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  1. I'll pile on. I've been fit 3 different times in the last 5 years. My first fit, I was put into an R, based upon swing shape and speed ( very long backswing, slow transition, low head speed at impact with a significantly positive angle of attack ). The next fit was 2 years and a WHOLE lot of fitness later, and I was moved to a S (and still from graphite in my irons). What changed? short backswing, quick transition, swing speed was still under 100, angle of attack was neutral). Then this year, I got fit again. A lot more fitness again, but now in a mixed set of shafts, with X in the driver and woods, then S in the irons and wedges. Again, what changed? (medium backswing, slow transition, negative angle of attack, swing speed at contact that is stupid from where I started). What I'm driving at, is that while swing speed certainly factors into it, there are several other variables that factor into it that the R versus S conversation is almost silly. Worse, generally speaking, adopting an R with a marginal swing speed, offers marginal distance gains, while potentially giving up significant left to right accuracy and consistency, whereas using an S at that swing speed, is a known sacrifice of distance, but should increase accuracy.
  2. Now that I have a lot more golf in with the Ringo, I want to follow up on this with a serious comment. The Carbon Ringo is a great putter. I had my reservations early and even in the mid term, but with time, it gets better and better. The feel and the distance control are just enough different from pretty much anything that you would be coming from that the initial impressions can be quite iffy. The longer I play with it, the more I believe in what they have created. My advice to anyone that has tried it and pulled it out of the bag is to get to the practice greens and keep with it, the long term reward is huge.
  3. It's a tough course to get on, even if you are a member, busy... That said, if you don't get that worked out, there is no shortage of interesting course to play in the area
  4. Funny thing. I tried to replace my SLDR early this season. The only driver I tried that really came close to supplanting the SLDR for me was a Ping G. I found the launch and distance of the two to be surprisingly close. The G is more forgiving, but was a little bit shorter. But what kept it from replacing the SLDR? I cannot stand the 'sound' of the G at impact. There was something just 'off' and I wasn't willing to 'get used to it' for essentially a nominal change without a clear improvement. That said, after trying a bunch of irons this year, I'm of the opinion that someone is going to have to pry the TP CB's out of my cold dead hands...
  5. had one of those rounds where you score alright, but feel like you played really poorly, especially down then homestretch of 16,17,18. 31 putts, 4 bunkers, 8 GIR. no birds. 1 penalty (OOB), 1 lost ball that was in play but no-one in the group could find ( deep rough, but still less than 15 feet from the fairway ). There was a time when the score would have made me quite happy, but these days an 89 is such a let down...
  6. As much as I hate to say it this way, there is a sentiment amongst many of the older golfers that targeting the young players would destroy the game. They resist change, and many of the changes needed to really attract the millennials would simply upset their apple cart too much.
  7. That looks and sounds alot like the regular game I play on Saturdays, and I'm the 'young' guy in the group...
  8. This is basically the group I play with. A weekly points game. each half year, we reset the points. ( 36 - HC ) are your points to gain. Stableford scoring. Don't make your points you go down the next week, finish in the top 3 you go up for the next week. We cap how much you can move per week and put a limit on how low you can go. It's pretty rare for anyone to win on a consistent basis, and it works really well for a group with everything from 5's to 28's.
  9. I think part of the appeal for high cappers is the opportunity to 'score low' for that one round. We tend to forget that 60% of all of the handicaps in the USGA are an index of 12 or higher. That means that on most courses in the US, they are 14-15 handicaps at BEST, and that assumes they are tracking scores accurately.
  10. This. Scrambles are cluster anyways. Play to have fun. That said, I've been on a couple of those low scoring teams. The guy I play with is a 6-7 that *can* play to a 1-2 if he has time to put in the practice rounds, but generally does't. I'm a 16, but that is misleading. I can shoot anywhere from +5 to +20 on a given day. We generally have him play 'safe' while I will play high risk/reward golf in a scramble, cutting corners, going for the green on the second shot. IT doesn't take many of those to work out to turn things into an unholy result.
  11. So, I'm gonna jump into this late, but it will be relevant again in a few months, and for anyone that wants to pick up some tights for the fall and winter, now is the time to shop. Anyways, I'm a runner and a cyclist, so for most of the winter I pretty much live in tights. There are many different directions you can go with tights, and to be honest, I have a bunch of them from many vendors. Nike's products in this market, bluntly put, suck. They are expensive. They don't hold up well (the stitching starts falling apart quickly). The compression is not targeted well. They are, for the most part fashion, not form. UnderArmour is equally bad, and even more expensive. Lululemon, oh please don't get me started. If you want good tights, you have to get further afield. Products like the CW-X tights are consumer grade, and they offer real, targeted compression, but are still short of medical grade, so while they help, they aren't going to go as far as they could. http://cw-x.com/products/insulator-stabilyx-tights/are a really warm, compression tight, and yes, I've golfed in them, both under slacks and shorts. I've taken some flack about it too. Older guys that didn't like them and tried to play dress code games (as they stand there in slacks with frayed cuffs, and a non-collared pullover because it's too cold). Admittedly, mine are all black, not the grey green and black as shown here. These http://zootsports.com/mens/apparel/m-performance-thermo-tight-f11from Zoot Sports are more bland, and are purely a warm, active layer. But when you start looking at these products, there are some VERY good products out there at the high end. http://www.2xu.com/us/p/compression-tights/MA1967b.html?dwvar_MA1967b_color=BLK_NRO#start=1 http://www.2xu.com/us/p/3%2F4-compression-tights/MA1942b.html?dwvar_MA1942b_color=BLK_BLK#start=1 But here is the thing. Nike and UnderArmour are both in that same price point, and the product is nearly identical in materials and quality to these: http://sleefs.com/collections/compression-leggingswhich are about 1/4 the price. At $25 a pair, I'm sorry, but Nike and UA are just not even competitive. As for the appearance, I'm going to come right out and say it. The 'double standards' of the CC Dress Code curmudgeons needs to go away, yesterday, not only across gender but also generational gaps.
  12. Alright, I am a rabid cyclist, I've made no secret in my time here. I log more hours per year in saddle than on the golf course, by probably double. So today, I'm sitting here working and I get an email from a golf vendor with a giant ad for "The Golf Bike" ( http://www.thegolfbike.com). On the surface, you would think I'd be 'great!'. I clicked though. Neat, but, nope. Looked at the price, WTF!?!? Seriously, I looked again to see what could possibly justify it. The more I looked the more I concluded that this is just an idea, that *might* work alright in flat, dry areas, but, well, pretty much nowhere else. Take a look at it: It is geared like a beach cruiser, but rolling on small diameter, wide tires. Ostensibly to reduce the impact on the grass. Of course, due to the gearing and tire design, the cyclist on an even mildly damp surface is going to tear up the grass anyways. At the end of the day, I look hard at this, and I conclude that the real investment here is not in the bike but in the rack and special club bag. So if I thought this was a good idea, which I am still not entirely sure of, what would have been a better implementation? Take the bag rack and bag they have created and implement it as a bolt on to a bike that makes sense: 4.8 inches wide on 26" wheels. ( this is a contact surface area that distributes about 75% of the weight per square inch of a golf cart with two adults in it ). Now we are talking potentially useful and viable. But the ultimate nail in this ideas coffin? We are talking golf courses, many of which discourage walking, or bringing your own pull carts. The percentage of courses that would allow either of these ideas? negligible AT BEST. But you know the part that makes me cry? I bet you that there are people buying these monstrosities. GAH!
  13. I'm getting caught up after some nasty weather and travel. Will have my review up over the weekend! Sorry for the delay!
  14. Spring? I'd be happy with just consistent weather. 3 weekends ago, we had snow and ice on the ground. 2 weekends ago, it was 67 degrees. last weekend it was 48 with 30mph winds. Today, it is snowing.
  15. Denver on Mannings late heroics. 24 to 21 Manning as the MVP 2 passing TD's, 1 defensive touchdwon.
  16. As you guys know, ('I've made no secrets about it') I'm a huge nerd. A programming nerd. This conversation is one that leaves me gasping for air laughing so hard. You see nerds, and programmer nerds especially, are famous for 'purist' comparisons and bullshit. I mean that lovingly. I love my nerds, but they are, more often not the smartest idiots you will ever meet. Seriously, you want to see examples? Google "VI versus EMACS", or why C is better than every other language. Or CSH versus TCSH, the list is endless. They'll get into the most heated arguments of the esoteric merits of using { } instead of [ ] or ' instead of ". It is worse than religion or politics. To me, the loft jacking debate falls into the same category. It is a group of people that are arguing about esoteric details and the 'purity' of something when 99.9999% of the population only cares that it works, and simply doesn't give half a second of thought to the esoteric why, how, or if the design is philosophically flawed.
  17. From now on, I think I'll play to my strengths. Sitting in the cart drinking beer and keeping score
  18. I've bounced between the RZN Black ( the difference in performance fro the Black to the Platinum doesn't justify the price ), the Bridgestone B-330x and the Snell MTB all season and I will honestly say that though they each perform slightly differently, none of the three have anything that bothers me enough to pick one over the other. Snell wins on price, but I am *really* bad about getting to the course and not having balls in the bag.
  19. I take offense to that picture. I have better legs and smaller boobs.
  20. I too would go with #3. I had a similar choice to make, but got exceptionally lucky. The club I chose has two courses about 3-4 miles apart. the less prestigious one is about a mile from the house, and has all the family stuff, but no driving range. The other one is very nice ( as in for years was the only PING nFlight center in Atlanta ), It's long hilly, and doesn't drain worth a damned, but it is prestigious. My membership let me play either course. Funny thing though. The only time I play the nice course is with customers. I'd actually rather play the 'Goat' and it's short target golf on my own time, besides, I can walk to the course if I want .
  21. Nifty, Pain sucks. Get your shot and heal well. X. The problem, I suspect, is the editor. I've seen some *really* strange behavior from it in several browsers. I will note that right now, it works the best in Microsoft Edge (yeah, shocked me too)
  22. Also, if you can, get the heart rate band with the running dynamics in it. Some really nifty information there. I was stunned to find that I was having cadence issues, despite running wth a metronome.
  23. Thanks, I've set a beast of a goal for myself. I wanna break 5 hours, which is going to be tough, but I like a challenge.
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