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  1. Nice job - I'm going to call right now and make our tee time for next tuesday. A warning about Pine Barrens - all sand is waste area (alla Kiwah Island or Whistling Straits except in the PGA). It's very heavy sand, very heavy but........ you can take a practice swing when you're in it - I've found that taking the practice swing is a key and my 64 has been a good club from that sand when I've been there with it in the bag. I'm hopeful that my SCOR 60 will do the trick out of that sand now.
  2. I like Rick's solution - no offense to Tyk but John's issues more than likely come from a different issue than you or I or Rick when our draw turns into a duck hook - check out the handicap difference. I haven't seen his swing but I'm guessing that he starts down outside the line of his backswing (so called over the top move). Better players start down marginally inside of their backswing regardless of whether or not they play a draw or fade. John perhaps you've played enough golf this season to strengthen your wrists or your grip has gotten stronger or hip turn faster but you are making part of a proper move in your swing. I normally find that when a major problem creeps into my swing I can fix it pretty quickly by trying to do the reverse in exagerated form just as RR suggests. However my question is wouldn't you prefer to start hitting a draw or straight ball? There is nothing wrong with a fade (power fade type) but I'm guessing that your's is a slice and not a fade. So if you'd prefer to hit the draw I think it's a great time for you to seek out a teacher and try and retool things - you have the concept of making the ball curve right to left down - perhaps it's the ideal time to make that change. I wouldn't do it on my own but I'd go and find some help. Good luck
  3. Wow Matt - I'd go the other way from Tyk - I'd be showing that bad boy off all over the bi-state area!!!!! So sorry about the Pneumonia Tyk - been there, done that earlier this summer - If I were you I'd push that fitting back a month or better yet six weeks - that's about how long it's going to take you to get your strength back. I lost 10 yards at least when I started coming back. I'm still wondering where that distance went. I'm hopeful it went to the wet turf that developed while I was sick and that I'll start to see some of it return when I play today - hasn't rained here for 8 days. Good luck my friend. Take it easy coming back - you're going to get tired really fast for a while.
  4. Hope you're feeling better and will be done with treatment soon!!!! If ever you need some prayers your way let me know - we had you in the prayers at church a while back and I'd be happy to put you back in whenever you're going through a treatment cycle. @ Matt we've all been there, done that - when do you get the new putter? You never know the fitting may make all the difference for you.
  5. Oh boy is this a thread - so many beers, so many choices - For every day I'm good with a Sam Adams - I'm also a Sam Smith guy on the course I generally will have a Yuengling or 2 - But I couldn't even begin to list all of the beers I've tried and liked - I used to work as a rep for a beer distributer that carried all of these tiny imports - before it was fashionable and just at the advent of the micro-brew trend. I've also brewed my own but am ashamed to say I'm not that good at it - the oatmeal stout sounds intriguing - like Sam Smith's Oatmeal stout. My favorite beer always used to be John Courage Pale Ale but that's not currently distributed in Florida.
  6. Richard its so nice to have you here or more accurately since you were here first to have found a home here. Who cares Moecat? I'm a 2,3 something like that - I occasionally get down to a 1 and slide up to a 4 - Richard is a bit south of me - I can't speak for him but I can tell you I don't have a club that I can confidently hit over a hazzard to a tight green from 225 - I suppose I might in Denver - When I visit friends in Wisconsin I can occasionaly consider trying to hit the ball on the green from 225 - if there's a nice runway into the green and the ground is hard. A good drive for me there goes 250 - here it goes 240 or even less than that during the raining season. How far do you carry your 3 wood? Even if you hit it 225 with run out you're only carrying it 200 which means nix, nada, lay up from 225 and wedge on. If that's not a good option work on your wedges because you are going to hit a lot more of them than you are balls on the green from 225. So we don't get lead down bunny trails there are some rare exceptions to this - they make up about 1 percent of all golfers. Some of them do reside here. Even if you are long enough as a mid to high handicapper to carry the ball 225 (a possibility there are athletically people who pound the ball but don't play much golf) you're even crazier to try and hit that shot because you don't have the consistency to pull it off - if you have the length and the consistency you aren't a 15. To answer your question in theory yes - if you hit a certain club 235 and you are consistently flushing it you will take about 10 yards off the shot by gripping down an inch. You'll actually be more accurate with it because the chances of hitting it solidly with a square face is increased by shortening the shaft - I do this all the time - my 3 wood generaly goes 215, grip down an inch and I have my 200 yard club. I'm as comfortable as I can be with 200 to the green because I'm aiming for a part of the green that has no trouble associated with it. Looking forward to playing with RR in a week and a half - World Woods is an unusual Florida course in that it has some real elevation change to it - I miss that - There's actually a hole on that course that I can hit it 300 on from time to time - big down hill slope, get it down wind and firm and it's like a run way - unfortunately that also leaves the most God aweful down hill lie to an uphill green over a ridiculous waste area - but hey it's nice to hit one out there with the big boys once in a while. Yes WD course conditions make a huge difference - there are holes that are par 3's all over the place that are 225 that I might reach with a 3 hybrid (my 190-200 club), they play downhill, down wind - we had one of those in Sheboygan - it was 210 down hill and I could hit 4 iron on it - that felt great until one time my son hit an 8 iron just to tic me off. Normal conditions he hits his 8 170, I would hit a 5 from there but he decided to step on this one. That's a very important thing to learn - how far does this shot play.
  7. Old dog, new tricks kind of thing - I don't see any reason why you couldn't wear these shoes for more than golf - they're more comfortable than my sneakers and they look better as well. I'll have to start doing it.
  8. My last post made no sense because I somehow missed everything else that had come after the last one I read so I've deleted it. Lots of interesting reading here that I can't even begin to comment on because it's a week old. I will say that my original comment to the early complaints was simple enough, "If you're wanting to apply to be a tester it's not a wise idea to start by complaining about things such as a contest or anything else for that matter." I see this as something totally different from the tour staff contest - that was - a contest as the name implies. This is a job. MyGolfSpy is looking for some people who are capable of giving an honest assesment of equipment that they test complete with pictures and it needs to be done a certain way for consistency sake. Like any other job they'll choose the number of people whom they think will be the most reliable in following those simple directives. Like any other job that you apply for the ball is in the interviewer's court - MGS knows what it's looking for because it knows what the OEM is wanting. I'm out on this one because I don't think I can fulfill the requirements for a variety of reasons. I will say that I don't know whether or not I'm even in the league of some of the people who have submitted audition pieces. The pictures are sharp and there have been numerous write ups that fit the bill. Good luck everyone and to those who are selected I hope you do a great job because I would like to throw my hat in the ring for something like this later on down the road.
  9. I don't use them simply because I'd loose them faster than I could pay for them - I think they're a great idea - who wouldn't want to protect an investment like his golf clubs? I have enough trouble hanging onto my wood and hybrid covers and have totally given up on the putter. My clubs always end up having "character."
  10. I wouldn't want to wear my Tru's for anything else for fear that I'd get less golf use out of them. I did were my adicross' for a renewal of vows not too long ago - I did it because the guy is a golf buddy of mine - he and I were the only one's who knew what was going on - he had trouble not laughing. The Tru's are more comfortable still but I don't think the grey goes with my vestments - I have to get another pair for myself and wear them one day for church.
  11. I love the topic as well in fact I came here to start it because I obviously missed it when Ice started it. I guess that's why he won forum member of the month! Here's what I'm thinking. I totally disagree with the 225 number even for 3-jack - GIR's is the key seperating stat for touring pros not greens hit or proximity from the hole from 200-225 - But that's not all that important for 99.8 percent of the players here - Pros play their game and the rest of us play ours and it's as different in some cases as slow pitch softball from the MLB playoffs. And so not as to get lost on a bunny trail the primary reason I disagree with the 225 number is that the average player drives the ball 210 - pretty hard to have a 225 club off the deck when you can only hit it 210 off the tee. I see other numbers and yardages listed here which tell me that although we have a number of average type handicappers we have extremely above average players in regards to the distance that they hit the ball. That's fine - anyone who falls into that category has to work hard on consistency, accuracy and their short game - get to it and forget about how far you hit the ball because you have distance in spades. That however would not be me - I'm marginally above average distance wise, certainly below average for my handicap level and clearly not long enough that I have any club that I can hit reliably from 225 off the deck - No matter - I rarely face a shot that long into the green on a par 4 - 440 - 230 = 210 - I have a club I can hit 210 off the deck - the 3 wood - when I go up North to play I get 10 to 12 extra yards of roll and so its 440-240 = 200 which is my 3 hybrid again because the ball goes a bit farther - I hit that same hybrid 190 to 195 here in the summer and 200 in the late winter/spring. At any rate I do agree that the bag starts with the putter and the driver or driving club. Since that's the primary tee ball I'll start there - Choose the one that you can hit acceptably at least 90 percent of the time - not rocket science - if you're hitting the ball in unplayable spots off the tee you can't score - 90 percent is the key number even if it has to be a 4 hybrid - Ideally you'll find a driver head/shaft combo that you hit acceptably (in an unobstructed position for your next shot 90 percent of the time.) I hit the driver 230 to 240 in play 90 percent plus of the time - In the fairway close to 80 percent of the time - that's how I get away with my lack of relative distance. Totally agree on the putter - you're going to use it more than any other club. My eyes were opened to the benefits of a putter fitting this last spring - we ended up lopping 2 inches off of my putter and although I was a good putter before I've become that much better since - my putter is yesterday's news - I'm sure it was in the $125 range when it was new but I bought it from the bargain basket because it was 2 years old already - I think I paid $75 - It's been regripped and cut down so I have about $125 in it - As most of you know I have a $400 Bettinardi but I'm not replacing what works and since I purchased my current putter I've never thought of replacing it. That was five years ago. The Bettinardi is beautiful and I will continue to contemplate what I'm going to do with it but for now the Never Comprimise stays in the line up. From the driver it's a matter of filling in the gaps down to the putter by knowing one's game. Glad to hear that there are people who believe that they can play as well with 5 clubs as 14 - I doubt it but could be - I will grant that it's fun to play with fewer clubs from time to time because it forces you to be more of a shot maker but I'm not going into a regular competition without 14 clubs and wish I had 15 or 16. With all due respect I don't understand how Ice gets his 150 is where we should play from idea - I remember when 150 markers started to appear on courses - they were put in as a courtesy to speed up play not to suggest where we should play from - the design of the hole determines the best place(s) to play from and the hole needs to be approached accordingly. However since I have a simple mind I do believe in having a base shot from 150 (a stock 7 iron for me) and 100 (a stock gap wedge.) I may be a better player but don't have lots of clubhead speed and so I prefer hybrids to long irons. Regardless I think almost everyone should carry at least one hybrid because it is also useful around the greens. All of my clubs are selected for even 12 yard gaps from 205 down to 70 with some reserve at the top end of each of those clubs. This means that I carry 4 things that are called wedges although honestly what passes for a PW is really a 9 iron or was a 9 iron in regards to loft and shaft length as I was growing up. I used to be very concerned about the bounce on my 3 wedges so that I had one high bounce wedge (SW) and two lower bounces - GW and LW (59) to cover any eventuality around the green. The SCOR wedges appear to make that point mute so now I have 51 - 55 - 60. I do disagree with Ice a bit here in his absolute declaration that a player has to have a 60 - there are lots of players who struggle with a 60 and others still who are skilled enough to lay a 56 or 57 open and accomplish what they need to around the green and use that extra club in another spot in their bag. Bottom line is the important thing is to know your game (through honest assesment not hopes and dreams), know the types of shots you're going to need at the course you're playing and do what Richard says - pick the 14 clubs that give you the best chance to shoot the lowest score. Who cares what others think about the clubs you're carrying - its your game and their wallet to take out at the end of the round.
  12. I've never seen them in stores where did you find them? We have a golf outlet store that primarily carries shoes between here and St. Augustine. I may take a look there on the way up or back.
  13. Welcome to forum - you'll have to tell us about your school. I actually have a good friend who works at the Hill School - a very fine boarding school, in Pottstown PA - that would be a hoot, if you were there.
  14. Thanks - I'm very heartened by that news. How are you liking those shoes? You got me with the color - really looked sharp - I picked my color to go with my Sub 70 outfit but then the outfit was out of stock so I ended up with an outfit that actually matches my old shoes better than the new ones - not that I really care. Today was my first time using the shoes - didn't want them out in the mud and crap that we've had - I thought they were incredible, comfortable and very stable.
  15. Matt - if you're playing courses that you're familiar with how is your driver distance? Are you hitting it farther than normal on those courses? Is it really 20 more yards? I'm exactly two weeks into the new irons and they really felt like my clubs today from the very first swing. Now I'm hopeful to retain that feeling under the presure of a competitive type round. Next week!!!!!
  16. Amen to what he just said - we're offering shots between services and after the second service this week to our parishioners. I always get one because my daughter's immune system is so balky. Went to the range today - first time wearing the Tru Links wears - Oh my God! Either that or I've taken a significant jump in comfort level with my new irons. Those shoes create such a stable base though - My hips sometimes sway - that's a swing fault of mine - maybe it happened once out of 100 balls today - maybe and even then it was very slight - just very easy to stay behind the ball and achored to the ground with those shoes. I'm loving the ball flight with my iron shots right now. In all honesty I'm wishing that I had just gotten the 825 pros throughout the bag however I don't know that I could have done anything productive with the 5 iron - those pros feel so good, they give great feedback and I love the ball flight with them - straight, straight, straight, very penetrating and yet plenty high enough to stop - it was a fairly signinficant cross wind and the ball hardly moved in it. Had I been hitting a quality golf ball I doubt it would have moved at all. The regular 825's are very hot - I got the lofts on the 8 and 9 iron tweaked 2 degrees and 1 degree to cover for that - it seems to be working gap wise. I hit half a dozen 60's at a the 1 inch grip down spot on the old SCOR and put them in a blanket around the pin which was 52 yards away acording to my range finder - just a nice smooth three quarter swing - no worries, I'd highly suggest that anyone take some tape or a marker and mark the exact grip down spot on the grips of their wedges - don't know why I never thought of it before this. I'm very happy!
  17. Very nice Matt - I'm on my way to the range right now to try and increase that iron comfort level - 85 and dry here - we've been four days without rain - I think fall has finally made its way to South Florida. Sorry Tyk - didn't mean to make you feel bad. Perhaps the shaft that you ordered is back ordered. It's strange that you got your Adams hybrid, Matt got one of his but not the other and I got a rock there. Frankly though I love my old Adams hybrids - the Fli Hi that everyone raves about doesn't touch my Adams Idea Pro. However I don't think I have the right shaft in the Fli Hi - I'm going to address that after getting my TMag fitting and woods.
  18. Other than in the fall and early spring you will be very disappointed with the e6 Richard. With all due respect Dru the difference in spin between proline balls and 2 piecers into the green on full shots isn't actually all that great - it's the stuff around the green - the part shots where the proof is in the pudding - look at Richard's handicap - he knows how to control his ball - you'd be taking a large part of his game away from him with an e6. Having lived up North most of my life I would certainly agree that it is a good choice for late season golf but not for any other time of the year. I've tried it - it's a good mid-level ball but if you rely on or are trying to learn a short game that includes being able to spin the ball it's not for you. The B330-S is a great ball - I was a bit longer with the RX and so that's what I went with but in the past I've used the 330-S with great results.
  19. I've got to back up here - laying the equipment including the shafts aside aren't we in agreement, I hope, that scoring is done at the bottom of the bag? Why in the world would you eliminate a wedge that will make it easier for you to attack the pin for birdie and get up and down from trouble for par for a long club that only gives you a 33 % chance to hit the green and that's if you are a lower handicapper. For that matter you're giving up a club that you could easily hit two or three times a round for one that you might hit two or three times a month. So you might hit a great shot once a month with the long club vs. twice in a round with the wedge. You need one hybrid because of its versitility - for the short game and as a trouble club out of the rough or woods, off the tee, etc - you need more than 1 if you don't hit your long irons well - but a 19,21,24 with no 60 - I'm not seeing it. Now if the issue is that you don't hit the 60 well - practice with the 60. Perhaps there's another place to carry on this discussion. I think it's worth talking about.
  20. Sorry you're feeling so crapy Tyk - It's wierd that I got my SCOR's so fast and you're still waiting. As I recall you ordered yours straight away. I will say that I've totally adjusted to the SCOR's. I felt like a touring pro from the sand on Tuesday 2/4 and I had a good look at up and down on the other 2 - Frankly my 2 worst sand shots would have been normal to above average sand shots with my old SW. I'm getting exactly the distance and distance gaps that I wanted with my full shots - they fly on a nice high yet boring trajectory but if need be I can flight them down. Oh and I've had way less chance to practice full shots and trap shots with them than I'd like due to the combo of rain and the need to work with my irons. I can't begin to imagine what will happen when I hit the range a bit to just work on full wedges.
  21. I'm not using the putter RR - I like mine too much - are you here this coming week or the following week? If it's this coming week I have to do some juggling - I had it as the following Tuesday - this is still regular league season. At this point it doesn't really matter though - I prefer to go and play WW on Tuesday - what time should I be looking at for the tee time? You're going to have more issues to deal with than the loft of the clubs Matt, not that this is bad - I notice several tour players that make a similiar transition to the one that we're making, normally it's at the very top end of their irons but they do make a similar split - I'm starting to get the break between 8 iron and 7 iron down - it's been two weeks - I'm clearly not clicking on all cylanders yet - a lot of that is a confidence issue - I've had the SCORs a month and am totally adjusted to them - way better with them than I was with my former wedges particularly out of the sand and with the 60 on any shot. I still lack confidence with my Mizunos. My approach shot on 18 Tuesday was the first time that I stared down an approach shot with, "I'm going to stuff this one," as my one and only swing thought. Big shock, I hit it inside of 3 feet - just the kind of iron I hit on the monitor when I was testing the clubs. Mind you I had tried to call my wife after 5 to have her bring my old irons to the course. The fact that she didn't answer was a blessing, made me say, "I've got to learn to hit these things - now." I hit 7 of the next 13 greens and 5 of those misses were with the Fli-Hi or 5 wood - I'm putting my Adams hybrids back in the bag for now - Once I get my new hybrid I'm going to look at getting graphite in the Fli-Hi - I really believe I need it at that point - I have the reverse problem from what I've normally had - I'm almost as long with the 5 iron as I am with the 4 thingy leaving a huge gap between the 4 and my 5 wood which seems to be ballooning on me far too often as well - those Adams Idea Pros are like old faithfuls - I've had them for 5 plus years - every time I try to take one or the other out it finds its way back in. I love the 3 off the tee on shorter holes and can flight it up on long par 3's. I still haven't gotten my new hybrid from Adams by the way - I believe Matt and Tyk have - correct?
  22. Welcome Christian glad you're here.
  23. revkev

    McIlroy to Nike

    I'm sticking with Richard on this one. Nothing shocks me anymore but I think Rory is of the, "I want to be the man," mindset and he knows that ain't happening at Nike. Certainly Nike has the bucks to pull it off but I don't know that it can give Rory the assurances. Can they reproduce equipment for him? Yes and no. It took them forever to find Tiger a driver that he was comfortable with and certainly he has never driven the ball with one of their pieces of equipment the way he did with his old Titleist. I've been around long enough to see some crashes when players have changed equipment companies - Ernie Els comes quickly to mind. My gut says Rory stays.
  24. Welcome to the forums Curtis, oh and I used to live with my MA and in MA too - when I lived with my MA it was in CT - when I lived in MA it was in Agwam, Sandwedge and Peabody - if you live North of Boston with MA it must be near Peabody - right? But of course your MA in MA says Peabody differently than my MA in CT or AZ where she currently resides. Now I'm sure Curtis is reconisdering his membership here - don't - please stay and enjoy the fun.
  25. What a great accomplishment T - really proud of you guys and blown away to be associated with you.
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