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  1. Thought I'd check and see if people seem to stick with their See More, or just use it to calm alignment issues, then move on.
  2. I am lucky enough to have summers off - can you play in the afternoon in Az, or is it just too hot?
  3. OK, I suck (25 handicap), but, on occasion, break out some new balls vs. the recycled ones I normally use, guess what, I still suck! Have to think this depends on skill level.
  4. OK, my 12 year old (58") is getting into it, but finding drivers/woods/hybrids is tough. Any experience with some of the clubs out there? Pro at one store said you can't cut down graphite shafts bc it will screw up the flex.
  5. Do those Ping under 4 straps take any getting used to, or do they work out OK?
  6. Hey - been using the Victory golf book. Really like Jeffersonville (blew my knee out there last week, but it is only $26 to walk). Shannondell is nice, Kimberton a bit boring, Paxon Hollow OK. I am new to the game, thus a high hanicapper, but, once my knee heels, will get back to playing 3-4 times a week in the summer.
  7. Just ordered my free two balls though a Golf Mag offer. Anyone have thoughts on these?
  8. I recently did the one hour eval for $79 (?$99), just to check it out. I just started playing last year, am a high-handicapper, and do have a regular pro (whom I love). I loved the great video capture, seeing the club angel at impact, and all the tech stuff. What didn't work (for me), is not seeing the ball flight, hitting off a "tee" (I still chunk it 3 times a round) and, most significantly two things bothered me. First, the swing we did most of my analysis on was an early one, and not very good. After warming up I am getting more inside out, and transferring my weight, on this swing, not-so-much. Second, the main tip for getting my set-up correct would only work when the sun is directly overhead, or I carried a lighting tripod around - thus, not useful. I MIGHT consider one of their (expensive) packages for the winter months, but, when I can get outside, I do!
  9. So, seems like there are not lots of under 5lb carry bags - what are you using, why did you choose it, and what do you think of it?
  10. Been using an older See More FGP style (blade), and was wondering if other users stick with it, or, once the figure how to keep the blade square, switch off to something else?
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