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  1. I'll admit that I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. It was kind of what I expected: Tiger and Peyton were entertaining, Phil and Brady were a bit full of themselves. Phil overanalyzed his wedge shots so much that I wasnt sure if it was Phil or Bryson. I also had to laugh at how Brady didnt say a word when he was sucking but after he holed out from the fairway all you heard from him was trash talk. Tom, just shut up. You suck at golf and no way are you an 8 handicap. I wish Brooks would have offered Brady $100K to quit after 9 holes and spare us all watching him hack it around the course. Chuck on color commentary was fun. I loved when he said after Tiger hit a shot, "that looks just like me" and when they told him he was dreaming, he was like, "I mean we're both black." Brilliant.
  2. Ive been really enjoying my Sun Mountain 2.5+. Its a lightweight bag that still has legs. I do wish that it had maybe 1 more pocket but its a lightweight bag and thats something you give up when you go lightweight.
  3. Is it though? Everyone talks about his ball patents but that was a long time ago. FWIW, Quantix could say the same thing but they dont seem to get anywhere near the hype or respect that Snell does.What more ridiculous, me speculating the Snell may be a catalog ball with a hyped up image or the blind faith that we all seem to give Snell because of Dean Snell's history and resume? Have we seen any new designs from Snell? Have we seen any pictures or video of Snell's qc people at the ball plant in Asia? All we have what Snell tells us and how do we know it's not all just marketing? Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  4. Amen. As Ive said several times in the past, I think that much of the hype surrounding Snell is the resume of Dean Snell. His pedigree is unquestionable but I still question just how much of a hand he actually has in the design and QC of his golf balls.
  5. I think that whether or not they are worth it is really a personal decision. I think that if you are someone who loses balls pretty often, playing an expensive ball isnt good because you are going to worry about losing expensive balls and its going to hurt your game because you will be playing with fear and tension. I also dont think that there is a ton of difference in terms of short game because if you are playing cheap balls, all you have to do is pick a landing spot short and let the ball rolls out. Granted, there will be some situations where you might shortside yourself where you cant just land it short and let it roll but you could always just plan your shots to where you never shortside yourself. Im of the mind that the spin is nice but you dont really need it to play good golf. Ive played expensive balls and Ive played cheap balls and the only difference I ever really noticed was that I get less angry when I lose the cheap balls.
  6. Cobra AMP Cell 4-PW, a couple Ping Glide 2.0 wedges, an Odyssey White Ice DART and a new Odyssey Triple Track 2-Ball Blade.
  7. I have a mix: Tommy Armour, Ping, Cobra and Odyssey. I would say that I like what I like and try not to be brand loyal but I do have brands that I like and dislike.
  8. Amen. People always say that they dont like bucket hats because they dont look cool. You know what else isnt cool? Skin cancer. Im 40 years old now, so Im past the point in my life where I worry about what other people think is cool. As someone who is a redhead, who used to pretty much live in tank tops and shorts (and has the sun damage marks on his shoulders to prove it) and who hasnt been very good to his skin sometimes over the past 40 years; Im probably more aware of it than most.
  9. I havent listened to the podcast yet but it sounds like MGS gave me yet another reason to not play a Callaway ball. Although, I probably should be just as concern how out of round the Vice and Maxfli balls that Ive been playing are as well. I need to catch up on podcasts when I get back to work and my 2 hour a day commute tomorrow.
  10. Ive heard of them, they old tech though. If you hit them well, great but theres probably much better technology out there. While you could make an arguement against new irons due to jacked lofts, you cant really deny that woods have improved signifigantly in the last 20 years.
  11. Id recommend yoga as well. Id also recommend doing traditional planks and side planks.
  12. Hey, at least theyre open. I actually think that this will become the norm, at least for a while and if thats what it takes to keep people healthy until we can get past all this, Im all for it.
  13. In theory, yes but Id also say theres a ton of variables that come into play. How much sway or forward weight transfer do you have? If you hang back or have a reverse pivot, it all kind of goes out the window. I personally play the ball a bit more forward than normal (almost eve with my big toe) to prevent me from popping it up and to compensate for the fade/slice, I just aim down the left side of the hole and let the ball (hopefully) drift back to the middle of the fairway.
  14. It doesnt matter. He should just go to the Champions Tour where he belongs. He has absolutely no business playing on the KFT, IMO.
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