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  1. After trying their woods and seeing they always make decent irons, Cobra through the bag, though Mizuno look like they have a complete line up this year, haven't had a chance to try their woods yet though. Ping for a putter and Srixon for golf ball.
  2. Without the biggest names in the fields, the tournaments after the Masters are a hangover. Plus the Masters was (virtually) won by Thursday night this year. So the hype ended up being deflated, from a competition point of view. We have the Players coming up, that should generate more interest. I have the golf on every night it's on, Thursday-Sunday, but I won't flick channels on major weekends, on regular tournament weekends something else might take my interest.
  3. I'm with Jas, the pricing is madness. I'm a Mizzy iron player, I was seduced by a premium Mizuno ball...and then I looked at the price tag and realised I don't buy brand-new ProV1's because they're too expensive, I'm not shelling out the same or more for a ball whose performance is unreviewed and unconfirmed. They seem to have Patrick Reed levels of confidence that they'll succeed as I only saw one retailer knock £1 off the RRP throughout the whole of last year/the first year they're onsale. It never looked like they were flying off shelves and yet the price didn't waver. MGS have spoken about how the golf ball market is a waste of time for most golf companies, (though I reckon Cobra could sell a few orange balls) it looks like Mizuno are doing their level best to enter the top-tier. At least the less than premium ball looks like it's had some thought put into it this time. Last years entry level ball could have been a stone for all the attention and marketing it got.
  4. What assumptions do you make when you see someone, (for me, usually on the range) rocking a bagful of the same SGI range. The last I saw was a bagful of Ping K15's. They all looked really shiny and well looked after...or unused. I can't deny that I made huge assumptions.
  5. I carry my 7-iron 135 yards, on average. I am always the shortest hitter in any male group I play in, generally I shoot the lowest number. I've spent 3 years of lessons trying to perfect my long-game swing. I've probably spent a total of 10 hours working on my short-game in that time. (Though I practice putting almost daily. It can be done indoors, why not?) If I had children of my own, I'd be putting a golf club in their hands just after the birth. I'd have a cigar in one hand and a childs putter in the other, ready to hand it over and start ingraining proper technique:) (Isn't that how you grow your own Tiger/Rory?) This season I want to break 80 more than once, I have no plan on how to achieve this beyond more of the same practice routine. If I had ready access to a launch monitor I'd find myself using it, eventually, to fit myself for glove, shoes and tees. I'm a golf-nerd who doesn't know when to stop.
  6. Thank you for the review, I bought one to replace a Bushnell Medallist that was on its last legs. A huge improvement. I've failed to find yardages only once when it was incredibly foggy and I don't think any laser would've cut through it, otherwise first class product and seems very well made.
  7. I bought MP-58's because I thought they were the most beautiful irons I'd ever seen...that maybe I could play. I love blades as much as the next aspirant but know they will be as conducive to better play as would constantly using exploding golf balls. The 58's were easier to use than I had worried (complete custom fitting helps) and now that I've had enough tuition to hit them with a consistent centre strike, the "feeling" is well worth all the hard work and practice. However, I bequeathed my previous set, a set of MD Superstrong forged irons, to a friend. He got them set up for him, I borrowed a club at the range to remind myself of what they were like...one word. Better. I feel dirty saying that but it's true. A 10 year old set of budget forgings has a nicer feel and are just as usable as a set 3-4 times the price. As much as I love the looks of Mizuno's MP irons (since the 52's and 57's which were too plain), there is no lock on the "best irons". Marketing rules! And I bought into it.
  8. It's not too bad out today, if a bit cold, but the wind makes your number very, very respectable. Glad to hear they're treating people well again. After the Ryder Cup the place had unbelievably good customer service, for a UK-based establishment, a year later, it seems, all the well trained people had left and the vibe was very different, but they've just had the NATO summit there so hopefully everyone has been well trained again. And we can all thank Sir Terry.
  9. The pro I receive lessons from knows his stuff and has taught me a lot about fitting and what numbers do when elements are changed. He doesn't think the LM investment will see the return it needs to. He makes a good living teaching and doing regrips/reshafting/loft/lie for his core pupils, he doesn't want to risk spending the many thousands it costs to get to a point where you can fit someone just to find out the market wasn't there. I play 9 holes later in the day to avoid the busy periods and even then I feel nervous putting on the radio on a bluetooth speaker to listen to football commentary. People can be...contentious. Any pro advocating fresh air in the game is welcome but don't change the cup size. I was born to be bad at putting.
  10. Highlight of the year...finally feeling proper coil in my swing. After quite a lot of lessons my teacher has got me to the stage where I can build a swing that stores power in my lower half. The change from loopy, unsecured, over-swinging slice to a more compact, wider, more zingy, straighter ball-flight has made an enormous difference to my game. Though not my mentality, now I'm even harder on myself for bad shots:( Two 9 hole wanders over the weekend, 38 & 35, par 36. I'm still to break 80 for a full 18 though, that's for next season. An off-season of putting and short-game beckons...and maybe some fitness...we'll see. Oh and picking up a Ketsch after a Ping fitting, walking in a putting imbecile, hitting the 5 putts with the Ketsch and finding out my putting handicap was 0.1! Beginners luck...though it's not performing badly either...overly deep grooves...? Thank you MGS for the UMT '14
  11. I downloaded GolfPad GPS some time ago, it's pretty complete and has a few features that are absolutely superb. If you don't know the course, each hole has a flyby so you can check your path before playing. Good for previously unplayed courses when you have blind tee shots. GPS is pretty good, compared to my Leupold, but I don't rely on it, because of the Leupold.
  12. I bought a Leupold GX-3i2 recently as an upgrade on a Bushnell Medallist that was meant to be a proof of concept and a way to learn my yardages...4 years later and I spent a lot of time trying to justify buying a new one when the one I had worked perfectly well and I still wasn't buying a slope version. It's hard to justify buying a new one when they last so well. Very happy with the decision. I'm bequeathing the Medallist to a friend who is suspicious of the gains you can make using one and knowing he will buy a Leupold when he sees how useful it is.
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