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  2. Give me a day or two (i.e. hopefully by the weekend) and I'll attach a few photos. These irons are sweet!!! The best irons "feel wise" I have ever hit (13+ yrs playing) and actually a touch longer which may be the shaft I used to get a slighter lower trajectory. I was initially planning to mix the Pro Black (MB's) in with the CB1's (5,6,7,8 in the CB1's and then 9,PW,GW in the MB's) but after hitting the MB's the feel was there, but there was very little forgiveness so I just stuck with the full set and I'm glad I did
  3. Moecat, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! This helps a great deal and the picture helps as well. Greatly appreciated.
  4. I recently put the new ADAMS Pro Black CB1 irons in my bag and I am one happy camper. I tested the Mizuno's, Titleist, and the PING S57's (I played the S59's and S58's prior to that and those were in my bag before I switched). I will be the last one to put down quality clubs like Titleist, Mizuno, and Ping as they are all quality clubs but when compared to the Adams CB1 for feel they just could not compare. I am definitely a feel player (2.1 handicap) and after hitting just a few balls I knew I had found the clubs I was looking for. Check out the various shafts as well. I tried both the Rifle Project X and the Dynamic Gold which for me impacted ball flight which was important. Good luck!
  5. Very nice! I am replacing my wedges with these later this summer (56° and 60°). Can't wait!
  6. I have had good experiences as well. However, I did have an experience where I did not use lostgolfballs.com trying to save an extra buck or two on some Pro V1x's AAAA(highest rating on this website) and when I got them everything seemed good to go. However, on closer inspection it looked like these were doctored up. Normally the alignment graphic runs along the faint seam on the ball and every ball but a couple had the alignment graphic elsewhere. Now, the Titleist logo and the alignment graphic looked exactly like the ones on brand new Pro V1's they were just "stamped" on the ball. Did I even have real Pro V1x's? They played similar but I think my confidence in the performance of those balls was lacking. All of this and i can not even remember the name of the freakin website I ordered them from. I know, I know, I am not helping here. Anyway, order from someone established as recycled balls(AAAAA quality) are pretty much the same as the Pro Shop version but cheaper...and cheaper is good!
  7. Those are all pretty cool apps. Alas, no Iphone so I am stuck with my rangefinder. Good post and a great inclusive list. Thanks
  8. Play four wedges and they all get called upon. 48° Pitching Wedge 52° Gap Wedge 56° Sand Wedge 60° Lob Wedge The 4° difference between each wedge and the fact they are the same brand/model I think is a huge benefit when playing those shots inside 100 yds. Knowing the distance each club will carry with a full swing is key and it should be consistent between clubs. Having the same degree interval between clubs should help with that consistency. I believe having the same brand of wedges becomes more important as you start to get inside 60-70 yards where it becomes more of a "feel" (ok, at least for me it is) issue.
  9. Forward press has worked well for me as well. Lately I have been having some putting difficulties. Any thoughts on eye position over the ball? Is that something that should be there (eyes directly over the ball) no matter what method you are using? I have been trying standing a little further away (not much 1-3") which puts my eyes slightly inside the ball and I seem to be putting much better (stat-wise) but my concern is I may be doing something detrimental to my actual stroke to accommodate for the change. Any thoughts?
  10. Here is my bucket list. Although after reading all of theses posts, mine seem rather...mundane. 1.) Augusta 2.) Pebble Beach 3.) St. Andrews 4.) Sawgrass 5.) Whistling Straits 6.) Bandon/Pacific Dunes 7.) Valderrama 8.) The Ocean Course (Kiawah Is.) 9.) The Bridges at Rancho Sante Fe - One of those local courses I would love to get to play but realize I probably never will. Ah, so close yet so far.
  11. Was taking a lesson the other day and my PGA Professional had me try this on. Helps to avoid laternal sway and helps keep the lower part of the body quiet so you can build more torque for the upper body. Better power through the ball. I noticed such an immediate improvement I went out a got my own. Very handy and easy to use training and would recommend it to anyone who would like more power.
  12. These look pretty sweet. I have been a big fan of PING for about 5 yrs and went from the S59's to the S58's (still playing them) Looks like they are somewhat similar at least with the slightly smaller face and thin top-line. Guess I will probably never know since I jumped ship and got a different set of irons. I am sure these will be a hit regardless
  13. Interesting article for sure but again, like many have indicated $350-$400 is pretty steep...well, for me at least. Now, as a training aid that may open up a huge potential. Knowing where on club face it was hit, swing speed, and angle of approach couldn't hurt, could it??? Then again, after every shot you would have to record what the heck the shot did and correlate that to the file and hope the heck they match up.
  14. Just ordered the CB1's, 2 degrees flat (don't hate me because I'm vertically challenged) 5-GW. Hit every aforementioned club on the range and for a "feel" player like me, THESE ARE THE CLUBS!!!!! Not sure if it's the material used or the weighting but knowing exactly how pure (or "un"pure) my strike is as soon as it comes off the club face is important to me and these are better than any previously clubs I have demo'd (Titleist, Mizuno, Callaway, Ping). Distance was good and maybe even a touch longer. 2 weeks and counting...
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