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  1. If testers are still available, I would like to apply. My name is Larry. I live in Illinois. My driver is a Krank Formula X. The shaft is from TPT golf, model 18 LKP/MT/SW at 55 grams. Thank you, Larry Janis
  2. Morning, My name is Larry, I live in Illinois and currently have an 18 handicap. My current irons are Ping G700 with Project shafts. My Ping choice would be the i210, if possible with Project X shafts. I welcome the opportunity to be a participant in this test. Thank you, Larry, the weekend-golfer
  3. Greetings from the Chicago area. My name is Larry and I have a bad habit. I try to play golf, sometimes pretty good, and then there are other times. I wish my enthusiasm for the game could overflow into performance, but hey, remember I am the weekend-golfer having fun and meeting new players on the course. I look forward to reading and learning from posts and will try to use a skill I learned some time ago, I have two ears and one mouth and will use them in that ratio.
  4. Good morning, I would sincerely like to apply for being a tester for the Ben Hogan Wedges. I have a golf website called, www.weekend-golfer.com and feel my visitors would like to learn more about these clubs. Here is my contact information: Larry Janis, I live in Illinois. I am going to be 70 years young on the 26th of this month, handicap 18. I recently had a fitting at Club Champion for a new set of irons. It was an extensive process to determine the best irons and shafts for my swing. I selected Ping G700 irons with a Project X shaft, I LOVE THEM!! My wedge make-up is a
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