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  1. Id say that you most certainly can save some money if you buy used clubs but that's only assuming that you aren't constantly buying different clubs just to buy different clubs and get clubs that fit you fairly well. Ive bought quite a few sets off of Ebay and you can get some deals. I would say that Im also guility of buying too many used clubs, instead of just playing what I have.
  2. Im a Buddhist, so my mental game as the result of my zen practice is probably better than most but what I do is let the previous shot go and similar focus on the next shot. You cant go back and change the past, so even if you hit a bad shot, all that matters is the next shot because that's all you can really control. Beyond that, Im also honest with myself in that I play golf for fun, not to make a living, so even if I hit a bunch of bad shots or have a bad round, so what? My wife and my dog are still going to love me, the sun is still going to rise tomorrow and the next time I tee it up, I'll have the chance to play the best round of my life.
  3. Android here. I have no strong preference for either though. Some would say that nowdays Android and iPhone are so similar that its really more what your brand preference is. IMO, most who say that iPhone is better are really just going off of their brand bias and the outdated notion that everything Apple is the best.
  4. Sun Mountain 2.5+ here. I bought it because I wanted a stand bag but I also wanted a smaller, lighter bag because I walk most of the time and I only carry a half set, so I don't really need a full-size bag.
  5. I can tell you not to go with the Two Thumb. Last year I bought a used Cameron that had one on it and it was awful. I had it replaced with an OEM Cameron grip and it was 100x better.
  6. I try to stick to the same brand and model of ball so that I know what its going to do in any given situation. Playing different balls all the time can cause trouble because you never really know what they ball is going to do.
  7. I tried the Q-Star Tour recently and wasnt impressed with it. It has more spin than the regular Q-Star but it still feels like a cheap ball to me. For me, its tough to beat the Maxfli Tour for the money. They are a 3 or 4-piece urethane covered ball that you can often get for $25 a dozen or less. Its basically a Pro V1 at half the price.
  8. Its just going to take a little time. Id recommend spending some time on the practice green or putting on your carpet at home to get a feel for it.
  9. Id go all Tommy Armour all over again: TA 845 Driver: $200 TA 845 3-wood: $150 TA 845 3-hybrid: $120 TA 845 irons: $400 TA VCG 56* wedge: $70 TA Impact #3 putter: $80 I know that I went $20 over...Oh well.
  10. Hey, if you like them, thats all that matters.
  11. Being taller and having longer limbs should be an advantage because it gives you more of a mechanical advantage with the club and being bigger means that you can pack on more muscle without it effecting your flexibility. Thats why you see some players like DJ who arent all that big muscle wise but are long and lean and hit the ball a mile.
  12. I used to have a pair of Sketchers golf shoes and they were fine. They were ugly but they were fairly comfortable and were durable. IMO, Sketchers makes fine golf shoes but theyre just fine. It seems like everything they make is ugly but if you like the style, Im sure they will be fine.
  13. Hey, I hear you. I used to carry a 60 and loved hitting flop shots with it. I practiced with it all the time and got to where I was halfway decent with it but it went bad more often than not and Ive since pulled the 60 out of the bag in favor of just carrying a 56 and I dont miss the 60.
  14. IMO, most people dont need a 58 or 60 and probably shouldnt even be carrying one because it tempts you to hit high risk shots that you simply shouldnt be trying to hit.
  15. I only carry a 56 and find that its all I need. Ive got a Ping Glide 2.0 right now and its a nice wedge but nothing special. I think that it has too much bounce for hitting open face shots off of tighter lies. If I were to buy a new wedge today, Id probably buy a Vokey SM8 56 degree with the s grind (10 degrees of bounce) because its the most versatile and is good for square faced shots but still is good when you open the face. As someone who plays a minimal bag, I need to be able to open and close the face to manipulate the loft.
  16. Im playing cavity backs right now. I personally prefer blades, even though Im a fairly high handicap. I like blades because they are more consistent in terms of distance and dispersion and Im not sure that there is enough of a difference in forgivness from blades to CBs to really matter. Ive got an old set of Spalding blades in my closet that I hit just as well as I do anything else, so Im not sold on the forgivness of CBs. If I were to be in the market for a new set of irons right now, it would be a really difficult decision between Titleist 720 CBs and MBs.
  17. You probably want to look at something in the player's cavity back segment. Theres lots of great options there, although Im partial to the Titleist 720 CBs.
  18. Nope. I did used to wear FJ golf sandals in the summer though, which probably isnt far off Crocs.
  19. I personally like 18birdies. IMO, its clean, simple and has everything you need with none of the clutter that you dont. Ive tried SwingU and Golflogix and they were OK but I like 18Birdies better.
  20. Consistency all day.
  21. Just one: Footjoy Dryjoys Tour in the croc pattern.
  22. Probably stresses related to my work or personal life. I try to leave all that stuff outside of the course and be zen but sometimes it creeps up on me. Next thing you know Im thinking about work or some other kind of stress and my golf game is a mess. It doesnt happen as often as it used to but it still does sometimes. After all, I may the zengolfer but Im not yet a zen master.
  23. FWIW, I ended up picking up a Titleist 913FD 13.5* off of Ebay. I decided to go with a strong 3 and it should be almost as long as my driver off the tee and more accurate and is still something that I can hit off the deck when need be. Ive been hitting my 5-wood about 210 yards and my 3-hybrid about 200 yards but I only hit my 10.5* driver 230 on average (I can hit it 250 if I really go after one and get a hold of it though); so we'll see how this strong 3 gets on.
  24. Keep in mind, I play a minimalist setup, so its not so much a matter of dropping the driver because I struggle with it so much as it finding more use out of the 7 clubs that I do carry.
  25. I was considering a strong 3w but I wonder if I swing fast enough to hit it off the deck. Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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