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  1. Thanks guys and I do know it's true that 240 isn't that short - I'm short for my handicap but even fellow low single digit guys will acknowledge that if we were to figure out average drive I'd hang with them because for the ones they hit in the fairway 25 yards past me they also hit them in the woods or worse now and again and I'm still hanging around the middle. For the record I have won some longest drives at charity events with that 240 down the middle - I didn't magically get longer on that one drive trust me. It is amazing what focus on the short game will do RP isn't it? I have a good pastor friend who's all stoked because he just got a new Ping Driver. Ready for the senior tour he said. (He can't break 90) I told him any tour starts at the other end of the bag. I may loath the axiom drive for show putt for dough but I will extall the true one - drive so set up that putt for dough and then work to be able to make the putt when you have it or to save you when the drive ain't so hot. What makes the pros the pros so good is that they bring the whole package - the length, the accuracy (GIR), the chipping and of course the putting (boy can those guys putt) oh and let's not forget the fact that they manage the heck out of their games - the guys at the top that is - I think that's most often the deciding factor between tiers at that level. Who knows how to stay with what he has the best. That's what I love to watch when I watch them - how do they manage the course, how do they recover when they hit a bad shot, have a bad hole, a bad round. That's where the cream always rises.
  2. Bummer RP - Rookie I sure wish that round could have been with me. The way things are going I may not play between now and when you come back. I hope your wife loves her sister and wants to see her often.
  3. That would be me RP and JMiller - 240 is a poke for me off the tee - but I'm have shag bag wedge and putter in the back of my van will travel and the shag bag has 36 used versions of my Nike One Tour D ball in it - no surprises around the greens for me. Funny with this Pneumonia I'll miss time but guess what I'll be able to do some of while I'm missing it - you got it - chipping and putting - that should facislitate my come back.
  4. Thanks to both of you and trust me Rover Rick I've been praying without ceasing! Remember you were 35 and didn't go to work for two weeks - I'm 55 and taught a Bible Class today after 5 days - My Doctor's PA spent 5 minutes with me on Monday and said, "The word miracle comes to mind here don't spoil it. Given how you look and are talking I'll let you teach on Weds if you want." I caught the same xray tech afterwards for my followup xray and she said, "I'm coming to your church." I'm really learning the part about stuff that doesn't seem hard being hard - I can't believe it but I believe it. I've watched tons of people die of this disease even held some of their hands while they did so I have a proper fear and respect of Pneumonia. As much as a pain as it might be I can miss 6 months of golf here - no big deal - I've lived here 6 years and in that time there's been exactly 1 (one) day that I wanted to play golf where weather prevented me. We might get a freak cold snap in January but we generally play year round and rarely in anything below 60. I like the live to play another day approach. As I feel better I'll start hitting the putting green, do a little putting on the rug in the utility room for now (it runs around 10.5 on the stimp meter) and just be smart. Boy I hate being middle aged.
  5. Somehow the difference between me a 1.9 and a touring pro who is around a plus 3 seems like a heck of a lot more than five shots a round - it might be in real scoring but I'm playing as a senior at the length recommended by the Florida Golf Association 6,400 to 6,500 yards - I average right around 75 (that's going to take a huge, huge hit with this time off from playing). A lot different from a flat belly playing from the tips at 7,300 averaging 70.
  6. I figure this is the best place to ask this question. To quickly bring everyone up to speed I had a very minor (now that I've had tons of tests and know) heart event on the golf course two weeks ago. Since it didn't seem so minor at the time though I was admitted to the hospital and treated to a cardiac cath (perfect!) an ekk (perfect) diagnosed with a benign tachycardia and released the next day. Three days latter I went out and shot an okay for me 75. But..... I started to not feel well and two days latter I woke up with 104 fever. Back to the ER, nurse listens to my lungs, shakes his head, doc listens, chest xray, pneumonia. I caught some sort of super bug during my hospital stay that quickly morphed. Doc didn't want to admit me for obvious reasons so he pumped me full of a very strong antibiotic and prescribed some more for kicks. That was five days ago. Since then I've had a follow up with my primary who said that I'm doing great and allowed me to go back to work on a very restricted basid starting today went in, pushed some papers, walked my campus to survey the tropical storm damage, taught a Bible Study and about collapsed. The doc said it would be six weeks until I'm normal. I'm really wondering about golf and when I'm going to be able to play again. If I had to miss six weeks it wouldn't be the end of the world because living in Florida we play year round. On the other hand my work schedule affords me much more time in the summer months than the rest of the year. Any thoughts from those who have had pneumonia? Let me know how old you were when you had it. I'm currently 55. Of course thoughts from a medical professional would really be appreciated. Thanks
  7. It's also hugely signficant to me that the differences in scoring averages on tour are so tight - there is not a huge difference between those guys, a missed putt here or there, a poor decision, a bad swing, a ball in a hazzard, a slightly chunked chip, a non-crisp sand shot. You get the drift. Conversely the great player finds a way to make that great play out of trouble or hits it just that much closer on his approaches or makes a putt or two extra. Of course they play 72 holes where as for us 36 is normally more than enough to seperate the wheat from the chaff. JBones have you ever played Purgatory up in Nobelsville? I love that course. I actually purchased my current irons (well the heads they've been reshafted twice) in Indy and used them for the first time on that course - that was 8 years ago. Where did that time go?
  8. At least give us a taste, is it French lick? Seems to me there's a Nationwide event there every year. RP I think the better you are as a handicap player the more you recognize the gap betweeen yourself and someone who does this for real. You and I basically have the same index although mine just dipped to 1.9. (That's about to be history with this bout of pneumonia - I don't even know when I can hit balls again much less play.) Of course there's also that gap between us and the plus handicappers like JB's cousin. Living in South Florida I see tons and tons of those guys when they migrate here for the winter so I'm getting to where I can recognize the difference between them and the ones who are a level ahead. Good Nationwide guys are generally in the 300 and 400's in the world. I know a couple of guys who play the Nationwide tour regularly though not so succesfully. Because they travel though they are going to shoot 66, 67 in casual rounds about anywhere they play. I'd hazzard to guess that they'd have no trouble pushing themselves off as PGA tour players with most golfers they meet. They wouldn't because they know better. I could go on and on about this but I've got one interesting story. Seven summers ago I was touring my son John around the Midwest looking at colleges. John is the one in the Navy now - he has very little golf game but he can hit it a mile and then some and loves to play when he can. We were in Monmouth Illinois and after his college interview went to a little muni up the street. It was a classic but there in the shop was a picture of Shawn Micheel holding the Wannamaker trophy with a bunch of guys in that shop. I asked about it. They said he grew up there and always came back to play. He had been back a couple of weeks earlier and they arranged a match where he played his own ball and the pro, club champ and another low single digit handicapper played a scramble against him. He shot 63 and won by 2. Get the point - against the club pro, club champ and another single digit guy playing a scramble the touring pro wins playing his ball.
  9. Thanks JBones I'll be watching. Course set ups is one of my pet peeves - they should let them play the course as it is just as we do - if they shoot lights out great - if they struggle a bit fine - but let them show up and play the course - I've been to PGA tour events in eight different states and honestly with the exception of Whistling straits each course looked the same and was set up the same - the US Open courses of course had higher rough and narrower fairways but the others were like US Open light courses - Whistling seems like its from a different country or maybe even planet. I've also been to three different nationwide events (Hogan or Nike included in that) in three different states - Indiana included (love your state JBones just understand that if you come here in the summer you're going to hit it 10 percent shorter than you do there - I was wicked long in Indiana) Each course on that tour looks...... indentical - the one in Fort Wayne, Indiana was a regular of mine because they allowed pastors to play mondays for free. I've played in a couple of Hooter's tours events in Kendallville Indiana. It's very easy to Monday qualify on that tour - basically its show up and break 80 because they only have about 70 regulars on their tour. Or at least that was the case in the late 90's. Making the cut? You better go low because those 70 guys could play. One of them one year was Chad Campbell. Bottom line I don't get why they can't just let the course be the course so that we know if its Connecticut or Indiana or San Francisco or Oakland Hills or Innisbrooke without them having to show us local scenes to prove it.
  10. Welcome to the forums GVB - I'm no master of Biomechanics but my son's almost a chief petty officer as a nuclear mechanic in the Navy, he thinks its pretty simple even if the rest of us don't. I do believe in the simplier the better principal though so I'm very happy to have you here. Enjoy
  11. Exactly By way how do I delete that double post. I look back at my posts these past few days and can really tell I'm sick. Doc was happy yesterday but said no golf for at least another week.
  12. Relax RP didn't bother me at all - I went to seminary because I thought I was a regular guys and regular guys need Jesus too - it's pretty hard to offend me and definately impossible to shock me - remember I hear confessions. I was the one who jumped in. With the cart girl I'm kind of like the sober guy at the party.
  13. Actually I'm starting to hate my fitter - I'm running out of excuses.
  14. No A. She knows me better than that - I probably could have said it and she wouldn't have believed I said it. She went to my day school and I had her for 8th grade religion class plus her family comes to my church for Christmas and Easter so I'm in pretty good there. B. She knows the guy who made the comment better than that. I could have said it and she would have blamed him anyway. Either way he was getting holy hell..... and a beer. As long as there was beer everyone was happy. But she was going to defend her pastor's honor at any course - I teach them right in religion class.
  15. When you adjust the loft you adjust the bounce. So if you buy and 48/10 and have it bent to 46 you will have something pretty close to a 46/8 anyway - I'd ask that they grind it off a bit. By the way it goes the other way if you have it bent open - if you went to 49 you'd add bounce.
  16. For obvious reasons I don't flirt with cart girls - doesn't mean I don't notice I just have to live by a different standard (occupational hazzard.) But by virtue of that virtue I get to observe other middle aged guys with beer bellies making fools of themselves. I have two short ones that I'll share. In the first one my patterns tried the classic which one of us is the youngest trick. That was followed by a don't you love me to which she replied, "Of course I love you Craig." And what cute 21 year old girl wouldn't love Craig a dapper 55 year old who's 5'11" 260 with the gout and a variety of other health issues. Al the other one says, "Angela don't you love me, too." And she gets this smile on her face and says, "I love you like my grandfather Mr. Choate." It was priceless and gets retold on occasion when necessary. The other one actually involved me. The cart girl came up to me on a very warm Saturday afternoon and I ordered something to drink - can't remember what at this point and one of my playing partners says, "Did you just ask her to take off her top?" She went at him so hard it was a riot - not because she was upset about herself but because she was upset that he'd even think that I'd say something like that to her (there is an advantage to restraint.) Later on the guy told me he really thought that's what he heard me said.
  17. "And so much of this freakin' game is mental" Boy did you get that right. When I started to read your story I was figuring that you drilled the 8 over the green.
  18. I have a very simply theory on this topic that most people don't like - use the easiest club to hit that you can possibly find - I well recall one of the golf publications doing a test on players vs. game improvement vs. super game improvement irons - the testers included club pros through higher handicappers - no one hit the players clubs as well as they did the game improvement or super game improvement clubs. No one not the club pros, not the lower single digit guys, no one. There's another benefit to playing game improvement or super game improvement clubs you don't have to spend two weeks after not having played for a while recapturing your swing before you can hit good shots. Of course you're free to do whatever you want but why make a difficult game more difficult?
  19. Welcome Wannabe - right now all I have to offer is pneumonia and I'm guessing you don't want that! I think you got some good advice over on the blog about heads and shafts in regards to fitting - You need to call the Edwin Watts and ask about their best fitter, how long he or she has been doing it, if they have fitting carts from the big manufacturers all that stuff. There is a chance you will get a good fitting there. Good luck
  20. My comment was not directed at anyone in particular JMiller - it's why I selected a hole that was an entirely different yardage than the one you described - all the stories are funny - I just want to make sure that everyone here is aware of what many of us, yourself beyond a doubt, already know. I'm sure that all of us have stories about bad shots that have worked out - a chunked iron that somehow ran all the way onto the green, a skull over a green that hit a ball washer and came back - those kinds of things - we also seem to forget those stories when we catch bad breaks - I'd say the breaks even out over all and I don't worry about them when they occur - had lots of bad ones of tuesday. how does landing in a honker of a divot off the tee on a long par 5 grab you? - that will even itself out at some point.
  21. While I didn't add it because I read this post as a funny comment on the game and its oddities it is important to realize that you can't just take the card distance and the distance into the green and assume that's how far you hit the shot - this is especially the case with doglegs but it's true of all drives - sometimes the tees are up significantly and you don't realize it - sometimes the pin is in front - we should all be aware of this - A hooked drive around the corner of a sharp dogleg on a 400 yard hole that leaves 100 in may have actually only gone 265. Be that as it may this is a funny story and I'm sure that was the point. Oh and I still want to know if you'll be playing the hole this way next time.
  22. Yes but the same guy on the same greens and this course is normally very consistent throughout - I never got the pace right on the front nine and have no clue why I did on the back or more accurately second nine - I've had bad putting rounds and good putting rounds but I don't ever recall one divided in half like this before. And it wasn't the missed greens - I had some terrible chip shots and still was running in the 15 footers for par that I wasn't making for birdie on the first nine.
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