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  1. So I’m doing the maintenance step last week and this as SuperSpeed suggested. Hit 119 with the blue club which is a record for me.

    That means I have the potential to get to 123 or 124 with the green right now - 121 is my peak with that one.

    Driver fitting Thursday - looking forward to that. Talking Irons with Jason from sub 70 in a bit. Strong possibility that I will order those.

    I’m not at all convinced that I need a different driver - could just need a tweak to the current one.

    Putter through wedges will stay the same - do need to address the top part of the bag though. But that’s for later.

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  2. So I’m doing the maintenance step last week and this as SuperSpeed suggested. Hit 119 with the blue club which is a record for me.

    That means I have the potential to get to 123 or 124 with the green right now - 121 is my peak with that one.

    Driver fitting Thursday - looking forward to that. Talking Irons with Jason from sub 70 in a bit. Strong possibility that I will order those.

    I’m not at all convinced that I need a different driver - could just need a tweak to the current one.

    Putter through wedges will stay the same - do need to address the top part of the bag though. But that’s for later.

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  3. Sorry about this! I’m fortunate enough to live in an area that has a couple of local options that blow anything Golf Now does out of the water.

    I do Paradise golf. The winter one was under 200 and included a free round at Innisbrook and another very good local resort. Those two alone covered the cost. In the summer I can play places like TPC Tampa Bay for under $50.

    I hope you find some more deals on the Pass as time goes on.

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  4. I actually had the DG 105 in my old Adams idea Pro irons as I was transitioning from steel to graphite - they were a nice shaft - I’d characterize them is medium high launch but all of that is subjective.

    A 7 iron swing speed in the 71-74 range would indicate an R flex shaft - mine’s in the high 70’s and I’m in R flex. Plus the results beat that out.

    Could the “whipy” feel be in your head? I’d be reluctant to go away from a fitting result that was a good fitting.

    I hope that helps

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  5. @Dave and Stroker


    True that's why I always check to make sure the flag is securely in the hole when I'm putting or chipping with it in.  And if the wind is blowing that hard all bets are off - I should have to ask to have it tended but being a guy I'll just take it out then because no way I'm asking for help (as I wrote in an earlier post.) 🙂

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  6. 3 hours ago, Shankster said:

    Here’s my prediction on how Tiger will get it done.

    US Open at Pebble #16

    Open Championship in 2021 at St. Andrews #17

    Masters 2022 #18

    Will become the first 50+ to Win twice.

    The 2025 Masters #19 and the 2025 Open Championship #20.

    I feel he is going to win 90. So we’ll sprinkle in a few smaller events and maybe another WGC.

    That's a Hall of Fame career right there and it illustrates my point perfectly.  No one has come close to doing this before after the age of 40.  But of course people who are the greatest or close to the greatest do things that no one has ever done before so again if anyone is going to do this it's Tiger.

    I believe Jack is the only one to have won three majors after the age of 40 and he had a top 10 in the Masters after the age of 50.  This is a great Major year for Tiger with Bethpage and Pebble up next.  I think he's pretty comfortable at those places. 🙂

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  7. On ‎4‎/‎17‎/‎2019 at 7:17 PM, Erik-M said:

    I would like to see the greatest golfer of all time.  While I was actually alive.  I've never seen an athlete go through as many injuries and comebacks as tiger has. I'm not rooting for tiger as a person, but he is the most dominant athlete of his/ her time,  maybe besides Michael Phelps. It's fun to watch. 

    I don't know how old you are but I'm guessing late 20's, early 30's so you don't remember Michael Jordan or Wayne Gretzke.  I love your post!  I saw Jack and he was my man as a kid/young adult so that's why my preference remains with him.  I do wish he would keep his mouth shut about the ball.  He may think golf has become too easy but I certainly don't.  It seems to get harder and harder the older that I get.  🙂


    Tiger is great, what he has done is incredible.  It will be tough to hammer out those last three or four - think about it - three or four more majors is going to mean 5 to 8 more regular tour events or a Hall of Fame career all by itself all after the age of 42.  If there's anyone who could do that it is him. 

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  8. Back at Dave - but we're guys, how many of us are ever going to ask another guy for help by having them attend the flag?  Next thing you know you're going to be telling me to stop at the gas station to ask for directions. 🙂

    Does anyone remember when Seve used to have the flag attended for 10 footers? 

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  9. The Molinari study also suggested that the flagstick could be a detriment in certain situations, this isn't the first to suggest that.  To me, if I combine all of the various studies, I come to two basic conclusions.  For a putt that is going relatively fast, the flagstick is more likely to help than to hurt.  Balls that hit the stick might go in, but almost certainly will finish closer to the hole than if they didn't hit the stick.  For putts going at the proper speed, there are combinations of location and speed where the flagstick could keep putts from falling.  The problem is variability, both for human putters, and for green surfaces, so its nearly impossible to predict exactly where a putt will strike the stick, or at precisely what speed.  Foir me, the solution is to leave the flagstick in when there's a reasonable chance that I'll hit the putt too hard (longer putts mostly) and remove it when I'm confident that I can control the speed well.
    The problem I see with real golfers putting from 30 feet is that there will be really few putts that actually hit the hole.  The pros make something like 1 out of 20 or less from that range.  Each golfer would have to spend half a day in order to get a dozen or more data points.

    I agree with what you have to write but haven’t made myself clear on the 30 footers. I think the optics of the flag in will lead to a closer proximity to the hole not because the ball hits the pin but because the human putter has a better sense of distance. I’d love to see a test done on that.

    I read the Profs narrative. Based on what he says his data found it’s preposterous to say that the flag out benefits 99 percent of the time or even a majority of the time.

    I think there are rare occasions where the flag out would benefit - since those are rare and unpredictable I will leave it in.

    Sorry that I missed Adam’s response - thanks to everyone for providing links. I appreciate reorganizing the threads but it has caused me to loose track of some of them. That’s a me thing not a MGS thing. :)

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  10. I just want to clear up some terminology.  In the USGA system, your Handicap Index is calculated based on your scores, and the Slope and Course Rating of the courses you played.  Your Index is the same, no matter where you play, and it gets updated on the 1st and the 15th of each month.  Your Course Handicap is calculated based on your Index, and on the Slope Rating of the course you're playing.  As Tony says, your Course Handicap will vary from tee to tee, and course to course.  

    And sadly, sandbagging happens.  The only way to fight it is to have an active Handicap Committee.  Maybe that means you have to volunteer to work on the Committee, which is a really thankless job.  Well, not completely thankless, many people will really appreciate efforts to make handicaps accurate.  Some will resent the idea that anyone watches their scores, and some will resent the idea that it will be more difficult to cheat the system.  But in my experience, most players are honest, and will be happy when others are required to be more honest.


    My handicap comes from rounds played in two leagues and at my club where scores are closely monitored. So big brother is always watching.


    In fact in one of my leagues big brother is playing with me. Our handicap committee chair is my B player. I can’t believe the grief he takes. It’s comical actually. Too many guys fail to understand that their handicap index reflex their potential and not what they usually shoot.



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  11. I’m surprised that there’s not or else I’ve missed a thread commenting on the Golf Digest article claiming to have data that suggests we should always leave the flag stick in.


    This article contradicts findings from MGS and Dave Pelz. Honestly in reading the article I thought there were times where the author reached conclusions that weren’t supported by his data. What he did that I liked was attempt to test proximity to the hole based on in/out. He claimed that this test was inconclusive. I’d have liked to have seen the data. I’d also like to have someone whom I trust - MGS or Pelz do a study with real golfers on flag in or out proximity to the hole on 30 footers.


    I also wish that the MGS team would comment on that study from Golf Digest. I’m still going flag in but it has caused lots of people who might to refuse to leave it in thus defeating the USGA’s purpose for establishing the rule in the first place. Increased pace of play.



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  12. It's quite beautiful - the church but more importantly the 12+ years of ministry. We don't do infant baptism but we do baby dedication and I'm doing 5 on Sunday morning - what a blessing! Thanks for showing us a day in the life - from one Rev to another!

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    Blessings on that - great way to celebrate the Resurrection!

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  13. Glad to see you guys doing well with the SuperSpeed sticks!  Some serious gains in there.  I'm disappointed in myself for not being able to participate but the good thing is I feel much better now after the surgery.  It will be great to actually play golf without being in constant pain.  Congrats guys ... keep up the good work.  

    Welcome back!!!!

    Have you started swinging a club again yet? So rooting for you.

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  14. The Bolts not only losing but getting swept in the first round? WOW!

    Pens got swept by the Islanders too... what is happening?!?!

    Meanwhile, as a Devils fan I’m focusing on who we will take with the number one pick 🧐

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    We are devastated in our house. Can’t believe I’m watching a golf replay rather than hockey tonight. :(

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  15. Good question.  The combo that you mentioned could certainly work.  The stock 639 8 iron is 36* and the 739 7 iron is 30*...you could bend the 8 iron down to 35* and the 7 iron  to 31*.  If you wanted you could then bend the 6 iron to 27*.  The 5 iron is already 23* so that would fit nicely.  You'd have something like the following...
    44* PW (639)
    40* 9 iron (639)
    35* 8 iron (639)
    31* 7 iron (739)
    27* 6 iron (739)
    23* 5 iron (739)
    Of course you could always bend the 8 iron, 9 iron and PW down a degree if you wanted to avoid that 5* gap between the 8 and 9 iron.  Then you'd probably want 48, 52 an 56 degree wedges.  That split probably makes the most sense. 
    The next best option would be hybrids which some people love and some people hate.  We have hybrids in 18*, 21*, 24* and 27* lofts...so you could do a few hybrids and then fill out the rest of the set with the 639s.  

    I think I like the first option - on paper at least - but it’s given me another thought also. I’m going to call this afternoon about doing a demo so that I can see and touch these babies for myself.


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  16. I was going to call Sub 70 but thought I’d ask here I stead as others might be interested.

    Any thoughts on how the 739’s and the 639’s might fit together? I’d envision PW-8 with the 639’s and 7-5 with the 739.

    I’m an older moderate swing speed shallow swinger (picker) who still has a single digit handicap. But I need the bigger platform in those middle irons.

    I currently game Ping G 30’s. Love them from 7 iron up - can’t stand the 9 iron and wedge - oh do I dislike the look of them and the lack of feel and difficulty in control the trajectory.

    Thoughts on how to make that combo work?

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  17. 4 hours ago, GregB135 said:

    Whether TIger ties or passes Jack the fact that he reached 15 at his current age is as impressive as Jack's 18. In the 'Nicklaus' era, there were 3 or 4 guys who won everything and the rest were just grinding it out to earn a paycheck. Especially over the last 5 years the lists of 'who could win major x' are 15 players deep. Tiger has had to contend against much deeper fields of quality golfers than Jack and Arnie did in their time. To get to 18 or 19, especially with the long gap in between I think would be more significant.

    I actually got to watch lots of golf in both eras both live and on TV.  There were not just 4 or 5 players during Nicklaus' era who could win a major - there were lots of very good players.  Guys whose names are now forgotten just as many of these identified 15 players today will be forgotten in 30 years because they won't have won as many as anticipated.

    Beyond a doubt the bottom half of fields in Tiger's day have been stronger - certainly of late but one could make the argument that because Nicklaus had to contend with Arnie and Player early in his career, Trevino, Miller, Floyd and Weiskopf as contemporaries and Watson, Ballesteros, Faldo and Norman late that he had the tougher road - maybe they won more because they were better than the guys that Tiger is competing against. 

    Early in his career Nicklaus had to deal with needing to work in the off season to make ends meet, something a modern great would find impossible to believe.

    The record is 18 - no one now says - well Bobby Jones would have had more had he not stopped playing or been a pro - in fact there is a tendency to poo poo his majors and go to Hagen is third on the list because his were won as a professional but he had one fewer major and  lots of good players never turned pro - what do we make of that?

    I'm not buying that Jack's competition was weaker, especially if we are going to say that the top 15 in the field are better (all things being taking into account - equipment - course conditions - travel conditions - etc.) today than in Jack's era.  Tiger does not have other guys who have won the Grad Slam or the numbers of majors that Arnie or Watson did (on the ends of Jack's career) to contend with.  If we want to go the way of another thread yes - the ladies on the lpga are fitter and hit the ball farther than the guys did in Jack's day but hopefully you see my point.

    I'd say way to go if Tiger gets there and long live Jack if he doesn't.  There's enough to argue about between the two simply on the merits of their current and/or evolving records without pitting the eras against one another.  Plenty of hall of fame players in both eras.  Each had enough worthy competition to provide a test.   


    This is a much more interesting thread than I thought it might be at first - thanks for starting it!

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  18. @Kenny of course I have felt this way before and no doubt will have the joy of feeling this way again.  Everything was bad about yesterday.  I didn't want to play but if I didn't we would have forfeited and we are tied for first.  Its my busiest week of the year work wise, my wife was upset when I told her I was playing, my warm up was atrocious, everything was blocked or block faded.  Predictably I duck hooked my opening drive into a fairway bunker left.  I proceeded to knock a 7 iron 5 feet from the pin.  Straight up the hill, couldn't have been an easier putt for birdie and I yanked it.  Push blocked the next drive into the woods right, chipped out (I had a lot of those) to 70 yards, hit a nice 60 just over the flag, 15 feet slightly down hill, knocked it through the break 5 feet past, missed coming back, double, doubled the next from the middle of the fairway when I push faded my 9 iron 70 feet right of the pin and chunked my chip, doubled the next when I push faded my PW 50 feet left of the green and three putted from 20 feet after an indifferent pitch shot, hooked my 7 iron on the next hole into a trap - actually survived a push faded 4 hybrid lay up on the next hole because the ball somehow got through the trees and into the right side of the fairway (I was aiming down the left side because it was a right pin.)  Snap hooked (if that's possible) my gap wedge to 65 feet left of that right pin and managed to two putt.


    That's enough - every club in the bag contributed to a nightmarish 9 - good thing it was only 9.  The good thing is that I only lost 1 down and our team kicked butt - much better than the forfeit we would have take had I not shown. 

    So we won by me playing like crap but holding it together enough to not get drilled (fortunately my opponent played down to my level - for example we tied 8 and 9 with double, bogey). 

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