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  1. I tend to play a lot of munis and executive courses that are 9 hole and I enjoy them. Its nice to be able to get out, bang out 9 holes in an hour and a half and get on with your day. I always feel like playing 18 holes can take all day, especially when the course is crowded.
  2. That was certainly an enlightening episode and made me kind of angry about the bait 'n switch that OEMs do by thinking that you are getting a high-end shaft but youre really just getting a cheap shaft with a fancy name.
  3. I personally prefer an 8-iron. IMO, chipping with a higher lofted wedge like a 56 or 60 is a bad idea because its easy to hit it fat or thin. If you take a short iron and just do a putting stroke, its actually quite easy.
  4. I replace my irons too often, honestly. In terms of brand, Im pretty brand agnostic. I really need to stop messing around and just stick with what I have. Having said that, Im probably going to replace my TA Atomics with a set of TA 845s. LOL I favor Tommy Armour right now because they are very good clubs at an amazing price. If you watch the sales, you can often get them for half as much or less than any of the mainstream OEMs and I honestly find that TAs perform just as well as anything else.
  5. The MGS ball test showed that you are losing a few yards of distance with a softer ball because it costs you some ball speed. I'll admit that I prefer a softer ball, even though I know it probably costs me some distance and I probably should be playing a firmer ball.
  6. I dont believe he's a legit 8. I watched him play and Im a 15 and I honestly think that I could beat him. I just looked at how many tee shots he hit OB and how he just seemed to have absolutely no ability to recover from any bad shot and just dont believe it. Perhaps he is an 8 at an executive course that he plays all the time where he can bend the rules and no one cares but no way in heck is he a legit 8 when he counts every stroke and actually plays by the rules. Brady and the Pats have a history of bending the rules in football though, so maybe he does that in golf too.
  7. So, I picked up a TA Serrano putter today and its wonderful. Very well crafted and has a nice, soft feel to it. I also recently ordered an 845 4-hybrid and its supposed to be here on Friday, so we'll see how that gets on hopefully this weekend. I also messed around with the 845 and 845 Forged irons on the sim at GG and they seem to work really well. I find them to be easier to hit than my Atomics and I noticed that TA went back to more traditional modern lofts instead of the super strong lofts that the Atomics have. The PW on the 845 is 43.5* and 43* on the Forge, unlike the 41.5* that the PW in the Atomic set has. That makes me wonder if TA didnt learn that the Atomics were a bit too strong for most people. Im still debating picking up a set of 845s in the fall because theyre already marked down to around $300. I dont know that I would spend $1K on the Forged but Id drop $300 on the regular 845s.
  8. Ive played some of the matte Maxfli balls lately and honestly, I dont think it really matters. Just like most other things, I think its just another gimmick. Matte golf balls, gloss golf balls, bright colored golf balls; I dont think it really matters.
  9. The best golf tip Ive ever recieved is to stop listening to golf tips.
  10. Today I traded my Cobra AMP Cell irons and Odyssey TT 2-Ball Blade putter in to Golf Galaxy and they told me that I only had same-day store credit, so I picked up a couple Tommy Armour VCG wedges (I dont really need them right now but I will in a couple years) and a Tommy Armour 303 Milled Series Serrano putter. Id been eyeing the milled Armours but wasnt too keen on spending $250 on them but with same-day store credit burning a hole in my pocket, I decided to take a chance on it. I must admit, its a really nice putter and have a very soft feel to it. Ive been trying to embrace mallet putters lately because I know they are more forgiving and the Serrano has a shape very similar to the Impact #3, so we'll see how it goes.
  11. Im a big fan of 18Birdies because its just a nice, simple, free GPS and scorecard app. Ive tried a bunch of other ones but I always seem to come back to 18Birdies.
  12. Call me one of those people who doesnt believe Tom is an 8 handicap. At this point in his life, being on TV shouldnt matter. Him chirping at Chuck after he hit his first good shot of the day is akin to him losing by 41 points in a game, finally scoring a toughdown and chirping at the other team. The problem isnt that he talked trash to Chuck, its that he proceeded to talk trash for the rest of the day after that. You finally hit a good shot, Tom, good job. What about all the other tee shots that you snap hooked OB and that fact that your game was so bad that you didnt even hit driver all day? Brady just proved why, other than people who live in Boston or who are Michigan football fans, no one can stand him. Its funny how Tiger and Peyton managed to make it a fun event and be entertaining without making an arse of themselves.
  13. No. Playing by the same rules as the pros is the only way that we can compare ourselves to them. IMO, if you arent playing by the rules of golf and are using nonconforming clubs, then you arent really playing golf. To me, that would be like if I college football they gave them 6 downs instead of the 4 that the pros get. No thanks.
  14. I'll admit that I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. It was kind of what I expected: Tiger and Peyton were entertaining, Phil and Brady were a bit full of themselves. Phil overanalyzed his wedge shots so much that I wasnt sure if it was Phil or Bryson. I also had to laugh at how Brady didnt say a word when he was sucking but after he holed out from the fairway all you heard from him was trash talk. Tom, just shut up. You suck at golf and no way are you an 8 handicap. I wish Brooks would have offered Brady $100K to quit after 9 holes and spare us all watching him hack it around the course. Chuck on color commentary was fun. I loved when he said after Tiger hit a shot, "that looks just like me" and when they told him he was dreaming, he was like, "I mean we're both black." Brilliant.
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