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  1. I swapped my mizuno 4 hybrid for a ping 7 wood. Never looking back
  2. here in Kentucky (and other states I am sure) you better hit the fairway in the spring or kiss it goodbye. Grass grows really fast and thick. I think, the closer to breaking 80 you get, the more important fairways become. I hit about 50% fairways and 20% greens and I am a 12 handicap. Moving up to the "proper" tees has not helped. My iron/hybrid game just sucks. BUT! This year is going to be different! (says the 70yr old who has been playing 58 years) best I ever played to was a 7 handicap when I was in my 50's. I was using wilson $9 per dozen balls and drove the ball about 250. At that time I hit 60% fairways and 50% greens. So, for me, I need to hit more greens.
  3. Buck/Kentucky Handicap 10 titleist 712 AP1 140
  4. Buck / Kentucky 12 yes/ just recently I have been a good putter until recently. I just had a lesson and changed putting set up. would love to incorporate a new putting aid to reinforce the lesson technique. I am also retired and have time to elaborate and wax on pontfically.
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