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  1. Evnroll has 50 gram Tour Tac grip if you like the shape and feel. I don’t know if they offer it on their website but you can order it directly with a phone call. Good luck!
  2. Thank you, @GrumpyGolf! I have not been online for a few days- been busy testing out my new Sacks Parente putter!
  3. That is great news! Sounds like you have found the setup that works for you! I am still searching. Good luck going forward.
  4. Motoboss, Was this your experience? When you put a lighter weight in the toe and it helped you stop the toe from closing? I ask, because years ago I had two putters, a big mallet and an Anser-style, from Mentor Sports with several moveable weights designed by Chin Bae. You could make substantial weight changes because the cylinders he used were made from aluminum, steel and tungsten. For the Anser-style putter, you could move weights around the heel and toe. When we tested putter weights for right-handers, our experience was the ball followed the weight. Heavier weights in the heel? The ball moved to the left because the toe was moving faster. Heavier in the toe? The ball moved to the right, which was great for left misses, since the heel was moving faster. That said, I prefer to listen to the player and wondered what your results were. For me, if I had too much weight in the toe, I shut the face going back and blocked the putt short and right. Weight in the heel helped me release the toe and moved the ball to the left. Those results mirror those found in the article you posted. Other fitters have told and shown me they see the same thing with lie angle. Too upright, toe in the air, puts hook spin on the ball and causes left misses; too flat, heel off the ground, puts slice spin and short right misses.
  5. I am a big fan of Jumbomax Ultralight grips. I use the Smalls, which are a 1/4” over standard. They are great grips! For comparison, my handspan is just under 8”. I can palm a basketball and as a former tennis player, I like a larger grip with my fingers just touching the palm of my left hand when I grip the club. Goid luck.
  6. With putters, the ball tends to follow the weight. With more weight in the heel, that will move the ball to the left, for a right handed golfer. If you are missing left, you should see improvement by using a heavier weight in the toe and it should move the ball to the right.
  7. My short game has deteriorated and I believed my issue was an inconsistent radius. I reread Phil Mickelson’s book focusing on chipping and practiced for a week in the house with good results. I practiced chipping for about an hour or so last Sunday, the day you made this post, with good results. Great distance control for me, and I holed three when practicing getting up and down from all around the green. I should mention that I also changed wedges, using Edel Driver grind wedges that I had been fitted with 7 years ago but could never work into the bag because full shots were more than a full club shorter than my gamers at the time. They replaced a Vokey S grind 56* and 60* K grind I used well from bunkers. Yesterday, I played for the first time. The hinge and hold method worked great for chipping for me yesterday. I chipped 5 times, holed 2 for birdies, got up and down 2 more times and hit one about halfway there and then three-putted. I was terrible from the sand with the 59* Driver grind wedge. I like how Mickelson simplifies matters by hitting high chips off the front foot and low chips off the back. But this was only one round. Looking forward to pursuing this in the future and seeing this method works for me in the future. Best of luck to you.
  8. What about the ER 5 or ER 7? Would either of those work? 20-25* Toe hang? Might be viable options. Good luck in your search. I am getting fitted on Thursday after changing my stroke a little bit after watching David Edel videos.
  9. Jeff - Spartanburg, SC I have used a hitting net in the past. I frequently use a Swingbyte monitor on my club during practice. Most often at a range.
  10. That is awesome and I hope to read about lower scores! When you bought the SpiderTour did you have to adjust to your specs? I used a similar putting mat many years ago and struggled to obtain the proper speed at the course. My issue was that the mat developed grooves that the ball tracked and it gave me better results than I deserved. After a while it worked out well. Best of luck to you.
  11. My daughter graduated in 2014 - perhaps their paths crossed. My work life changed recently and I only have Sundays off these days and I try and play after church, if possible. Would love to play sometime!.
  12. I am in Spartanburg- just an hour away. Graduated from Clemson years ago!
  13. I think I see a thin layer between the core and the second layer on the XV, but don't see it on the Z Star. That said, I will take your word for it! Maybe I will find one and cut it open, or test a sleeve.
  14. When I look at the cut Srixon Z Star and XV they look like two and three piece balls, respectively. I assume one of the layers must be very thin. Is that the case? The halved balls look nothing like the drawings on the website with the full cores. https://www.srixon.com/us/balls/golf-balls/z-star-xv-golf-balls/MZSTARXV18.html More curious than anything else. Thanks, Jeff
  15. I have been using the Kirkland signature since the original Mygolfspy review in 2016. I was fortunate enough to buy 8 dozen over several purchases and gave away a dozen or so, but now I am down to my final sleeve and trying to identify a replacement. I don't know the specifications for that ball - specifically compression and shot dispersion, but know I liked it. In fact, it was second only in performance to the original MTB tour ball that I used prior to making the switch. Using the ball test I focused on shot dispersion and then distance. 7-iron shot dispersion, with good distance, would help me the most. When I used the Tableau tables it would appear that the Z Star and the TP5 might be the best for me, at least with the 7-iron. With the driver it would appear to be the Inesis and the TP5. I am concerned about the driver shot area of the MTB X, which was the largest of the balls I selected. Surprised by this - it was 8994 square yards for the combined driver speeds. Any real world comparisons for the TP5, which can be had for 2/$80 for the Pix version, and the Z Star, which has a buy 3 get 1 dozen free on their website - net cost of $30/box?
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