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  1. I have to agree with dave and john barry. I mean, don't all of you know every exacting detail about your beloved sticks? She has no excuse
  2. You gotta love ping drivers! I was actually a little bummed when the TM burner superfast was what fitted me best. Oh well. At least it goes straight
  3. Was a pro v1x guy but switched to the TM penta. Lovin it so far
  4. ja2thacub

    Nike Method

    At least they are competing with cameron. Overpriced by 150 id say
  5. Someone at ping just got fired. That thing is abhorring! It looks like an alien
  6. They look naaaaaasty! Kinda weird to think of a forged ping. Makes sense from a market share standpoint though. I'll try em
  7. Its all about the s58's! Those becu irons were phenomenal though.
  8. Play what suits your eye best. If it looks good to you then you'll swing with confidence. The rest is just practice
  9. I had the j36 blades with pocket cav 3 and 4. Great feel when you pure it. Nice putter too man!
  10. Love those mp 68's. I prefer cast clubs believe it or not, but for forged.....mizuno is where its at. Unless you can afford miuras
  11. Burner superfast driver 9.5 stiff, ping g10 hybrids 1 and 3 iron, ping s58 4-p blue dot +1.2" zz65 stiff shaft, cleveland cg12 black pearl 2 dot 52, 56, 60. Cleveland classic#2 putter
  12. I hit them both (tp and reg model) And hit 7-10 yds further and lower spin with reg model! Swinging at 113mph you'd think the tp with the stiffer shorter shaft would work better. As for the graphics........I love the red grid on the crown of the reg model. It looks sinister. Picked up 12-15 yds from my sumo squared.
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