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  1. www.usinflationcalculator.com 1.6% increase in inflation from 2009 to 2010. But hey, the year ain't over yet.
  2. I looked up on an inflation calculator and found that $300 today is the equivalent of $51.00 in 1970, and in reverse, $300 in 1970 would be over $1600 today. So, $300 bucks is starting to look pretty reasonable. And you have to admit that Tiger winning with the SC has kept that brand ahead of the pack in terms of perceived value as anything done by Scotty design wise. Itis hardly fair to compare pricing of an Odyssey with the Axis1 when you consider that there are millions of the Odyssey produced against thousands of the Axis1. It is apples and oranges. And let me pose this ? to y'all: How many putters have you purchased and own now? My bet is more than a few, so you likely have spent more than $300.00 on putters already. And as Axis1 says on their site; don't you want to play with superior technology if it is available? And since the argument seems to be around the difference of $100, that is $17 and change in 1970, so I think we can dismiss $100 as a stumbling point. As to the overall issue of the "cost" of equipment these days, having been in business for 10 years...without some decent margins, shops can't make a profit or stay in business making $20 bucks on a club no matter how many they sell if you calculate the "cost of sale" (a sales person) shipping and handling and (getting the product on the sales floor), accounting and taxes. I would also put this question to the group? Which gives you more pleasure (and profit) on the golf course, hitting a long drive, or sinking a long and winning putt? Just a thought.
  3. TYK, you are hilarious. Give Toyota a call for a free car, to prove gas mileage, then BMW a call for a driving experience, and Safeway a stroll for some free food to see if it is really nutritious, and why not call the IRS for a refund, to be sure they really took your money for nothing. Oh, and just for kicks, head on down to Pebble Beach, and ask them to forgo the $500 dollar green fee, since you want to see if it really is a $500 experience. (It isn't) A couple of other points, it is the editorial by MYGOLFSPY who made the David v Goliath comparison which is true about any company trying to enter the golf market. And I can't find anywhere Axis1 is "complaining" about the difficulty entering the golf market other than to acknowledge bringing a totally unique design concept has it's challenges. And finally, I have shaved two strokes off my putting average since making the switch. Real simple. And by the way, you "eating crow" does what for them? Are you Tiger in disguise? All the best. Love MYGOLFSPY!
  4. I can honestly say that the Axis1 putter is extremely well made, and delivers on it's promises of greater stability through the putting stroke. It also give great feedback both to the hands, and the sound. Yeah, we can all agree it is a bit pricey, but since they aren't targeting the mass market, it is a premium product, it delivers on value if you are serious about your game.
  5. "ONE FUNKY LOOKING PUTTER!" Maybe they should use that as a slogan! The designer of this putter is an award winning industrial designer, including a 3D Mouse that was used on the Mars Rover. The fact is once you have one in your hands, it is really quite beautiful, almost sculpted in appearance and so balanced as to be torque free, as one of My Golf Spy's videos demonstrates. Better yet, here is Luis Pedraza's own comments: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=26HrMbDD0z4&feature=related
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