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  1. Do you have any good insight on golf schools in the Orlando area? How about schools to stay away from. I live in Iowa and plan on coming to Florida in the spring to attend a week long school but I want to do a little research first. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Ok so I have now found the most usefull and truthfull information... I'm not asking at the stores any more they are just trying to sell me stuff. So thank you all for the great insight on irons. Now... what should I get? I am looking at the Ping s58 and the Mizuno MP33 or MP58. Any suggestions, comments, ideas? I will give a little info about me so that might help. I will be switching from Ping G20 yellow dot, I am 6' tall and have a swing speed of 100-105. My 150 club is my wedge. Thanks in advance.
  3. Great reading! Thanks for all the help... I will be looking at the Mizuno and Ping for sure. I play Ping G20 irons and really like them but I think its time to move up. I hope...
  4. Thanks for the advice... I think I'll look ito a club testing day and try that... Ping, Titleist, Nike, Mizuno... So many decisions.
  5. Hello all... I am new to this forum and I'm looking for some insight on forged irons. Are there any suggestions on what I should look at? I'm tired of going to the big chain golf store and testing a club and then being told when I get out on the course I'll hit it straiter and longer than I am in the store. I currently play Ping but I'm open to other companies as long as they will work for me. Any suggestions? Thanks
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