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  1. Really? Seems Bridestone has decided to go after the market over here in the yellow. First they did the E6 yellow for the high cappers and now they're doing a yellow B330-RX for the low cappers. According to 4th hand reports, they're only making them because there's demand for them in North America.
  2. I also have a whack of different makes in the bag but I still have to give the nod to Mizuno. The care and craft they put into their products is amazing to me. Even if it doesn't work for me it's hard not to be impressed. Ping on the other hand still grinds my gears. However it's because they are so close to being awesome and then don't just get there. Seriously, an amazing driver head line the K/G/I's but garbage shafts to go with them. Wake up an smell the band wagon Ping (aside from White clubs)!
  3. Still want this. I also want a bright Visons hat with that logo on it to (skull and bones on the front and the Vision + on the sides maybe?) in a nice bright green or something. Rickie Fowler won't have anything on Vision players
  4. 1: Skull and cross bones. If I could have this on one of the balls normally I'd have the sweetest balls in golf. Gimmie! 2: 2nd row, first one on the left. Just looks snazzy 3: @nd to last row, last one on the right. Also looks neat, keeps your name on there but very understated.
  5. No more N7 driver? Also the for record, X3's plus Eidolon wedges equals the ball does a dead stop on the green. I had to use Pinky's with them to get any release at all.
  6. Silly looking but gosh those mach speed hybrids are easy to hit. +1 to them

  7. A little story from this week: One of my golf buddies has heard that I've been playing wickedly bright balls of the pink or yellow persuasion and figured he would one up me. So after a truck load of trash talk he yanks a Srizon yellow Z star out of his bag with a ta da and fake trumpets all around. I'm guessing my smirk didn't go so well when he challanged me to see mine. Fittingly for their origin, I was able to pull out "You call that a knife? This is a knife! He has since repented the Z stars with a formal drowning at sea (the first water hazard on the course for the kids to pick out) and was duly given a mixed box of pinkies and X3's. Yet another convert to spread the word! Coincidently Boz, my next order may be a decently large one... I think that sums up the difference between the Visions and any of the other coloured balls out there.
  8. speszel: First time I got hit with $10 in duty, nothing after that. Course after the first shipment I had everything since sent to my office which has a US brokerage firm who takes care of things like that for us. Though I do recall when I ordered my Nexus One in the summer, I was drilled by $120 in duty fees. Yikes...
  9. Dryfit Polo's eh? Might have to nab some of those with the rainy seasion starting to kick in here. Any timeline for the next batch of Pinky's/Tru Blue's? I've still got a lot of my current Pinky's but I'm prone to giving them out lately to get more people interested in the Vision's line.
  10. I finally had a bit of an epiphany with these balls yesterday which seems quite silly but has had a huge effect already on my greenside play. Mostly, I like the Vision balls for my woods/irons shot as I knew I could pretty much always find a bad shot and track them in the air quite easily as I always lose white balls in the air, always. This was pretty neat and gave me a whole lot more confidence when hitting various shots. However I never translated it to chips around the green at all until yesterday after a short game lesson. It was brought to my attention that when hitting chips, I would snap my head up before I made contact to try and follow the ball path and thus screwing the whole shot as I would no longer be hitting down on the ball. Ding goes the light blulb, I can obviously find a shiny pink ball in and around the green, just hit the blinking shot. This lead to me keeping my head down properly to get the correct angle and a whole lot of excellent chipping insued both in practice and then on the course. Sometimes it's funny how you think you get things, and then get another light blulb moment. Once again a thank you to Boz for making such an excellent ball that's allowed me to play how I want instead of how the equipment dictates. John: You'll like Pinky. If you thought the other balls were long, pinky will blow you out of the water with it's distance. Don't expect to do the spin back with this ball though, it's got a very controlled release but it still releases forward instead of spinning back or checking right away. I tend to like it more then the X3 now as I can predict it's roll out within a couple of inches (now that I'm chipping properly).
  11. Head Surgery last week, broke 90 in both rounds this week. Things are looking up!

    1. Justin66


      Nice bounce back!

  12. Ala more info people! Sorry for the lack of response on the tour ball Boz, I'm still waiting for Mike to type it up. Plus that ball personally drives me crazy with it's feel/release. Silly control balls
  13. Those are brilliant! I hope everyone enjoys them Sactown. More thoughts A: Everyone that I've given the glove to loves it, interlocking grippers exempt B: Pinky is definately the ball for me as much as I like the X3. I don't tend to play a lot of flop shots and the Pinky has a good controlled release that I've finally dialed in. It's a little more clicky off the face but again, I like that as I have a bad putting habit of not needing to look where the ball is, so I tend to gauge the shot by the sound. C: The tour ball is too soft for me by some of my friends loooove them. They're not quite as "spongy" as a Pro V1 but don't seem to loose anything around the green in terms of spin even with the new wedge grinds. The only downside they seem to have is off the driver. His problem was two fold A: the ball felt like it wasn't even there to him. Frankly, that's what all the super soft balls feel like to me so it might just be him B: I actually out drove him for the first time ever. He was mollified when he shot par on the hole and I double bogeyed though heh.
  14. Get use to it My wife makes off with a ball out of every dozen cracked open. She seems to think they make an excellent cat toy! A couple more review thoughts later in the day after rocking 72 holes in the last two days
  15. Given a silly good deal by Nike: $200 for Vr graphite irons, brand new, serial numbers confirmed as legit

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    2. cheymike


      How the heck did you find THAT deal??? I'm playing them now and I'd buy a 2nd set for that price!

    3. Super Tuna

      Super Tuna

      A friend of mine is a Nike rep. They're allowed to sell off overstock/older models to friends and family at silly low levels

    4. Super Tuna

      Super Tuna

      I'll see if he's got another kicking around for you...

  16. speszel: As Pom said, I purchase right from Boz himself as well I know shipping to Canada sucks for him with custom fees and the like so larger orders are probably better for him but don't quote me on this.
  17. speszel: Usually Musqueem, Burnaby mountain, Ardmore and Cedar Hill though I've been known to go to Westwood, Cordova Bay, etc. I'll go anywhere as long as there's decent prices and good company
  18. speszel: I've been playing nothing but the Visions balls in Vancouver/Victoria for the past 3 months. Love em and you will pry them out of my cold dead hands. If you see any stray X3's or Pinky's those probably came from me or someone I gave one to so they could try them out. Glad to see another Vancouverite having a go with the Visons line!
  19. A: You guys will love these balls. There's one in the test grouping that will fit like a glove B: Speaking of gloves, if you roll with an interlocking grip like me, pick the sticky bits off the index finger of the glove. These things grip so well, that you'll end up with a callous. Also for those of you who play in humid weather, you should be good with one glove for a full game rather then having to switch every 6 holes C: Tyk; from forum posts you're well above needing a game improvment ball but those Pinky's are the longest ball of the lot. If you can "borrow" it back from your wife for a hole or two, you'll see what I mean. They can really fly but you don't end up with that huge amount of side spin after a 100yrds like with something like a Burner Plus ball. I'm looking forward to seeing the reviews from you guys. More people carrying the Visions flag in North American would be excellent.
  20. Hey Matt, The GelX has been my favorite of the bunch but I'm perfectly happy using the UV or Pinky as well. The GelX is pretty close to the Zstar in terms of performance (I'd say better personally but that might be a mind thing. I personally play better with the GelX). I used the GelX, UV and Pinky on the weekend and hit 8/9 fairways (each ball for 3 holes). The one I missed was when Pinky took a dive in the lake but that was my fault as I was tired from moving and didn't get around square. Pinky is a longer ball then the GelX and I find also a better putting ball while the GelX is more accurate and produces waaaay more spin for chip's/high iron shots. I've also had better hybrid results with the GelX as it gets the height I miss with other balls. No swing change for the balls but I did have to change my swing for the Cobra (tee the ball a quarter inch higher and stand half a foot closer. I'm probably hitting it more like a hybrid then a proper driver but it's working for me). I am still having the problem with the glove, it chaffes something fierce with the way I grip the club. I'm thinking I might take sand paper or something to the tacky part of the index finger to see if that solves the problem. The glove isn't a big deal to me and I'm pretty visions decked out on the course (the hat and towel live with my bag except for when they get washed). Between those and showing people the balls I'm getting some interesting comments and tentative questions to be sure.
  21. Couple of further comments A: After some more playing, I really dialed the drives in. I was whacking the GelX's 250 with my fairway before the carry on Saturday. Cobra clubs and these vision balls really get along B: Pinky took a dunk in the lake and is gone. She had provided sterling service (I'll need to nab some more in the next order) C: Give the balls a bit of time. I'm noticing far more distance and spin out of these balls now that I've got 72 holes in with them then after the first 18 or 32. Don't give up on them, they will work out for you (assuming you talk to Boz and make sure you're getting the right ball for your game/what you want to do on the course).
  22. In general, I'd say the glove was awesome. It didn't get wet at all today in quite humid weathers and they're quite comfy. They'll actually strech over ones wedding ring nicely if you want to wear it while playing. My only problem with them is that the fingers are so grippy that I find the space between my pinky and ring finger on my bottom hand gets chaffed up a bit when using an interlocking grip as it just grips that spot and doesn't let go. Still, awesome glove. Much better then the Callaway's I've got
  23. Agreed. When you're on, these balls are amazing! I've been having a great time with them and the CG14 wedges, excellent spin/bite so far. I also enjoy being able to find my ball in the rough easily
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