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  1. I dont think that blade vs CB matters anywhere near as much as people make it out. At the end of the day, its still just a hunk of metal on the end of the stick, does it really matter that much what the back of the clubhead looks like? Do you really think that if the back side of the head is scooped out vs one that has more meat on the bottom half on the head really matters? IMO, its all marketing and no matter if its a blade or a CB, a bad swing is never going to give you great golf shots with either.
  2. As they say in the UK, Im gutted about this one. Mostly because the courses all followed the guidelines and now suddenly golf isnt a safe form of outdoor recreation. Thank God for Playstation and streaming TV because with no golf, no soccer and being off work until who knows when, Id have to start drinking every day!
  3. Im a big fan of So Yeon. She beautiful, shes got a great swing and she seems very down to Earth. I follow her on Instagram and shes always posting stuff thanking the fans, praising her peers and kind of making fun of herself. Big fan.
  4. Im right-handed and left eye dominant too and it doesnt really matter to me. Ive used putters with offset and with no offset. IMO, offset or no offset is really just a personal preference.
  5. Best is really a subjective thing. I really like Underarmour polos but theyre expensive. I really like the Hogan branded polos that Wal-Mart sells. Theyre good quality and are dirt cheap. I buy a lot of my golf clothes at Kohls because the prices are cheap and the clothes are decent quality.
  6. I feel like people look at most of my vintage putters and would think, "I could never putt with that!" Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  7. I would say, no, it doesnt have to look good. Some of my favorite putters were vintage Bullseyes and 8802s that were all dinged and nicked up because in the old days people didnt use putter covers. Is actually kind of funny in that we value an old set of blades that is all dinged up from decades of bag chatter and see that as character but look down upon woods, hybrids and putters that have the same look. Ive got an old Dunlop Peter Tomson putter that is from the 1950s. Its basically a Bullseye clone with a brass head that is all dinged up, fluted steel shaft and leather wrap grip. Its old, its kind of ugly but it rolls the ball very well. I just look at that putter and I wonder what stories it could tell if it could talk. I also sometimes wonder how many years and decades worth of sweat and BO is soaked into that leather grip but thats a different tale for another day and something I try not to think about.
  8. Yeah, it falls under the gray area of, "recreational areas". DeWine didnt come out and say that golf courses were shut down and said that we were still allowed to get outside for outdoor recreation/exercise. Honestly, as long as you practice social distancing and courses take the steps that they have; a golf course is really one of the safest places you can be. When I was at Delaware, they had a hand sanitizer dispenser at the front door, had one of the doors propped open and the person in the clubhouse wore rubber gloves, in addition to them cover the holes with styrofoam so that your ball couldnt go in the hole.
  9. Perhaps. I think a lot of them may be hurting so much that they may not be able to take a big loss on running sales. I am hopeful that GG/DSG has steep price cuts on the TA 845. Id love to pick up a set but am not in a place where I was to drop $500-$1 on a set of irons right now. Besides, as much as I WANT a new set of irons, theres really nothing wrong with my Atomics. I mostly want the 845s just for the nostalgia of the 845 name.
  10. I played 9 holes at Delaware Golf Club today. I only found 3 courses in my area that were open but some are open. It looks like in Columbus, only Delaware and Foxfire are open. It wasnt bad, really. They had these little styrofoam disc in the holes so that you didnt have to reach in the cup to get your ball or touch the flag. I pretty much just gave myself a gimmie with anything that was within 10' of the hole.
  11. Agree. I think any of the DTC balls work just fine. I'm using the Maxflis now, which I believe are also a Foremost rebrand and theyre great. I think it's more about which brand identity you like. I think that most who prefer Snell like Dean Snell (its hard not to at least respect him) and believe that he has a hand in the design and qc of the balls. I've tried Snell, Vice and Cut and theyre all good. I want to try Seed and Quantix but I kind of feel like it's all the same ball with a different brand name. That's kind of why I like Maxfli. I can buy them as I need and dont need to stock up. I always felt with DTC that I needed to stick up because sometimes the higher end balls were sold out or backordered. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  12. Id be curious to hear which Vice ball you were using. Ive played both Snell and Vice and they performed virtually identically for me. I know that a lot of people buy into the claims from Snell that he designs the balls and has people are Foremost who are constantly checking quality but to be fair, this ball technology is nothing new, which is why all of these DTC companies are able to make 3 and 4-piece balls now.
  13. Im planning on playing a few times while Im off work for the next week and a half. Some of the courses here in Cbus are still open, you just have to be smart and careful. I plan to call anything within 6' a gimmie and not touch the flagstick. I figure that as long as I do that and continue to practice social distancing, I should be fine. One of the metropark courses here was open and was free but after all the rain they got last week, its a little flooded, so that one may be out.
  14. I do. My persimmons dont look as good as the OP's do though. Ive got an old Wilson persimmon driver and a Spalding. I love the look of them, although I dont hit the ball very high with them.
  15. Nah. Its still one of the most beautiful putters ever made.
  16. The only problem with the Kirklands is being able to find them and the fact that the covers of them shred pretty easily.
  17. Im not playing golf right now. All of the munis here in Columbus are closed and even most of the other courses are closing down too. Everyone is just kind of hunkering down and letting COVID pass. Id had hopes that my work would shut down for a few weeks and I could just golf every day but I dont see that happening now. Its looks like if we do shut down, I will be playing FIFA on the Playstation. Its a rough time: the golf courses are closed, the bars are closed (unless you want carryout) and the future in uncertain. Even still, Im still healthy and I still have a job to go to every day, so I really cant complain.
  18. Ive been enjoying watching classic episodes of Shell's WWOG and a Bar Rescue marathon that has been on. I'll probably start catching up on some Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu shows Ive had on my watch list but hadnt gotten to yet. Ive heard Peaky Blinders is good, I may watch that.
  19. Ive been enjoying watching classic episodes of Shell's WWOG on TGC lately.
  20. Truefeel. I played the Trusoft a bit last year and its a good ball. Very soft.
  21. You should take a look at Maxfli too. Ive been playing the Maxfli Straightfli so far this year and have really liked the performance of it. Its got a nice feel and even for being a cheaper ball, it still gets good spin off the irons and wedges and it feels good off the putter. You should also consider the DTC route and going with Snell, Vice, Cut, Oncore, Seed, Quantix, etc. Ive played some of those in the past and theyre fine too. I simply prefer Maxfli right now because they are pretty much the same thing and I can pick them up at any GG/DSG instead of having to order them online and wait a week. Im actually really interested in Seed because they are based in Ireland but I question just how Irish they are (just like I questioned how German Vice really is).
  22. Id play St Andrews or any of the other famous Scotland courses before I played Pebble Beach. PB is cool but its got nothing on Scotland.
  23. I must have missed this too. I told me wife recently that I want to do a Scotland golf trip for my 50th birthday and The Old Course is at the top of my list. Ive seen that theres travel agents who offer packages that get you on the OC. I believe the one I saw was called, "St Andrews Experience" and they offer packages that guaranetee you a round on the OC and then rounds on several other courses in the area. I believe they start at around $5K, which is expensive but when you consider its a 4-day stay and play package that includes accomodations at the Old Course Hotel and 4 rounds of golf, I feel like the expense is worth not dealing with the hassle. Anyways, yeah, bucket list course and when the day comes for this trip, I probably wont believe Im actually there.
  24. Neutral. I find that if I go strong, I hit hooks and if I go weak, I hit blocks; so neutral allows me to hit a nice, little draw.
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