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  1. I'll just throw my hat in here and walk away slowly.
  2. David/ North Caroliina Callaway 50 52 & 60 Satin 50, 54, 60
  3. David - 61 Chapel Hill, NC Struggling off the tee and, like everyone, consistency.
  4. There is nothing more important than testing head to head for me. My likes and dislikes are very evident so I attend as many club testings as I can. Don't get that opportunity with putters though. Rounds: 40-50 HDCP: 9 Putter: Odyssey Metal X #1 Milled Good Luck to us all!
  5. I tried a lot of Adams this year at one of their fittings and I'm glad I did. Loved almost everything I tried. The irons were superb and I'd be very happy gaming a set of CB3's or A12 or better would be those new CMB irons, they look so fine. Really I was blown away with the ease I hit these clubs. Here's to hoping on winning something for once.
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