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  1. Being sick is dumb. I want rain golf fishcake it

    1. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      get better brotha

  2. I revise my opinion on the anser irons. Should not have hit them...

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    2. Super Tuna

      Super Tuna

      They're hawt and I want them. Too expensive without selling a lot of other clubs though

    3. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      you area true gear junkie

    4. Matt Saternus

      Matt Saternus

      The new ones or the told ones? I know where you can get the old ones... :)

  3. Set a new record today. 14 shanks in a row across 4 different irons. SIGH

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    2. RoverRick


      I have hit 2 good mid to short irons shots, finally today, in the last 144 holes. However, Driver, fm, and 2 and 4 irons, wedges and putter. However, I have not shot over a 81 during that entire time.

    3. GolfSpy WD

      GolfSpy WD

      I went through that a few weeks ago. Was seriously ready to toss out my clubs. Luckily I fixed the problem before I was done with the range.

    4. The Dansome

      The Dansome

      get off your toes!

  4. Silly looking but gosh those mach speed hybrids are easy to hit. +1 to them

  5. Head Surgery last week, broke 90 in both rounds this week. Things are looking up!

    1. Justin66


      Nice bounce back!

  6. Given a silly good deal by Nike: $200 for Vr graphite irons, brand new, serial numbers confirmed as legit

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    2. cheymike


      How the heck did you find THAT deal??? I'm playing them now and I'd buy a 2nd set for that price!

    3. Super Tuna

      Super Tuna

      A friend of mine is a Nike rep. They're allowed to sell off overstock/older models to friends and family at silly low levels

    4. Super Tuna

      Super Tuna

      I'll see if he's got another kicking around for you...

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