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  1. No, I've been around mostly reading for years.
  2. True but where and when was it proven wrong?
  3. I've looked extensively but only highlights, a big nothing burger I guess.
  4. Well I would think that was the official line but I've placed balls on hills steeper than that. I don't think she ever tried to actually place the ball but I'm not going to beat a dead horse, I was just agreeing with the original posters opinion. And I've never seen it done like that on the PGA Tour.
  5. At no point did she place it at the spot of the drop. There is still no reason to keep moving the drop up the side of the hill to a flat spot.
  6. At no time did she try and place it where it landed and started rolling. Weirdest drop I've ever seen, never seen it before and no way it was correct. When she dropped it looked like she was bowling, no talk about it on the broadcast which was weird too. How many times have we seen the rules official pointing to where the drop landed and where the ball should be placed by the player?
  7. I watched it live and saw her looking like she was using her hand to get it moving down the hill. I also wondered why she wasn't required to place it there instead of getting to move it up the hill to a nice flat lie. I've never seen anything like it but I will acknowledge I may not know the rules and there was that official standing there.
  8. Maui Jim, fantastic glass lenses, customer service. Randolph is also great.
  9. I went through the questions, anyone can, you just have to pay for the results. I thought the questions were to general to give any kind of accurate guidance to which club and shaft to use. I'm thinking, this could be dangerous, that you could just go to their driver review page and see what they recommend for your swing speed and come up with the same answer.
  10. David - 61 Chapel Hill, NC Struggling off the tee and, like everyone, consistency.
  11. There is nothing more important than testing head to head for me. My likes and dislikes are very evident so I attend as many club testings as I can. Don't get that opportunity with putters though. Rounds: 40-50 HDCP: 9 Putter: Odyssey Metal X #1 Milled Good Luck to us all!
  12. I tried a lot of Adams this year at one of their fittings and I'm glad I did. Loved almost everything I tried. The irons were superb and I'd be very happy gaming a set of CB3's or A12 or better would be those new CMB irons, they look so fine. Really I was blown away with the ease I hit these clubs. Here's to hoping on winning something for once.
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