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  1. Not sure if it is the same in the States(although I am sure it must be), but the shops here in South Africa are pulling out all the stops for Christmas. They have been for a couple of weeks already. Doesn't create the right atmosphere around Christmas, and this post is probably leaning towards that same vein. So while Christmas is about much, much more than just presents, it is still fun to both give, and receive presents. I have been out of the golfing loop for a bit, and was wondering what new goodies have come out that might look good in a stocking, or even in a large box under the tree. After having read the reviews of the Scor's, I wouldn't kick a box of their wedges out of my bed. And that Nike rain jacket that was reviewed a while back on the main site is schweet! My question is, what golfing presents would you like for Christmas?
  2. I still don't get enough time to play, but my long game is coming along nicely, and my shorter irons are much more consistent. I am now playing better than ever from tee to green. Around the green is where the big work lies ahead. But it is very tough to sharpen the short game with everything that is going on right now. I did get a new putter about two weeks ago. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get to a putting green yet. Crying shame. Anyway, hope to get a couple of rounds under the belt over the next two months, as the holiday season is approaching.
  3. Hi guys Haven't been around for a while, but thought I should give an update. I managed to go with the Rocketbladez full set (4i-PW) on the advice of a few forum members, notably RevKev. And they have not disappointed. I am hitting greens from FAR(by no means hitting them regularly, but before I wasn't even close), and my confidence is much higher than it ever was with the MP-53s. One thing that I am still not used to, is hitting the ball off center, and the ball still ending up where I was aiming. The last round I played, it happened twice that I said "That one's short" after hitting it, only to see it reach the green. I have now learned to shut up, and just watch the ball. And as I have mentioned multiple times before, the 4i is just a fairway machine. I have so much confidence with it, that I actually love stepping on to the tee. Before I feared getting on the tee box. Unfortunately I don't get much time to play, I'm lucky if it is once a month, so the scores aren't below 90 just yet. Anyway, enough rambling for now.
  4. I have placed my order for the remainder of the set. But there is a lead time of 4-6 weeks. That sucks.
  5. Thanks, revkev. Super Tuna got me thinking the other day, and I have since got a quote for the rest of the set. Just need to make sure of shaft choice, then I'm gonna part with the hard earned cash. My number one priority is to start shooting in the 80s. So loyalty/affinity to a specific brand should count for nothing right now. I have a JPX 800 six iron that I have been hitting at the range. From my limited experience with the JPX club at the range, I am not convinced that it is as forgiving as the Rocketbladez for myself. I'm not too worried about the distance, the forgiveness is what will affect my score the most. Thanks again.
  6. Thanks, wbealsd! I think my ballstriking is kind of consistent enough for now. The short game has deteriorated a little bit, and it will definitely be a big focus over the next few weeks.
  7. My plan over the next few weeks will be to practice plenty of short game, found some good drills\practice plans. And as for full swing practice, I'll try to play rather than go to the range. The more I play, the more comfortable I get on the course.
  8. Thanks, apprenti23. I like to think that my technique for chipping is pretty solid, but I will give this one a go next time I'm at the short game area.
  9. Thanks, Richard. My chipping technique is very much a Y-drill, while I could perhaps work harder on a L-drill type of action for my pitch shots. But the "drills" I referred to is more of a practice plan, than a drill to ingrain a specific technique. These drills in a nutshell are as follows: The chipping drill Chipping to a bag towel from about 5 feet, with the aim of landing the ball on the towel. Place a smaller item, like a tee, or a credit card in the middle of the towel to really focus on. Aim is to land 3 in a row on the towel. Move back to 6 feet, 7 feet etc as you manage to land the ball on the towel. Two putting drills The two putting drills consist of hitting putts from varying lengths and lines, and keeping a score to par. Aim is to finish the course at par, or under. Longer term is to better your personal best score. The drill marked as putting drill #1 looks especially interesting, as you will have 9 holes to play. Each consecutive hole is on a different line, and of a different length. Seems like this drill would give good sense of distance control. So I suspect a better name would be chipping practice plan, or a putting practice plan. But that is just semantics. Thanks for the advice.
  10. Nice review, RoverRick. I can see these guys making a few bucks off of a number of golfers. In Mythbusters speak, am I correct in assuming you'd call this a Plausible at the moment? Or do you reckon it is Busted?
  11. Super Tuna, when you put it that way I sound a little off my rocker to not be considering the short irons. I think right now I am not struggling too much with my MP53 7i-PW. So while the forgiveness would be welcome, it is hard to justify the $399 or so it would cost to get the 7i-PW. That is probably the single biggest reason at this very moment. I probably won't get the AW though, as I really love my MP-R12 GW (52*). It will leave a bit of a gap between my PW and GW, so I will probably have to make a plan to fix that gap if I go that route. I will say that I love the forgiveness of these clubs, but I don't really love the feel. I know, I know, a 26 handicapper talking about feel is just wrong. If only my instructor hadn't put a Mizuno in my hands last year, I could have lived happily ever after in ignorance. One other thing that also factors into the equation, is the MX25 6iron I bought recently with a bunch of other 6irons. I wanted to hit a few different 6irons for a bit of a comparison. I really, really like that 6iron. It offers some good forgiveness (much more imo when compared to the MP53 6i), and it feels really nice. But finding a second hand set in good shape isn't easy. And I'm pretty sure it won't offer as much forgiveness as the Rocketbladez. I also have a bit of dislike for TMag, I have a tendency to dislike the front runner in most things. In tennis I never supported Pete Sampras, I was a Andre Aggasi fan. Not saying that Mizuno is Agassi, but TMag is so far ahead of the next competitor it feels like Sampras at his best. And it just gets boring when one guy dominates like that. But I have to say Sampras didn't dominate because he was sucky tennis player, in the same vein TMag makes clubs that perform. I sound a little irrational. At the end of the day, the results are the only thing that should matter. I want to shoot in the 80s this year, and these will probably get me there without too much effort (combined with some short game practice). If I can shoot 5/6 shots lower with another set of clubs (irrespective of what the badge says), I should be gaming them. And to be honest, I am probably already shooting 4/5 shots lower with only half a set of these. Imagine what a whole set would do then. OK, after this bit of introspection inspired by Tuna, I think I know what I have to do if I want to shoot lower. And at the end of the day, that should be the most important motivating factor. Thanks Tuna. I think I have seen the light.
  12. I was just looking for some short game practice plans, and came across this thread. Couple of drills in here that look great. Definitely gonna give them a go!
  13. I played 18 holes yesterday, and I still use the 4i off the tee. Hit 6 FIR's, which doesn't sound great by any stretch of the imagination. But this was on a day where my ballstriking wasn't what it could have been. I missed a couple of fairways, but none of these were deep in the woods. And on my poor strikes, the ball still went 160yds easily, and pretty accurate for such a poor strike. Didn't have too many shots with the 5i, I recall one that I bladed into a greenside bunker. This was from about 180yds out, and I still reached the greenside bunker. With my old 5i, this wouldn't have come nearly this close to the green. Did hit a very nice tee shot with the 5i on a short par 4. Had a few shots with the 6i during the round. Hit some nice tee shots on two of the par 3s, one GIR, and one pumped right over the green. Also managed to hit a couple of big draws around obstacles as well. Also had some punch shots with the 4i and 5i, and these worked really nice. Kept the ball quite low, and could get a little bit of left-to-right, and right-to-left movement on these low punch shots. I am getting more used to these now, and the more I get out of the way of the club, and just let it do what it is made for, the better results. I guess this is the same for any club. But the results are spectacular when just taking a fairly relaxed swing with a full follow through. The forgiveness really shined for me yesterday, and while it is hard to really say, I reckon the 4i, 5i and 6i were good for maybe around 3-4 shots saved. And that is conservatively guesstimated. Where before I was hesitant, and not too confident, to really go for the green from 160yds out, I am now going for it from about 185yds out. Doesn't sound like much, but it makes a difference on alot of the par 4s I play. I do have a large gap between my RocketBladez 6i and my MP53 7i though. I reckon it could be very close to 20m. This doesn't make life easy if I am in the 140-165 yard range, but it isn't as if my iron play is pin point at this stage anyway. So I need to plan around this yardage for now. I will say that while I really appreciate the forgiveness in the 4i-6i, I am still not 100% convinced that I should get the full set.
  14. I played 18 yesterday, and while the long game was pretty good, the short game was terrible. My shot of the day, was actually when I hit an extra ball playing out of the rough. So the shot wasn't part of my round. But it was a big eureka moment for me. On a par 4 of around 370 yards, I hit my 4i off the tee, and ended in the left rough. There was a whole bunch of trees between me and the green, so I had no line to the green. My playing partner gave me some unsolicited, but much appreciated advice on how to draw the ball around the trees. I was about 160yards out going to a green with a right pin tucked behind a bunker. Aimed my feet probably 30 yards to the right of the green, closed the clubface and swung easy for a shot that easily drew 30 yards and with the ball rolling left to right when it pitched, the ball ended up in the perfect spot about 10 feet below the hole. It actually drew around the bunker that was guarding the pin. Now this shot wasn't with my ball in play, so it was a much easier shot than when the pressure is on. But I know now how to easily hit a big draw. On the very last hole of the day, a dogleg left par 5 my tee shot was a bit too far to the left side of the fairway, and I had some trees on my line. I again managed to play a very nice draw around the trees, that ended about 130yards away from the green. Managed to hit it in the drink after that though... Anyway, that first shot has now given me the confidence that I can actually work the ball when required. And when I say required, it is when I have some obstacle in my way. I don't trust it enough to just shape any kind of shot. But for recovery type shots, I have added a new shot to my arsenal.
  15. I played 18 holes yesterday at my local course. This is actually my best score at this course. My best round at this moment is 97, which I have shot at two other courses. The difference this time round is that I felt I played pretty poorly, especially around the greens, to shoot 98. Whereas the two rounds of 97, I felt I was playing quite well to make that score. After yesterday's round, I am even more confident than before that my sub 90 round isn't too far off. The long game was working reasonably well, the 4i off the tee was doing its job. I even had some pretty poor strikes, but still got a very, very reasonable result from the shot. If I had been hitting those same shots with my MP53 4i, I would have been 90yards from the tee, instead of 160ish. I hit 6 FIR, and 2 GIR. Not the greatest of stats. I really want to be closer to 10 FIR's, especially with the 4i off the tee. And GIR's I feel like I should get it on most par 5s, a couple of par 3s and maybe some of the shorter par 4s as well, so I would like this to be between 5-7 GIR per round. Most disappointing though was the short game. I took 38 putts, which is unacceptable. I don't want to be hitting anything more than 33 putts at the very most, and ideally want to be closer to 30 putts per round. This was mostly due to some very long first putts which didn't quite end up in tap-in range, as well as some chip shots that wasn't quite as sharp as I would expect it to be. This was my first round in about 4 weeks, and I haven't practiced any short game, and the rust showed. My ball striking is now at a point where I am fairly comfortable that I can repeat my swing, and I think now the focus really has to become short game, short game, short game. I will mention that I really enjoyed my round yesterday, even though the short game was disappointing. Got some confidence out of the sand, and played some really nice recovery shots. I was playing with a student, who plays in the high 70s regularly, and he actually gave me some really good advice on recovery shots. (One other note, I am becoming very good at selectively listening to unsolicited advice on the course that might have completely disrupted my game before). Out of this one round, I got 3 new shots. I can now play a nice draw around trees if I need to, and I can also now play a low punch that draws just a little bit, and will roll nicely right to left when it hits the ground. And I can also play a low punch shot that will fade ever so slightly, and that will roll left to right once it hits the ground. I actually feel very confident about my game after yesterday. I know I have a good short game, just need to maintain it. Yesterday prove that I can actually pull off a bit of shotmaking, which helps plenty.
  16. Played 18 holes yesterday afternoon at my local course, and shot 98. This is only one shot of my best, and I felt like I was playing quite crappy. It has been a month since my last round, and the lack of short game practice showed very clearly. Took way, way too many putts and short game shots. This round could easily have been around the 90 mark, or just below, had my short game been sharper. This gives me plenty of hope in my quest to go sub 90 though, and I'll be practicing my short game diligently.
  17. Welcome to the forum, Highlander. I am sure you will enjoy your time here. Some great guys and gals, with tons of knowledge on this great, and frustrating game we love. Where do you get your fix of haggis and deep fried Mars bar in San Antonio?
  18. This thread has been slow over the last few months. In fact, it wasn't even slow, there was nothing much happening. I am playing 18 tomorrow afternoon. Haven't had much practice over the last few weeks, only a couple of buckets. Haven't had decent short game practice in quite some time, so I will have to hit a few chips before teeing off. In the past I haven't too often play more than one round per month, which doesn't really lend itself to making progress score-wise. I have in the mean time gotten things in place to play at least two 18 hole rounds a month. And I plan on getting in some 9 hole practice rounds as well, but this might be pushing it with the wife. Will report back on tomorrow's round.
  19. Congrats everyone! Can't wait for the reviews and pics
  20. Well, I guess that means I won't be able to make it...
  21. Less than a year old (at the time), and already getting annoyed with mom, dad and the grandparents. Someone is going to have a loooong childhood!
  22. Myself, the wife and baby Ruben on summer holiday last year.
  23. Thanks, silver & black. Sounds like you still have a soft spot for the 25s. That must be testament to how good they were for you.
  24. GG, how would you compare the forgiveness between the 800 Pros and the MX25s? And how do they compare in general? As mentioned earlier in the thread, I also have a JPX 800 6i. I thought if I wanted more forgiveness than what my current MP53s offer, I should rather go for the JPX 800, than the 800 Pros. I really wanted to like the 800s, but I prefer the MX25 over it.
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