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  1. Scratch that last one, apparently I didn't read your list of wrong answers closely enough!
  2. I have to say after watching (and rooting) for Spieth over the last 2 years, this guy is 100% one of the MOST UNDERRATED talents on the PGA tour. Have we forgotten that he is 21 years old?! Some quick stats to point out... 2013: 18/23 cuts made. 1 win, 3 runner ups, 9 top 10's, 13 top 25's. 7th in the FedEx cup. 2014: 24/27 cuts made. 2 runner ups, 8 top 10's, 18 top 25's. 15th in the FedEx cup. 2 late season wins. Roughly $8.3 million in earnings in 2 seasons on tour. Currently ranked 9th in the official world golf rankings. What those stats combined scream to me is SILLY consistency. I know that's not a sexy way to describe a professional golfers game, but it has made some PGA players a great career. The kid demands a lot of himself, all the while being as humble as anyone, and carrying himself like a professional in a manner that some others on the tour haven't been able to achieve over much longer careers. The kicker, how great is it to yell "SPIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIETH" when he does well?
  3. THIS! markb, you captured my thoughts EXACTLY on what I too thought might happen on a ball struck near/on one of the vertical slots. I can just imagine a ball struck with a swing path & face angle both on line having unwanted sidespin on it due to the flexing of the club face where the slots are. (As if I could ever distinguish the difference from a slot causing this vs one of my terrible swings)!
  4. A friend of mine has Cleveland CG16 tour irons that have the same thing but on the toe. I think it's a great looking feature, but these are the last irons I've seen with this. I think the model is about 3-4 years old? Either way it would be nice to have when someone with loft-jacked irons crushes the "same iron" by you, until they realize theirs is 4* stronger
  5. I should preface these questions with the following statement: I am not an engineer and I'm sure someone smarter than me has been involved with designing both slots in the RSi line. So after looking at the pictures of the RSi 1/2's cut in half, I'm feeling perplexed and maybe someone could help me with a couple questions. 1) Both of those irons show a bottom velocity slot that is in the weighted portion of the club BEHIND the cavity, SEPARATED from the face. To me this means that the slot has zero interaction with the club face, and I don't see how it could have any affect on face flex at impact with the golf ball to produce more speed across the hitting area whether it be low, side to side, or otherwise. Maybe that's not how the slots are supposed to work and I'm just looking at it wrong. 2) Both of the irons have velocity slots that run vertically on either side if the typical impact zone of the clubface. Does this help with side to side mishits due to the fact that the face can flex/rebound more where it connects to those slots? Because if their previous usage of slots was to put one behind the impact zone to help the flex/rebound BEHIND the area of impact, how does a slot next to the area of impact help? To me that would just make the ball spin more when hit left or right off of center. Again, maybe that's not how the side slots are supposed to work and I'm just looking at it wrong. maybe they are there to disperse weight farther to the toe and heel for more stability over the entire range of impact. Like I said, I'm no engineer (but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn Express before) and I'm just wondering if anyone else sees these slots as a bit of snake oil, or could enlighten me as to their utility.
  6. Selling my Nike VR Forged Pro Blades. Clubs are in excellent condition (should have washed em!) New Decade Multicompound Whiteout/Red grips, installed a few months ago and hardly played. Standard length/loft/lie. DG X100's. Clubs have normal bag chatter, and the pitching wedge is the only iron with actual face wear. $375 shipped. Would consider trading for a 10.5* Titleist 913 D2 or D3 in excellent condition in stiff/x-stiff.
  7. Looking to trade my 35" Ping Anser Milled #5 putter. The #5 has a long neck on a traditional Anser head to make it a face balanced blade. Looking to trade for another blade putter as this one has found its way out of the rotation. Would like to trade for another plumbers neck blade, 34" or longer. The following are my love-to-have putters but I'll consider anything of similar value. ($300 putter when I bought it new this summer) Nike Method Midnight 006 Scotty Cameron Monterey/Newport 2 Bettinardi's, Byron's etc. I can post more recent photos if you'd like. Grip, putter and headcover are all in pristine shape. Let me know if you have any questions, thanks!
  8. We have this at the course I live/play on. Literally, the tee area is 20 yards away from my kitchen window right in my backyard. Cool idea, but the thing was out of service for the first 3 months it was installed. Also, just like you said hckymeyer, it takes a while to input all of your information and after many frustrating attempts, neither I nor anyone I know has ever actually placed a bet with it. I could count on 1 hand how many people I've seen place a bet on the machine since it was installed, and half of them were at a time when they had a cute girl sitting in a cart explaining the game to everyone for the entire weekend. Would be a great idea if it was faster to use.
  9. How do you like the G25's? I feel like everything in the 25 series Ping released is incredible!
  10. I was worried about them before getting them out of the box, but man oh man do they perform. I've never had a problem getting the ball airborn, and these are no different, but the flight is absolutely perfect.Not only are these the best feeling (no ifs ands or buts) forged irons I've ever hit, but the c-tapers are so smooth they make hitting the long irons a pleasure. And they hit and sit too!
  11. Thanks aotearoabrad. I ended up at Golf Galaxy to buy the putter because they were the only shop in town that had the model in store to test out. I knew I wanted a plumbers neck milled putter and the Anser 5 was one of the very few longnecks I could find to suit my need for a face balanced "blade." The fitting was... Basic. Luckily I'm very methodic about my set up so I feel confident that the changes really do fit my game, but they were pretty simple First, the fitter studied my putter lie (eyeballing) which I knew was incredibly toe-up, and we fixed that by bending the putter 2* flat. Simple but effective. Second, they put a board in between my hands and my legs that had vertical lines to figure out how much forward press I have and adjust the loft on the putter accordingly. Therefore, we added loft to accomadate my press and limit the skid off the putter face. That's it. Like I said, very simple, but really I knew what kind of balance, length, and neck/head type I wanted. Therefore I'd say that's pretty much all there was left as long as the person getting fitted knows their desired putter type to fit their stroke. In a word, effective.
  12. The new WIYB's I've been seeing has inspired me to take some new snaps of my bag after the overhaul it went through this season. So far the new setup has dropped my handicap almost 2 index points. I attribute this first to being fit for a new driver that has me hitting so many more fairways. Also, the new irons with the KBS C-Tapers have dramatically improved my ball striking accuracy and flight. I can't say enough good things about the new additions, but to put it simply, accuracy accuracy accuracy! And the Anser Milled 5 is my favorite putter of all time. Finding a face balanced blade has totally transformed my putting, and getting fit for the putter has probably been the second most influential part of dropping my handicap. All grips are standard size +1 wrap. Swapped the standard Ping grip on the Anser for the Scottsdale standard size grip and the feel is 100x better! Driver: Ping G25 9.5* w/Tour X-Stiff Ping TFC shaft 3 Wood: Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour 13* w/Aldila Rip 70X 3 Hybrid: Tour Edge Exotics CB4 Tour 19* w/Aldila Rip 80S Irons: Cobra AMP Cell Pro's with X-stiff KBS Tour C-tapers +1/2" and standard loft/lie Wedges: Vokey SM4 CC Black Nickel 50*, 54*, 58* +1/2" standard loft/lie w/TT DG S300 shafts Putter: Ping Anser Milled 5 long neck face balanced 35" black dot bent to 5* loft 2* flat Ball: Titleist Pro-V1x Getting their bath before the photo shoot
  13. THIS! I can't wait to see the results... and the eye candy!
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