt for the best. Will Nike drop Tiger? Absolutely not, Tiger invented Nike golf and without him it would be like Nike without Michael Jordan. I dont think he will leave. When he switched to the 913 woods he has had the greatest performing year yet. and if he does leave, who cares now he plays with Nike's.
  8. Whenever i want to hit a lower driver shot into the wind, i tee it up higher than usual. I cant really explain why it works but for some reason i hit a better, more accurate low ball when i tee it up higher.
  9. Since i've been away at college for the last 2 1/2 months a local golf course(Verdict Ridge) near my house has put in Championship Bermuda greens. I am going home this weekend to play Verdict Ridge and I havent played on this type of grass yet. So my question is, what I am going to expect?
  10. Tiger: "hey turn this up, i'm on TV"
  11. Ive researched these before because it screams "badass golfer" and i like that, and now is my chance to get some of their products. Glove-White Death Grip Hat- MLB style flatbill
  12. Those look like the perfect players cavity irons, i'll take them. Also 1020 steel, those must be pretty soft too.
  13. These clubs seem to me just like show clubs you put in an office. But I think anyone who knows anything about golf will know that these cant be as good as Mizunos and etc. (until they are tested). I know alot about the AMG badge and i would never think that they would equate it to the best. In my opinion i think that if Mercedes can sell these clubs to people(possibly ignorant people) at a premium price then they should do it. Isnt that what Edel is doing with those $3400 irons? there is no way that those irons cost even half that much to make.
  14. I dont see how anyone would buy those at those prices. What do these irons have that mizuno's dont? unless these are guaranteed to hit it perfect everytime, i wouldnt even consider them, well actually i would rather have 2 sets of any other irons than one of these. If anyone would like to attempt to prove me wrong, i would love to hear your arguments.
  15. this sounds like great idea for a hybrid if you are looking for pure distance. I on the other hand need a hybrid to be under control and feel like a more forgiving iron. This cut through slot would be a great addition to a 3 or 5 wood because those are more distance clubs rather than control clubs.
  16. My favorite quote is "perception is reality" and right now people percieve Wilson as "crap." the FG Tour line of clubs are actually nice to hit, but i'm not a fan of shiney chrome. The lack of proper woods and wedges hurts their name as well. The last thing about Wilson that doesnt meet the expectations of people is the lack of Tour Players, which is why a lot of people dont mention them with the big boys of golf OEM's.
  17. These would be perfect for college golf teams, or just people supporting their colors. $50 is kinda high though. Maybe a good prize for a FMOM constest???
  18. MGS Swing Doctor MyGolfSpy's own Hank Haney... Sort of? (could also use another instructors name) The Cheap-ass lesson section
  19. The Woman in White- The story of Fanny Sunesson at The Masters A Clockwork Orange- The story of Ricky Fowler Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close- The Tiger followers In his steps: What would Jesus do? - "I would say about a 9 iron"
  20. I agree that fowler and mahan shouldnt be on the team, I really enjoy watching these two guys play but in the past 3 or so months they havent done well. I do think that one of these two guys will be picked for the team though, most likely Mahan. I would like stricker,Snedeker,furyk, and Johnson.
  21. since you already bought the irons my suggestion would be to forget about the type of player this club is built for and start being confident that you can hit it. Anybody can hit any type of club as long as their confident, the second you start second guessing your talent level will be the day you cant hit the clubs. I've done some research on these clubs as well and what ive seen is that they are a more forgiving players iron: people say they get up in the air quite nicely. Keep your mind set on the positives and less on the negatives and you will do just fine.
  22. I am confused, are we still talking about golf luck or how you think women cause bad luck? They name things after women because their names sound nicer to the ear. I think a WWII pilot would much rather have a beautiful women on their plane than some dude. But the use of "all" in your list renders it irrevelant becuase there are plenty of planes with men's names(the Ernie Pyle for one) and pictures of animals and objects.
  23. I am guessing that telling you what that club is, is not the contest? You must have another trick up your sleeve?
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