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  1. After viewing some instructional sites and taking the "real information" needed, I found the key to a consistant takeaway and swing plane. Its all to do with the right elbow. If you were to watch all the classical swings on all the tours, you will find that the pros have one action in their swing that all amature golfers can replicate. The right elbow stays close to the body. For that to happen though, you also need to do one more thing, rotate and use your spine as an axis. To understand this better, visit you tube and look up your favorite golfer and watch with intent. It could be the key to all your dramas Yuors Sincearly Aussiespud
  2. James i agree with you on static stretches. Sparnar, a good stretch is to rest an iron on top of your shoulders parallel to the ground. Hold the club with elbows pointing to the ground. Start by rotating on the spine standing straight from right to left, then gradually move toward your swing posture. Its my faveorite stretch. Then there is some basic pilaties moves you can do as well.
  3. Hey just interested to see the numbers. I still carry a 1 iron and sacrafice a 3 metal. Anyone else do the same?
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