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  1. Have several times. Loved Bermuda fairways. Hated Bermuda greens! The "grain" actually means something on them. It's a non-factor on bent grass up here. So it's a bit humid right now, huh?
  2. I never cared about superficial wear markings on my clubs so I didn't worry about ANY head covers on some sets, much less iron covers. My mancave is decorated with a collection of my golf bags going back to 1959. Nothing looks pristine, believe me. But then again, if I were fussy about abrasions, or if I were inclined to sell my old equipment instead of collect it, I'd let people scoff all they want if I wanted to use iron covers.
  3. Putters can be brutal. I spent decades trying to knock a 1977 Ram Zebra out of my bag. Eventually I concluded that the next great putter design will be the very first!
  4. 50 bucks is a funny place to draw the line. If you'll spend $49, you'll spend $54 too, no? If you won't spend $54, wouldn't you be looking closer to $25? Maybe not. Just a thought. The beauty of the Pro V1x is that you could order them all with ball #79 printed on them. Helped my keep my eyes on the prize. If not for the "79," I was just as good with cheap Top Flite Gamers! Was once down to an 8, briefly a 7, but never had a game good enough to be ball sensitive. As long as it wasn't wound.
  5. About worn grooves on wedges. Rather than replace wedges you like, use a cutting tool and gouge the hell out of the grooves instead. This will accomplish two things. It will make your grooves sharp again. It will also represent an intelligent reaction to the stupid 2010 groove rules change. In fact, you won't conform to 2009 rules either! [ I once or twice did that with my old Clevelands, Mdl 588 49 / 53º and Mdl 691 58º. They could stop a ball and draw it back on Rt. 95 asphalt. ]
  6. Nice to drop by. Observation about your gear, Rev. If you bag driver, 4 fairway woods [3, 5, 7 , 9], 4 irons [6, 7, 8, 9], 4 wedges [PW, GW, 54, 59], and putter, you've just made nonsense out of all my protestations about the jacked "loft/club number" correlation on modern clubs. The "6" on your longest iron doesn't reference a loft. It's simply the 6th club down from the top. I can see that you don't like long irons, but if you rarely hit the 3-wood, why not a driving iron for tight driving holes? Maybe 18 or 20º? They're not easy to hit from the fairway, but from the tee, pushed all the way down to the cup of the tee, the modern perimeter/sole weighted ones are no harder to hit than a hybrid, but with the wind in your face, bore through hard and low and run hot on landing. More so in Florida than here, Those lofted fairway woods are not easy to hit low into a facing wind, are they? Then again, maybe you're so straight that you can hit driver off every par 4 / 5 tee. That's something I never experienced!
  7. Here's what looks good in my imagination right now: Titleist TSi1_____12º Titleist TSi2_____18, 21º Epon AF-906____driving iron Titleist T100_____#w 4-9 Callaway MD5_____48, 54, 60º Mizuno Type III____putter [face balanced mallet]
  8. Steamy hot in New England after an incredibly rain soaked July that would have put quite a crimp in the golf season if I were still able to play. Would have enjoyed the present heat, as long as I were riding, though. Always played my best in it as long as the greens were watered and not like concrete when you hit into them. I played the game in the air and had few run on skills. It's been a few years now since spinal stenosis took me out of action, but I still think about golf a lot and peek in over here from time to time. Golf was a little easier to give up when I had to do it than it would have been years earlier. You may remember the contempt that I had for the modern equipment. I stuck with vintage gear until it was entirely worn out. I never reconciled with not being able to play with steel spikes anymore. I really blew a fuse over that development. Nor was I cool with "ready golf" and the emphasis on faster play. I had all the time in the world when I was on the golf course. And I only played weekdays so that the poor bastards who had to still be working could have the course on the weekends. And despite all of that, it was still really hard to give up. No matter how badly you kids try to screw it up, it's a great game. One thing that I seriously miss and that was still as good as it ever was: drinking and socializing under the umbrellas on the clubhouse deck on a hot summer day or evening. I loved that so much that I had hoped to die there some day. That's something that I could still be doing, but justifying the expense of the dues just for that was too hard to do. When I stopped playing, I stopped watching too. I have no idea what's going on in pro golf these days. If I stumble on a women's tournament while I'm flipping, I may watch that for a while. Tiny skirts on fit young women are never hard to watch, and some of the little Asian girls give this dirty old man "yellow fever," at least as a spectator. In actual action, they would kill me in five minutes or less. .
  9. I was such a horrible chipper that I lobbed everything as close to the stick as I could. I once had the opportunity to get a brief chipping lesson form a prominent LPGA player back in the 70s, but it didn't help. It isn't too hard from what I gather given that almost everybody does try to get the ball onto the ground quickly. I just found the motion to be more awkward and anti-intuitive than just lobbing the ball as far as possible, but lobbing is said to reduce one's opportunity to hole out and probably does..
  10. I genuinely envy the patience of charcoal grillers. The food does taste better, I admit, but they're much too slow for my patience and appetite. I propane grill like a rank amateur, but at least I get my food quickly!
  11. I used to play with four Titleist PTs at 13, 17, 20, and 23º, and they all had unnumbered headcovers with contrasting wool tartan patterns. These covers were quite expensive, but I never lost one. When I removed one, I simply pulled it over a long iron until I replaced it. Since I never converted to the big titanium driver, I played with the PTs for a very long time, right up to when I had to give up the game for physical reasons. Toward the end, I wasn't particularly concerned about scuffing the clubheads. Once I pulled off a headcover, I placed it into a side pocket on the cart bag and left it there for the remainder of the round. The bag room crew would replaced them onto the clubheads where they'd be the next time I played. Even if you never get to that point, the long iron trick should work well for you. If you walk with a stand bag, though, it's harder and less convenient to do than with a cart bag that's elevated and held still for for you. If you walk with a trolley, however, it's equally convenient.
  12. The PGA should be a major. It should be match play as when Walter Hagen played. The field should be club professionals who qualify in regional qualifiers. There should be no touring pros invited unless they're former winners of the PGA or another major. The Six[6] Majors should be... The R&A Amateur The R&A Open The USGA Amateur The USGA Open the PGA, and corresponding to the PGA, the TPC. The Masters is total bullshit, the championship of nothing, and a cracker monument to old [and not good] times. I'm a former linkster of fifty years and a hard core purist.
  13. If I could play today, I'd keep my Mizuno Fli Hi II 18º dedicated driving iron, my weaker lofted [21º] fairway wood [Top Flite Intimidator 400], and go with one of my non-offset putters. Those would all be hard to replace clubs that I really liked. That leaves eleven new sticks to choose. I'd pick a new 12º driver from among the major contenders. For a stronger [18º] fairway wood, I like the Mavrik Sub Zero a lot, looking at it. For irons, maybe the Titleist T100 irons, although I would order the 48º T100S wedge instead of the 46º T100 PW. With SM8 wedges at 54 and 60º, that would give me even six degree increments from 9-iron down. A little wide, but makes club choice less daunting. What do you think?
  14. I'm keeping my eye on this thread. If I wake up with a new body and decide to play again, this information will be doubtlessly valuable. What I liked about Pro V1x balls certainly wasn't the price. I liked that I could order them all with ball # 79 imprinted on them. It helped me keep my eyes on the prize. As for performance, every major brand name ball was good enough for my game. I used to hate wound balls when they were around, but since then, most anything was ok for me. I was never a scratch player, however. It could well be different for them.
  15. The Chiefs had both starting offensive tackles out for this game, and that definitely made a difference. It's also part of the game, however. Patriots O-Line coach Dante Scarnecchia had to patch all kinds of line combinations together en route to winning six Super Bowls. TB12, on another note, has won more Super Bowls than any franchise has. I wish Mr. Brady would retire, however, so I can put football watching behind me once and for all.
  16. The GOAT and the Gronk came through for me yet again. The laundry wasn't the same but my guys were there and did it. Patrick is the real deal but was definitely limited by both of his starting tackles sitting this one out. He puts the ball directly on target no matter how contorted he is. He had a couple of drops on good throws and wasn't given many clean pockets, despite the Bucks blitzing only six times all night. Despite all of this, you could still see that he's the real deal. But the GOAT...just amazing.
  17. It's been a while. Who did we say was the GOAT?
  18. The Pats didn't give me any reason to get out of bed this year, but at least Tommy came through. The GOAT has been in the league 21 years. This is his 14th conference championship game. Doug Flutie was my favorite college quarterback back when I watched college football, but overall, the GOAT is the GOAT.
  19. I'm posting on the happy thread. Can't say why, but you can probably guess.
  20. It's been quite a while since I looked at golf equipment, something over which I once obsessed. For decades. I hated the last generation of gear that I window shopped, so I imagine that I'd like the newer stuff even less. Have they gotten to the 1-iron lofted lob wedge yet? Are the drivers over 600cc in head volume? Louisville Golf makes some nice hickory shafted stuff, though. If I were still physically able to play, I'd probably try that. I'm sure that I'd really suck even as a healthy 74-year-old player, so the gear would be irrelevant. I'd go with whatever looked pretty to me, probably the best thing to do when you're a geriatric. Happy late fall playing, my old linkster friends!
  21. Pats won a football match against a decent Baltimore club this week. I snoozed on my recliner through most of it, though. Just needed a break from MSNBC and Korean RomComs on Netflix. Maybe I'll see some of another one before the season ends. Probably. It will never be the same, but who can complain after having had the Brady years?
  22. You're right. I make no pretense of being a fan. I was a fan of the Boston Patriots in the 1960s and went to games at Fenway Park fairly often--at least a couple a year. After the merger with the NFL and the move to Foxborough, I lost interest completely. It took the magnificence of the Brady-Belichick era to pique my interest because they were so special. Even then, I wasn't a football fan in general. I NEVER watched a non-Patriots game--even the Super Bowl if the Pats weren't in it. So I enjoyed the twenty years and now it's over. No big deal, but I really did enjoy that Pats team that went to nine super bowls (Pats have been to the most, winning 6 of 11) and almost all of the AFC championship games in those decades. Nothing lasts forever. Ordinary football is a very popular game, but I'm just not into it.
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