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  1. For me, its just the majors. The majors are all that matters, the rest is just filler. I may still watch if its a venue that I find interesting, such as Pebble Beach or the Sony in Hawaii but I dont really care.
  2. As someone who plays irons that are 10-20 years old (depending upon if Im playing the Mizunos or the Cobras), I can tell you that older clubs absolutely can compete. Ive said many times in the past that Im not really a fan of loft jacking because it kills spin, which isnt always a good thing. A well struck shot isnt going to me much different with any iron, although you could argue that the newer clubs are better on mishits.
  3. I certainly used to but I dont anymore. I think that much of it has to do with me starting a daily Buddhist practice, daily meditation and learning the way that my mind works. Im able to tune out much more of the negative self talk, overanalysis, worrying and other mental clutter and just believe in myself and swing the freaking club. I often remember the line in the movie, "The Legend Of Bagger Vance", where he says something along the lines of how playing good golf is all about being able to stop thinking without falling asleep. I like that and its a mantra that Ive tried to emulate. I dont care about new equipment (its cool and all but its not something that I feel that I need any more), I dont care what the pros are playing and I dont care about swing tips. I mean, the best swing tip that you could ever get is to stop listening to swing tips. LOL I just show up at the course with whatever swing I have that day, play with what Ive got that day and I let the rest go. I would say that for anyone who struggles with the mental side of the game, meditating can be hugely beneficial. Its not all that difficult either and theres really nothing spiritual or mystical about it. Meditation is little more than learning how to notice your thoughts and let them go without clinging to them. You certainly may have spritual or mystical experiences while meditation but even those arent something that you should seek out or cling to and those too you simply let go. Meditation is all about learning how to accept the present moment with no clinging or judgement.
  4. True but there is a big difference in that DSG/GG have actual brick and morter stores that add to the cost vs companies like Vice, Snell, Cut, etc that are strictly virtual. Having physical stores is something that should be built into the pricing model for Maxfli, which is kind of what makes them so amazing that they can compete on price with the DTC brands but arent truly DTC.
  5. I would say yes...and no. I would say yes in that they are DTC because they dont have the markup that some of the more mainstream brands do and they are truly DTC in the sense that they are a DSG/GG exclusive and are a house brand. I would say no because they arent a true DTC because the balls are manufactured for DSG/GG, then sold to DSG/GG and then sold to consumers. Its not truly direct to consumer but its certainly far better than a lot of other brands.
  6. Nitro. Theyre so cheap if you lose one you wont even care.
  7. Ive used it in the past but didnt really like it. I do think that LHL can be beneficial if you are a bit flippy with the club and release it too much. I dont think its, "the future of putting" though.
  8. I dont know if I would say its unbiased. Everyone has bias. I would say though that its one of the least biased sites out there and that much of the claims and reviews give you hard numbers and science to back up what they are saying. As for $$$, it is my understanding that they do not accept money from golf companies for favorable reviews. Many other sites out there cannot say the same thing. A lot of reviews in everything, golf included, are a pay for a good review kind of deal.
  9. A chipper is a far more versatile club than people give it credit for. Depending on the conditions, I use mine up to 75 yards out and its a great club for hitting a punch shot with. Not to mention the classic use: greenside chips. Its pretty much an automatic club around the green. I can almost always bump and run it to at least 10 feet.
  10. No changes for me for next year, other than adding a Top Flite chipper to the bag.
  11. Golf Pride Tour Wrap for me. I love the way they look and love the way that they feel. They may not have the best performance in the wet but I dont play in the rain much anyways.
  12. Ive been thinking about pulling the trigger on a set of Tommy Armour 845s. Im basically just waiting for them to go on sale for the end of the season. Im hoping to wait until they are marked down to $350-$400. Right now I see that they are at $450 but I feel like I can do better. Just like a few years ago when I picked up my TA Atomic driver for $250.
  13. Really, theres so many choices that its probably easier to say what cars ARENT great. Having said that, my '15 Honda Accord does well. You can put a golf bag in sideways and I could probably get 4 bags in the trunk pretty easily. Really though, any SUV or car that is midsize or bigger is going to be pretty ideal for carrying golf clubs.
  14. A Bullseye would be a good choice if you want a period correct putter. Like some of the others have said though, dating Bullseyes can be a tricky thing to do.
  15. You basically need 2 gap wedges with modern irons lofts. Thats one of the many reasons why I reject modern iron lofts and instead play older irons. Especially if you are playing expensive wedges like Vokeys, you are basically looking at spending $500+ just on wedges. To me, thats just crazy.
  16. Its a major for me simply because the Ryder Cup is a team even vs a major being something that you do all on your own. Win a Ryder Cup and its just another Ryder Cup team, win a major and your name goes down in history and you live forever in the history of golf.
  17. I wouldnt add any clubs. IMO, you dont need any more than 7 clubs.
  18. Hey, Im with you for buying new clubs because you want new clubs. I can respect that. The issue that I have and the one that gets an eye roll from me is when people buy new clubs thinking that its going to improve their golf game or who think that new clubs have all this revolution club technology as compared to their 2 year old clubs.
  19. Id say though that the difference is that most people buy a new washing machine when their old one dies or is worn out. People buy new golf clubs every year under the guise that its going to improve their game and based upon claims by the OEMs that are mostly BS.
  20. Im with you 100%. I think that pretty much all of the, "new tech" is little more than marketing hype. I play a 10 year old set of King Cobra irons, as well as a 20 year old set of Mizuno blades and to me, they play just like any other iron Ive ever played. I dont play in tournaments, so I dont really care that the grooves arent legal.
  21. I can only speak for myself personally but the reasons why I dont care for Notre Dame is because they always seem to be overrated in the rankings (ranked in the top 10 when they play a cupcake schedule). I can remember a couple years ago when they made the playoff when they really had no business being in and got their doors blown off by Alabama. I think that much of it has to do with money. Just like Ohio State, theyre a big draw in terms of money and viewship. People are either Notre Dame fans and tune in to see them win or they are not Notre Dame fans and tune in to watch them lose. At the end of the day, they arent the only ones who get the benefit of the doubt and its really all about the brand perception of your program.
  22. As a Badger fan, part of me was rooting for Coan but I just cant cheer for the Irish. Its going to be really interesting to see when they play the Badgers in a couple weeks. Part of me wanted to root for the Irish for Coan and another part of me was cheering for FSU because its Notre Dame. It was kind of a lose-lose either way. LOL If Wisconsin can avoid the turnovers, I dont see how they lose to the Notre Dame team that I watched on Sunday. Thats a big, "if" though. LOL Mertz needs to be better and live up to his 4-star rating.
  23. Hey, dont look at me. I havent bought golf balls in over a year.
  24. Im probably different than most in that I only carry 1 wedge and need to be able to use it to hit a variety of shots from a variety of lies but I prefer versatile. That way, I know that its going to work in any situation.
  25. Ive got a Mizuno MP Fli-Hi, which is basically a driving iron. I like it off the tee on short par 4s or when its a tighter fairway that demands a straighter shot.
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