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  1. Id say probably the person who cheats in a scramble or casual game because they are cheating and gaining nothing in return. I understand cheating when something big is on the line but cheating when youre playing with your buddies? Stupid.
  2. Well, opinions certainly vary on that. IMO, the concept of a release in a putting stroke is largely a feel thing. There is really no release in putting and if you try to, youre going to get flippy with your putter.
  3. Id go for the more accurate one. You can always swing a bit harder and get a few more yards out of it if accuracy isnt a concern. If youre spraying it all over the place, distance doesnt really matter unless its 50 yards longer.
  4. Personal preference. Nothing more. Some people like no offset, some do. Its all what you like.
  5. Mine certainly do. I use my driver and putter the most and probably use my 7 iron or 9 iron the most after that.
  6. I go with the 7-iron chip route because its much easier and more consistent to just get the ball rolling. You just take so many variables out of play and even if you mishit it, your ball is still going to be on the green and fairly close to where you intended. With a lob wedge, if you mishit it, you are either going to duff it and have the ball go 5 feet or you are going to skull it 50 yards over the green. Not to mention you have to factor in for how much spin you are going to get and how soft the green is. Forget about the lob wedge flop shots, go old school and just get it rolli
  7. I go minimalist, so club damage isnt a big concern to me, even with a Sunday bag. I go with my woods together, my irons together and my wedge and putter have their own compartments. 4-way divider.
  8. Id agree with keeping your old clubs and having someone help you to improve your swing. It looks like you are probably delofting the club, which would explain your numbers and why you are getting a low ball flight. Im of the mind that new clubs are almost never the answer, unless you are still playing persimmons or your old clubs are broken. Just look at the past 30 years: even after all the supposed advances in clubs, 50% of golfers never break 100. If new clubs were so much better, as we are led to believe, a much higher percentage should be breaking 100, if not 90.
  9. It certainly sounds like bull to me but Im sure its a great ball. Id just be concerned about cover durability when you have no paint protecting it. Either way, Im happy to see W/S coming out with something new. Golf is better when you have heritage brands like Wilson coming out with new things.
  10. I enjoy having a few beers on the course. I feel like it makes me play a bit better because it relaxes me and just kind of puts me in my happy place. Beer for me always just puts me in a good place, theres just a fine line between having a good time and getting wasted though.
  11. Whatever works. I'm just trying to understand your logic. Unless cost and a soft feeling ball are your main or only concerns, you're really giving up a lot of performance with a ball like the Duo and its probably hurting your game much more than its helping it. Based upon your previous response, it seems like your mind is pretty set and you aren't open to any opinions that differ from your own. Just saying. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. I'm just saying. Look at the MGS ball test where they showed that soft balls can actually cost you ball speed and distance. Not to mention that nowadays all balls are low spin off the driver, so it really doesn't matter if its a Pro V1 or Pinnacle. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  13. Perhaps but you can usually find the Maxflis for the 2 dozen for $50 deal and you can get them that day, instead of hoping that Snell has the ball you want in stock (which lately they seldom do) and then waiting a week for them to ship to you. Ive played Snells, Ive played Maxflis. To me, they are pretty much the same. The only difference is that Maxfli doesnt have the hype behind it that Snell does.
  14. The science really doesnt support the notion that you will lose distance with a firmer ball. Its quite the opposite, actually.
  15. Id recommend that Maxfli Tour. Ive been playing them for the past few months and theyre awsome. To me, they play just like a Pro V1 but cost about $25 a dozen. I wouldnt get too concerned with the compression of a ball because there really is no set rule for how you measure compression. Especially in a 3 or 4-piece ball, what are they measuring? The outer cover? The core? Does anyone even know? Does it even matter? I do feel that you give up a certain amount of performance (distance and spin) when you go to a really low compression ball but if you have been playing the Duo and you
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