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  1. its official.....i have switched to the callaway hx tour iz. magical!
  2. here's what we're rollin' with these days: callaway ft-iq driver fubuki stiff 8.5* callaway ft-iz 3 wood aldila voodoo stiff ping g15 hybrid 3iron tfc stiff macgregor mactec m685 forged rifle 5.5 flighted 4-pw cleveland cg12 black pearl 52* bent to 51* dgs300 cleveland cg10 satin 60* dgs300 cleveland classic #2 33"
  3. i.....hate...........RAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Tony Covey MGS

      Tony Covey MGS

      I see your rain and raise you 12" of snow.

    2. GolfSpy Dave

      GolfSpy Dave

      I'll raise 60* with sun and a pulled lumbar muscle. :(

  4. that is the best looking taylormade driver to date!
  5. tourney at pumpkin ridge o the 29th! AMAZING!!!!

  6. all i can think about is judge smales getting knocked in the crackers
  7. i want my K15!

    1. GolfSpy_X
    2. phil.b89


      Driver is sweet- currently gaming the 9.5 TFC Stiff and love it! Just wish I had the irons to match...

    3. GolfSpy_X


      For the golfer that does not mind the offset the irons are seriously like cheating. You can almost close your eyes and hit them dead straight.

  8. i bought a dozen of the top flite gamer v2........OH MY GOD! how is this possible that a cheap ball feels this good....its long too! blows my mind. now if i can just get over my affinity for pro v1's and pentas....
  9. i'm pissed just looking at it. they must have realized that if they scare the ball with ugliness then it'll be more apt to drop in the cup........if only to get hit fewer times by such a vomitous thing. someone actually got a pat on the back in r&d for designing this thing....WTF!
  10. it's true. they're opening extra bank accounts as we speak. hell, i'll buy one just for sentimental value. after all, it IS a ping wedge
  11. hmmmmm....deceptacon or autobot? it looks like its about to transform into something and blow up the frickin golf ball
  12. the ghost is very nice. monza spider gets my vote though....its just so stable through impact, like putting with a brick wall
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